Nectar Sleep Mattress Review UK – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on 26 Aug. 2020

If you like value for money and superb comfort then the Nectar mattress is going to be for you.

Firstly you get a 365-night trial. A WHOLE YEAR! You can sleep on it for a full year before you have to make up your mind on whether it’s for you or not. Excellent value.

And it’s got 7-zones of support across the whole mattress giving you the maximum support you need up and down your back so you can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

If you click any of the buttons on this page and go to Nectar‘s website you’ll get HUGE discounts through Dec 22nd.

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Nectar Sleep Mattress

Let’s get the hood open and see what’s inside! I’ve got a quicker overview to start and then go more in-depth further down.


Every great mattress starts with a proper cover.

And the Nectar Mattress cover is really clever, it actually has a special material in it that can adapt to your body temperature, so it cools you when your hot and warms you when you’re cold!

Plus it works only where it’s in contact with your body so your partner will have their own comfortable little ecosystem to sleep in.


Again the cooling comes into play with the top layer.

One of the big problems of memory foam is that it traps in a lot of heat and can be really uncomfortable, I’m sure you don’t like waking up all sweaty right?

Not with the Nectar mattress.

This layer of cooling foam is 30x more breathable than other premium memory foams keeping you cool and comfortable all night long. And that breathability really helps combat hot sleeping and leaves you sleeping deeper and waking up more refreshed in the morning.


The all-important gel memory foam layer which keeps you supported through the night. Your back gets cradled and you gently sink in getting the gentle hug of your bed while you lie on it. This allows for a deeper sleep because you don’t toss and turn which can disturb you and wake you up through the night. Plus it provides ample support to help with any aches and pains you might wake up with.


Now this is really cool, in the Base layer you get 7 zones of support across the mattress which is what makes it a medium-firm mattress.

This means firmer support where you need it, at your hips and shoulder, softer support at your head and feet and nice medium support in your knees and middle.

Ideal across your whole body and really good if you have any back problems or tend to wake up feeling stiff in the morning.


Loads of things! But I’ll keep it limited to my favourite few.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a side sleeper, a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, you can sleep comfortably on the Nectar mattress.

It’s best for side sleepers and back sleepers but front sleepers still get on just fine.


Nectar mattress are the first and only mattress company to offset all their carbon emissions which is really awesome. A mattress is a big item and I’m sure I’m like you and want to do good for the environment.


You get free delivery, 48 hour delivery time and it comes in the cool box that lets you just roll it out and unpack it.


Not normally something I’d look at…. But, if that many people are happily sleeping on it, it must be pretty good right?


a few things that are great but don’t need their own section.

  • Forever warranty
  • Edge-to-edge support
  • 365-night sleep trial period
  • Great for a bad back
  • Works on any bed frame
  • Minimal motion transfer


Not too much to say here just want to address the classic complaint of any memory foam mattress which is…


Yup, like all memory foam mattresses the Nectar Mattress comes with a bit of a weird smell when you first unpackage it.


It is totally normal and goes away after a few days.

It’s just off gassing of the air inside the foam and it gets out and freshens up in no time.

If you can leave it to air uncovered for a few days great but if you need to use it straight away (I know I would) then the smell still goes away it just takes a couple of extra days. But after a week you’ll hardly notice and after a few weeks, it will be fully gone.


Medium-Firm Feel – People looking for a Medium-Firm feel will absolutely love the Nectar mattress.

Couples – The memory foam limits motion transfer so you don’t feel your partner move around and the cooling cover works perfectly for couples.

Hot Sleepers – The cooling layer and breathable cover make this an ideal choice if you’re prone to overheating in bed (like I am).

Sizes Available

  • Single
  • Small double
  • double
  • King
  • Super-king size


I hope you found this Nectar mattress review useful, If you need a new mattress and think the Nectar sleep mattress is for you then you need to click the button below and head to their website so you can read some more info and order yours.

Click here to go to The Nectar Sleep website and order yours.

Deeper Nectar Mattress Review

Above is everything you really need to know if you’re curious about the Nectar mattress, but it’s appeared in so many of my Best Mattress posts that I thought it deserved a little more detail for a few common sleep problems.

Nectar Sleep The Mattress for Back Pain

This comes in at the top of my mattresses for back pain because of its supportive memory foam properties that provide pressure relief to aching joints allowing for a fully aligned spine. When the pressure points can relax your back gets given a chance to actually relax and repair.

Because while memory foam is a great comfort layer it works even better at being supportive.

Plus layers of memory foam minimise how much you move around because you don’t toss and turn to get comfortable which can stop excessive strain and give your back muscles even more time to relax and recover.

Plus it’s great whether it’s upper or lower back pain, even hip pain, and shoulder pain can be helped compared to using an old mattress.

Nectar Sleep The Mattress for Side Sleepers

Again the layer of memory foam comes in to play. Side sleepers are the most common type sleep position and need some room to allow their shoulders to sink in so the spine doesn’t get misaligned.

The Nectar is perfect for this.

Your shoulders and hips can sink in as deep as they need to while your middle gets supported and your body maintains the correct sleep posture.

Nectar Sleep The Mattress for a Slat Bed

As I said earlier in the review the Nectar is good on any bed frame but I thought I’d elaborate on slat beds as they tend to cause more confusion.

The reason the Nectar mattress is great, perhaps the best, for a slat bed frame is that it’s single-sided, in that you should only sleep on one side of it. You don’t have to flip it and so you don’t get left with a side that’s covered in little bumps where the slats were.

I will say it only works on a proper slat bed, if there are slats missing or broken then it won’t get fully supported and start to sag and feel uncomfortable But if you have a good quality slat bed frame you’ll be absolutely fine.

Click here to go to The Nectar Sleep website and order yours.

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