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  1. Bought a hypnos divan set an ortho gold deluxe, in firm….only 2 weeks old and giving the worst nights sleep ever, the plastic fixings under the tufts are easily felt when laying in the mattress and press into body limbs….the tufts appear to be much higher and nearer the surface than other mattresses I have had, turning and rotating has no effect. Hypnos sent someone to examine the mattress and has deemed it faulty….hypnos have agreed to replace it, but I am very fearful that the next mattress will be as bad….should I go for an upmarket divan & mattress such as the hypnos Clarence, would this guarantee the tufts would not be an issue ..? Or should I go for a different make ? I am 65 years of age and never had such an uncomfortable mattress such as this before…any help please

    • Hi Steve,

      If they’ve come and inspected it to say it’s faulty I’m sure the next one will be better. From what I’ve heard of mattress inspections it has to be pretty noticeably faulty for them to want to do something about it. So stay hopeful! And if the next one is still a little lumpy from the tufts then you could get a mattress topper to put on top, that would cover them up and would probably be a little cheaper than upgrading the mattress. Hope that helps!

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