Hello! Thanks for joining me here at The Dozy Owl.
My name is Kieran and I founded The Dozy Owl because I care about sleep and how it affects our daily life.

I know how much better I function when I get a great sleep and after far too many nights staring at the ceiling I decided to do something about it.

So I went out of my way to figure out how to get the best sleep possible. But in doing so I started talking to lots of people like you and found that so many people are affected by a lack of sleep.

There seems to be a sort of pride in being able to function on only 5 hours a night and it’s not right. We need sleep!

So fast forward and here I am, trying to introduce a sleep revolution in the UK. I want to teach everyone how important sleep is to every part of our lives and help those of you who can’t sleep to do so.

Leave insomnia as a thing of the past.

Because if you can master your sleep you can do anything.