Sleep is one the most important aspects of our lives, yet there are so many people who toss and turn all night completely frustrated.

That’s why I founded The Dozy Owl.

I believe sleep shouldn’t be difficult. I don’t believe lying wide awake and tossing and turning all night is normal. It shouldn’t be that way and I’m going to prove it.

A lot of other blogs that talk about sleep seem to just be regurgitating information. There’s no substance to anything that gets said. Or you try and search up a recommendation only to be referred to amazon in the US showing a product unavailable in the UK! A pain in the ass no longer! I aim to provide real information and genuinely helpful resources for people in the UK.

I am going to start a sleep revolution and prove that we can all be efficient sleepers who don’t wake up groggy and drag ourselves to a cup of coffee. We can be fast paced go-getters who jump out of bed ready to seize the day and kick ass!

Who am I to have made such big claims?

My name is Kieran and I love sleep

I know a lot of people who love sleep but not like I do. I’ve spent years trying to hack my sleep so I can get as much of my day possible. I’ve experimented with 4 hours of sleep a night(would not recommend), I’ve tried sleeping on the floor for better posture, I’ve experimented with getting up at 5 am to give me three hours before I go to work. And I’ve slept on every type of bed imaginable!

I’ve learned a lot about becoming an efficient sleeper but there is till more to learn and I want to share it all with you lovely people reading this.

What you can do!

With out my community of little owls I am nothing so I need you to help me out! If you enjoy anything you read please consider sharing it with your friends, and please comment on my posts if you try anything and it works or if it doesn’t work! Only with your feedback will I be able to refine my articles into truly useful resources.

Join The Dozy Owl and become the master of your own sleep.

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