Best Pregnancy Pillow UK – The 2018 Expert Buyer’s Guide


Editors Note: It’s not my area of expertise being male so I got a friend of mine who knows much more on the subject to write this but she wanted to remain anonymous. But big thanks to her!

One of the most difficult parts of the day when you are pregnant is bedtime. Your back aches, your belly feels like it will burst, your bladder is being pushed and you just want a hug, but your partner is sleeping.

When you are moving around during the day, as uncomfortable as you may feel, the worst is at night when you are desperate for sleep and just can’t find a good position. The best thing you can do for yourself, and your partner for that matter, is to get a great pregnancy pillow.

Without a pregnancy pillow, most pregnant women wake up with an aching back, aching hips, neck and even knees. With their belly resting against the bed and their body weight pushing down on it, many women end up having to get up to use the loo many times during the night because of the pressure on their bladder.

Instead, sleeping with a pregnancy pillow will have you waking up refreshed and rested. Important since soon, even the most comfortable pregnancy pillow in the world won’t help you! You will be waking up multiple times a night for the next few months. Maybe even years!

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Best Cot Bed UK 2018 – An Expert Buyer’s Guide


Looking for the Best Cot Bed?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve gathered together and reviewed the best cot beds you can buy and I’ll take you through some of the things you need to know to buy the exact one you need.


Let’s get to it!

Difference Between a Cot and a Cot Bed

There are just two main differences between Cots and Cot Beds.

The first is that a cot bed is bigger, it’s longer and sometimes a little wider too.

The second is that a cot bed has removable sides, so once they’re old enough (normally about 2 years old) you can remove the sides and you’ve got yourself a toddler bed. Which brings us straight on to:

What Age Are Cot Beds Best For

One of the best things about getting a cot bed is how long you can use it for, you can use it from birth all the way up to around 5 years old (depending how big your child is).

That makes them a lot better value for money compared to a cot which will only last while your child’s a baby.

Must Haves Of A Cot Bed

1. Adjustable Mattress heights.

Not strictly essential but for the parent’s out there who aren’t tall you might need a cot bed with different mattress heights so you can easily lift your baby in and out without waking them up.

Some of them have high sides so even if you’re average height of about 5’5” you might struggle if the mattress is on the lowest height.

If you have it at the highest setting then the time to move it down is at the same time they start grabbing and trying to pull themselves upright. The last thing you want is your baby pulling themselves up and managing to flip themselves out!

2. Solid Construction

This one goes without saying really. You want a cot bed that’s going to last you don’t want one that’s going to fall down in the middle of the night! All the beds recommended here you can buy at John Lewis so you can rest assured it’s top quality.

3. A Mattress!

Most cot beds don’t come with a mattress, but I’ve written up a separate guide on the best cot bed mattresses that I highly encourage you to check out.

Best Cot Bed Reviews

I’ve gathered together and reviewed some of the best cot beds available and I’ve linked each one through to John Lewis so you can check the price and order yours today!

Alex Cot Bed

Brand: John Lewis
Dimensions: L144.5 x W75.5 x H93cm


  • 3 Mattress Positions
  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • Teeth Rail Included

Price & Reviews

John Lewis consistently nail it with all of their furniture. This cot bed is sturdy, easy to assemble and has three different mattress heights so you can get your baby in and out no trouble at all.

There is some space underneath which acts as a little extra storage space which is always handy.

Altogether this is all you need in a cot bed, simple design so it’ll fit in with any theme and a really great price as well.

Notting Hill Cot bed


Brand: Silver Cross
Dimensions: H85 x W75 x L152cm

  • Stylish Design
  • 3 Mattress Heights
  • Very Sturdy

Price & Reviews

Silver Cross have been making baby products since 1877, So they know what they’re doing!

One thing I really like is that when it’s time to change it to a toddler bed you can remove a part of the end panels making them smaller and giving it the look of a normal bed. I’ll put an extra picture below so you know what I mean.


Overall, it’s a great sturdy cot bed that will see your baby through their younger years no problem at all.

Martha Sleigh Cot Bed


Brand: John Lewis
Dimensions: H100 x W76 x L157.5cm

  • Made Of Solid Pine
  • 3 Mattress Heights
  • Drawer underneath

Price & Reviews

This bed just looks fantastic. It’s got a very strong build being made of solid pine and the drawer underneath provides extra storage which is always a good thing.

Again easy enough to assemble and the mattress has three different heights for practicality.

Overall, one of the best-built cot beds on the list and definitely one of the safest.

Rachel Cotbed


Brand: John Lewis
Dimensions: L144 x W79 x H103cm

  • 3 Mattress Levels
  • Extra End Panels To Convert To Toddler Bed

Price & Reviews

One of the best things about this cot bed is that it comes with different end panels so when it’s time to convert to a toddler bed it looks the part. It doesn’t look like a mini bed with ends that are far too big.

If you click through to John Lewis through the Price & Reviews button and have a look at the pictures you’ll see what I mean.

It’s got the three mattress levels so that’s a definite tick and again John Lewis has provided a safe and sturdy construction.

Casa Cot Bed


Brand: Boori
Dimensions: 104 x 80 x 157cm

  • 2 Mattress Heights
  • Hardwood Construction

Price & Reviews

Visually I think this is my favourite cot bed on the list.

The main downside it has though is that it is very heavy, it’s around 43 kg so moving it around is no easy task. Of course, once it’s set up you won’t really need to move it around but it’s something to be aware of.

The Boori also has 2 mattress levels as opposed to 3 but that’s still plenty to be able to get them in and out safely.

Overall, a great luxury cot bed but I think a bit pricey.


Best Toddler Pillow UK 2018 – An Expert Buyers Guide


So your baby’s gotten big enough for a toddler pillow in their bed?


But choosing the best toddler pillow can be a bit confusing, there’s a lot of choice but not a lot of information. So I’ve put together this guide to explain everything you need to know and show you some of my favourites. I’ve included my favourites at the end with a short review of each.

Why Choose A Toddler Pillow VS A Regular Pillow

Toddler pillows are smaller than adult pillows which is handy if you need it for inside a cot or a cot bed and because they’re not as tall. You don’t want your little one to strain their neck just trying to lie on their pillow after all.

What Age Should You Start Using A Toddler Pillow

It really varies for every child, in general, you shouldn’t really use a pillow before they’re 2 years old according to The Baby Center, but a lot of pillow manufacturers say after 12 months old.

And there are a lot of Mums on Net Mums who have had a huge range of ages some as young as 3 months to help stop acid reflux and others as old as 4 because their child just didn’t like them.

So it’s up to you if you don’t have a specific reason for needing your baby on a pillow then feel free to wait till they’re older. But only you know your child the best.

Best Filling For Toddler Pillow

Memory Foam is always a good choice because it softens under your child’s head to give them the exact support they need. It’s also completely hypoallergenic and lasts a really long time, ideal if you’re having more than one child.

Wool is another great choice because it is completely natural and naturally fire retardant so it doesn’t need to be treated with any chemicals.

Best Size Of Toddler Pillow

The width and length all depend on how big your sleep space is, as long as it comfortably fits on the bed/cotbed/cot whatever you have it’s ok.

The important thing is the height, like I said you don’t want a 12 cm tall adult pillow you want something much flatter and closer to the 3-7 cm, you 3 cm for memory foam and 5cm for something softer like wool.


Hypoallergenic toddler pillows aren’t absolutely essential because they’ll only really make a difference if your child has allergies. But when they’re that young it’s hard to tell so I’d always recommend going with a hypoallergenic pillow just in case.

Best Toddler Pillows Reviewed

And we’ve made it! I’ve gathered together some of the best toddler pillows in the UK and given a short review of each. And I’ve linked each through to where you can buy them so you can order yours today!

Panda Life Toddler Pillow Review


Brand: Panda Life
Filling: Memory Foam
Dimensions: 45 x 25 x 3 cm

  • Comes With Bamboo Cover
  • Odourless Memory Foam
  • Contoured to Fight Flat Head Syndrome

Price & Reviews

The Panda Toddler pillow is a great choice, it’s made from odourless memory foam so you can use it right out the box and has a soft bamboo cover.

Bamboo is a really special material because it’s naturally climate controlled keeping your little one cool but comfortable and it’s naturally hypoallergenic and a completely sustainable material.

It’s got a contoured shape which helps fight against flat head syndrome and the memory foam allows proper alignment of the neck and spine. This gives that little extra support ideal for growing toddlers.

Overall, it’s an absolutely outstanding toddler pillow and one you won’t go wrong with.

Organic Toddler Pillow Review


Brand: Little Green Sheep
Filling: Wool
Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 7 cm

  • Completely Organic
  • Chemical free
  • Breathable

Price & Reviews

Little Green Sheep are masters of organic baby bedding, a perfect choice for the eco-conscious.

The wool filling is all natural and the 7 cm height is at the top end of height but it will be squishy enough to flatten down and come to rest at the perfect head height.

The downside is it’s quite pricey and there’s no cover included but organic always is. You still get a very comfy pillow for your toddler that is safe and healthy.

Overall, a great organic toddler pillow for those looking for a natural option.

Clevafoam Toddler Pillow Review


Brand: Clevamama
Filling: Memory Foam
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 5.5 cm

  • Prevents Flat Head Syndrome
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic

Price & Reviews

The Clevamama toddler pillow is technically filled with Clevafoam not memory foam. It’s still a type of memory foam but it doesn’t trap heat as much and is a lot more breathable.

It supports and reduces pressure to the head which helps prevent flat head syndrome and provides ideal support for the neck.

It’s quite tall for a memory foam toddler pillow so if your toddler is very small they might find it a little uncomfortable having their heads so high. But that is only if they’re still very young, I’m sure they’ll quickly grow into it!

Overall, the Clevafoam makes it nice and breathable and altogether a great firm toddler pillow for those worried about flat head syndrome.

F.A.Q On The Best Toddler Pillow

What Can I do After My Toddlers Outgrown Their Pillow?

A handy thing about toddler pillows is that they also make great travel pillows! So once they’ve outgrown them you can still keep them aside for long car trips or flights where a nice small pillow will just be perfect.

Can Kids Use this pillow?

It’s hard to define where your child goes from baby, to toddler, to kid. So I’d say yes as long as they’re comfortable these would be some of the best kids pillows.

How Do I Know When My Toddler Pillow Needs to be Replaced?

You can usually tell by the quality of the pillow if it feels lumpy, or if it smells bad at all it’s time to chuck it and get a new one. There’s no secret really just use your better judgment and decide if you’d be happy sleeping on it.

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Best Travel Cot UK 2018 – An Expert Buyers Guide

best travel cot

Getting a travel cot is useful for so many different situations. Grandparents can fold out the cot when they’ve got the little one for a night or a few hours and put it away the rest of the time.

You can, of course, take it away on holiday and always know you’ll have a travel cot to use.

But finding the best travel can be hard so I’ve put together this guide to help you find the exact travel cot you need.

I’ve included some of the different things you have to think about and then given my recommendations of the best travel cots and provided a short review of each.

Can I Use A Travel Cot At Home?

Sometimes you don’t have space for a full-size cot but your baby’s outgrown their moses basket so you need something to use in the meantime.

That makes a travel cot the perfect solution. My only suggestion would be to get a different cot mattress. The mattresses that come with the travel cot tend to be for shorter term use so might not be as sturdy.

How Easy Is It To Transport

Most travel cots should fold up into some sort of travel case for easy transport so that is, of course, a must. All the travel cots talked about in this article do, it’s more if you’re buying second hand it’s something to be aware of.

Aside from that you also want to be aware of the weight as you’ll be the one carrying it! And then if you have trouble carrying things you get some that have wheels so that’s always an option.

How Long Can I Use A Travel Cot?

It varies a lot from one baby to another but in general, they’re good from birth till 2-3 years old. If they look too big for it they probably are.

Where can I use A Travel Cot

Pretty much anywhere! At work, at home, at your friends, on holiday, visiting the inlaws.

As long as it’s indoors and you have enough space to pop it up you can go ahead and do so.

Problems With A Travel Cot

The only issue is that they can be very deep and on the floor, so if you have back problems or you’re recovering from pregnancy you might struggle to pick up and put down your baby.

For Most it’s absolutely fine but for those with back issues I wanted to mention.

Best Travel Cot Reviews

Here’s a rundown of some of the best travel cots available that’ll have your little one sleeping soundly no matter where they are (at least for a little while).

Lightweight Travel Cot


Brand: Baby Bjorn
Weight: 6kg

  • Easy To assemble
  • Light To Transport
  • Folds Up Quickly

Price & Review

30 million kids have been carried in Baby Bjorns various baby carriers which is quite a feat!

They have a very sturdy travel cot that is ultra lightweight so carrying it around is an absolute dream.

The mattress inside is very good quality and will stand the test of time even if you use it every night.

Babybjorn themselves offer great customer service, any problems at all they’re always happy to help, even if you lose the case just call them up and I’m sure they’ll sort you out with a new one.

Play Space Travel Cot


Brand: Nuna Sena
Weight: 9.7 kg

  • Doubles As Play Space
  • Raised Sleep Area
  • Suitable to 15 kg
  • Folds With One Hand

Price & Review

The Nuna Space travel cot is pretty nifty because it has a raised sleep space so you don’t have to bend all the way in to put your baby to bed.

The raised sleep space then gets removed and you can use the cot as a playpen.

It’s got a mattress pad over as opposed to a mattress so it’s not suitable for overnight use but the 2 in 1 makes it a great choice for on the go or occasional use at someone else’s house.

It’s also got padded feet so it doesn’t slide around on wood floors.

Wheeled Travel Cot


Brand: BabyDan
Weight: 12 Kg

  • Wheels For Easy Movement
  • Great Price
  • Sturdy Frame

Price & Review

The BabyDan travel cot is an ideal basic occasional use travel cot. The mattress isn’t the best so you might want to get a better one if you’re going to be using it a lot. But it’s a low price anyway so it’s not a big ask.

This one has handy wheels on one side which poke out of the case so you can pack up and wheel off at a moment’s notice. This does add a little extra weight but that gets compensated for with the wheels.

The frame is very solid and will hold up nicely over time.

Easy Fold Travel Cot


Brand: Space Cot
Weight: 6 kg

  • 2 in 1 play pen
  • Very Easy To Fold Up
  • Safety Lock
  • Lightweight

Price & Review

The Space Cot travel cot comes with two levels so you can use it for sleeping in and as a play pen. This has a premium mattress included as opposed to a mattress pad and they say you can use it from birth to 30 months.

The bottom is raised off the floor which helps keep it a bit warmer which is great for the winter months and if you have a wooden floor.

It’s also got a nice easy to use lock so that it won’t somehow get folded up with your baby in it.

Budget Travel Cot


Brand: Babyway
Weight: 8.4 Kg

  • Toddlers up to 15 kg
  • Wipes Clean

Price & Reviews

First off, this absolutely needs a mattress to go with it. It’s just a thin base layer that’s included so don’t get suckered to deep into the price.

That said it’s still a good price and a nice basic travel cot. Nothing special but if you get an extra mattress it’ll be fine for occasional use or while you’re on holiday.

A good choice for a tight budget.

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Best Cot Bed Mattress UK 2018 – Keep Your Baby Sleeping Safely

Best Cot Bed Mattress Reviews

Buying a Cot Bed Mattress can be tricky.

There’s so much information to consider and you want your baby to be safe while they sleep so it’s hard to know what to do.

So I put together this guide to cut out some of the noise and tell you everything there is to know about choosing the Best Cot Bed Mattress. Then I’ve reviewed my top favourites and linked through to where you can order yours today.

So let’s get started!

Cot vs Cot Bed Mattress What’s The Difference

At first glance it can seem like two different names for the same thing but in fact, they’re not. (I’m sure some of you will already know this but for those that don’t I thought I’d include it).

A Cot is smaller and suitable from birth till about 1-2 years old, whereas a cot bed is bigger and can be used from birth to about 5 years old.

It depends on how big they are of course but as a general rule that’s how it works out.

Cot beds also have removable sides and so turn into little beds for toddlers once they’re big enough to be trusted not to escape. Although a little more expensive. but for how long you can use them they’re definitely better value.

Of course if you don’t have the space it’s a different issue because The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) recommends that your baby sleeps in your bedroom for the first six months (—-which-should-you-choose/8395.html). So if a cot bed won’t fit go for cot instead.

I’m mainly focusing on the best cot bed mattress which is usually 140 x 70 cm but some of the mattresses also come in cot size of about 120 x 60 cm so if you’re looking for a cot mattress you’re still in the right place.

Baby Sleep Safety Tips

The Lullaby trust have a fantastic guide to baby sleep safety so I recommend checking them out for more information.

But the jist of what they say is make sure the baby mattress is firm, flat, free from damage, and waterproof. So that’s all the things I’ve looked for in my cot bed mattress recommendations.

Some of them aren’t waterproof but John Lewis sell a great waterproof cot bed protector so you can pick that up quite cheap as well. But I’ll talk about that further down.

What Filling Is Best

The Two main types of filling in a cot bed mattress are spring and foam.

Spring is always a good choice because it’s nice and firm and doesn’t require any chemicals to make. Robust, durable and long lasting.

Foam has a lot of different types but memory foam is most common. It’s a little softer and more suited to toddlers than newborns who need the firmness of spring. As long as it meets safety standards memory foam is perfectly safe for babies.

The final bonus filling is Latex, latex is made from trees and is a great natural alternative to memory foam which is made chemically. Again great for toddlers but not ideal for newborns.

Other Things To Consider

Is It Hypoallergenic?Not essential since not every child has allergies but a hypoallergenic cot bed mattress keeps out dust and dust mites keeping the whole thing cleaner.

Is It Waterproof? as suggested by the Lullaby Trust making sure it’s waterproof is always good, but if it’s not, consider the mattress protector below.

Best Cot Bed Mattress Protector

John Lewis Cot Bed Mattress Protector

Best Cot Bed Mattress

  • Machine Washable
  • 140 x 70 cm
  • Microfresh Technology To Keep It Clean

Price & Reviews

This mattress protector isn’t like other waterproof ones because it doesn’t have that horribly crinkly feel like a hospital bed.

Instead it absorbs and spreads out moisture which quickly dries and you can just put it in the washing machine.

It also doesn’t have any dangerous straps to attach it to the mattress just a specially designed back that stops it slipping around.

Overall, the best Cot Bed Mattress Protector around.

Best Cot Bed Mattress Reviews UK

You’ve made it to the main event! Here I’ve reviewed the best cot bed mattresses including a range of different ones so you can find exactly the mattress your baby needs. And I’ve linked through to where you can buy each one so you can order yours today!

But the hands-down winner has to be The Litlle Green Sheep Cot Bed Mattress

100% Natural Twist Cotbed Mattress Review

LIttle Green Sheep Mattress Review

Brand: The Little Green Sheep
Inner Material: Coconut & Latex

  • Suitable For Ages 0-5
  • 100% Natural
  • Dual Sided
  • Coconut Filling

Price & Reviews

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth a coconut filling is right? That’s not spring or foam!

Well It could just be even better.

Coconut fibers get squashed together to act as a really firm supportive mattress base ideal for babies up to 12 months. Then you flip the mattress around and you’ve got a latex side ideal for toddlers. A little softer and still completely natural.

This is all wrapped up in wool which is a natural fire retardant so no need for chemicals and it’s naturally hypoallergenic. That all goes inside a nice soft cotton case.

Only problem is it’s not waterproof so you’ll need a mattress protector like the one above.

But that aside it is a great baby mattress ideal for babies and toddlers and it’ll see you all the way through from birth to toddler, right up until they get their first “grown-up bed”

Overall, The best cot bed mattress on the list. Long lasting, all natural and will see your child safely through their time in the cot bed.

Safe Nights Baby Cotbed Mattress

Silentnight safety cotbed mattress review

Brand: Silentnight
Inner Material: Spring

  • Designed With Safety In Mind
  • Double Sided
  • Washable Cover
  • Foam-Free
  • Hypoallergenic

Price & Reviews

If safety is your concern then look no further.

The Silentnight Safenights cot bed mattress as a special quilted cover that allows a free flow of air so if by some unfortunate circumstance your baby ends up on their belly they can still breathe.

If you’re putting them to bed properly they, of course, shouldn’t end up on their bellies but it’s great peace of mind if you’re a worrier.

The mattress is foam free and treated with Purotex which protects it from allergens and dust mites and it’s recyclable.

It’s also double sided with a thicker cover on one side for winter and thinner on the other for summer.

Overall, a great cot bed mattress if you’re looking for safety from a very reputable brand.

Eve Baby Mattress

Eve Baby Mattress Review

Brand: Eve
Inner Material:Pocket Springs & Foam

  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Supports The Lullaby Trust
  • Waterproof
  • Available as Cot & Cot Bed Sizes

Price & Reviews

The Eve Mattress is adored amongst adults and it’s no different for their baby mattress either.

15% of every sale goes towards the Lullaby Trust which is great and the whole thing has a waterproof washable cover. But it’s still nice and soft and breathable so your baby won’t overheat.

It’s made of comfortable pocket springs which are surrounded by a layer of memory foam for extra support.

A 5-year guarantee is wonderful because it’ll last the entire span of the cot bed years. They say it’s suitable from birth to 6 years but that very much depends on the size of your child.

Overall, I really like that they support the Lullaby trust with each sale and the guarantee gives some extra peace of mind.

Spring Cot Bed Mattress

John Lewis Cot Bed Review

Brand: John Lewis
Inner Material: Spring

  • Waterproof
  • Hygienic
  • Two Covers

Price & Reviews

The John Lewis Cot bed Mattress is an ideal budget friendly mattress.

It was designed with hygiene in mind and features two covers, the outside one is waterproof and if it needs to go in the was in the middle of the night the undercover is less so but still very water resistant if it happens twice in a night.

It’s all very breathable and generally very comfortable so your baby will be sleeping soundly for years.

It’s also available in a Cot Size just click here.

Overall, a solid choice if you need a cot bed mattress that’s simple straightforward and good quality.

Budget Cot Bed Mattress

Best Budget Cotbed Mattress

Brand: Mother Nurture
Inner Material: Spring

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Bound Edges For Durability
  • Waterproof Washable Cover

PRice & Reviews

Now this is a very budget cot bed mattress and that always makes me a little suspect. But it seems that it is bought straight from a factory that produces other brands baby mattresses so it should be fine.

It is made with a basic spring unit compared to the pocket spring found in others which means it’s not as comfortable but this does keep it nice and firm.

The outer cover is washable and then the inside cover is waterproof so it’ll need wiped down if the outer cover is removed for a wash in the middle of the night.

Overall it’s definitely not the best mattress out there but if money is tight it’ll do you proud.


Can I Use A Second-Hand Cot Bed Mattress?

It’s not normally advised but if it’s from a family member and you can see and feel that it’s still good quality then it should be fine.

Just make sure there are no tears and have a feel to see if there’s any sags or soft sections. If there are it’s no good and you’ll have to recycle or throw it out.

Will A Cot Bed Mattress Fit Into A Cot?

Unfortunately not, a cot bed is bigger than a cot so you’ll need a different mattress for each if you decide to use both.

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Best Night Light And Projectors For Babies, Toddlers, & Newborns

Best Nightlights

Night lights are great for so many different things.

Whether it’s a fear of the dark, checking on your little one in the dark or your breastfeeding a light will come in handy.

I’ve looked at a few different things you need to know about buying a night light and then reviewed a few of the best night lights available.


Advantages Of A Night Light

Most of the advantages of a night light are pretty self-explanatory, mainly they help you and your baby see better at night!

For toddlers it’s great at keeping any fear of the dark away, when they start getting old enough for their imaginations to start running wild.

But for babies they often aren’t old enough to even understand fear, so the dark holds no threat. So do you need a night light for a baby?

You certainly don’t need one but it can make checking on your baby, as well as midnight feedings and changes a lot easier.

What Colour Is Best?

Night lights come in a lot of different colours, and I don’t blame you if you hadn’t even given thought to the colour, but some are definitely better than others.

It turns out that reds and oranges are actually the best types of light to have.

Reds help the production of melatonin which is the sleep hormone and allow your child to sleep peacefully.

Meanwhile, blues actually cause stress and anxiety, not good!

But, if you think about the colours of the sunset at night, then the reds and oranges being connected with a sleepy feeling start to make sense.

The Different Features

Some night lights come with a load of bells and whistle, most of which you don’t need and rarely use. But here’s a couple of features which are genuinely useful.


Thermometers are great just to make sure everything’s OK in the nursery, you want your baby (or toddler) to be sleeping in a safe comfortable temperature so they don’t get too hot or too cold.


Night light projectors are almost a different product entirely, being either a night light or a night light projector. Night light projectors are great for helping relax your child and helping them fall asleep by giving them something soothing to look at. They just project a pattern onto the roof and sometimes move to make the whole thing dance.

The moving projectors pretty much always make a sound because of the moving component. It’s continuous so normally fades into white noise but if you’re going to have it in your room beware if you’re a light sleeper.

Will A Night Light Cause Your Child To Become Short Sighted?

A bold claim I know but a BBC article in 1999 revealed some research that there is a connection between using a night light with a baby and short-sightedness later in life.

I read that and thought “WHHAAAAT??? Sure that can’t be right!”

And luckily, it wasn’t. A further study revealed that this research was based off a survey and the kids who ended up shortsighted had parents who were short-sighted and other quite important factors.

A study which actually followed kids found at that, of course, night lights don’t cause any real danger to your child.

The only danger is to you as a parent if you knock it off and it lands on your toe at 3 am.

The Best Night Light And Night Light Projectors For Babies

Babies is a little general, these are good for kids of any ages, even grown-up kids who don’t like the dark, I’m not here to judge!

Best Night Light Projector For Babies

Moving Night Light Projector

Paboo Hippo night Light Projectory

Brand: Pabobo

  • Projects A Starry Night
  • Plays Music Or Nature Sounds
  • Auto Turn Off

Price & Review

The Pabobo dream theatre projector is going to be hit for some and a total miss for others because of the moving parts inside.

These parts do make a sort of whirring noise when they’re in use, but it does turn into a sort of white noise. But light sleepers (parents in the same room normally) can be kept awake by this.

The other side of it is that the motion helps calm your baby down, like an electronic cot mobile, so they drift off to sleep nicely.

It plays music for 15 minutes before turning off and then the lights go on for 45 minutes before turning off. The machine is completely safe and stays cool to the touch with moving parts sealed inside out of reach of tiny fingers.

If you’re looking for a moving night light projector for your baby you can’t do better than this one.

Bunny Star Projector

Pabobo mimi bunny night light projector for babies

Brand: Pabobo

    • Static Projection
    • Plush Bunny Is Machine Washable
    • Auto Off
    • Relaxing Musical Sounds

    Price & Review

    The Pabobo Mimi Bunny Projector is a great two in one. You get a nice cuddly bunny for your little one to sleep with, and a great star projector to calm them down.

    There aren’t any moving parts in this one but the lights change colour from green to blue to orange, keeping it interesting to look at and helping them fall asleep.

    It also has a music element to it and it has an auto-off, 45 minutes of the lights, and 15 minutes for the music if you’ve turned it on.

    Lastly, you can pop out the projector and put the bunny in the wash, a nice touch to keep it clean and germ-free for your baby.

    If you want a night light projector for your baby but don’t want to listen to the whir of mechanisms this is the ideal choice.

    Best Night Light For Newborns

    Thermometer Night Light

    Gro Egg 2 Night Light For Newborns

    Brand: The Gro Company

    • Changes Colour With Temperature
    • Adjustable Brightness
    • Smooth Design

    Price & Review

    This is actually the Gro-Egg Baby Thermometer 2, upgraded from the previous one.

    It got made bigger, sleeker and now has adjustable brightness which I think was a much-needed feature to get it just right for you and your baby’s room.

    The reason that this is the best night light for newborns is the all-important temperature gauge. The Gro-Egg actually changes colour with the temperature going blue when it’s too cold and deep red when it’s too hot.

    Generally the best temperature for a newborn’s bedroom is 20-22 C, which is right around the orange- orange/red colour on the Egg.

    This just makes it nice and easy to keep an eye on having the right temperature for your baby, and gives off enough light to check on them without turning a light on. A solid 2 in 1.

    This is definitely the best night light for newborns.

    Best Night Light For Toddlers Afraid Of The Dark

    Night Light Lantern

    Hanging Night Light Lantern For Kids Scared Of The Dark

    Brand: Pabobo

    • You blow on it to turn on and off
    • Rechargeable So Can Be Carried Around
    • Doesn’t Heat Up

    Price & Review

    The main problem with this is that it tends to go out of stock quite quickly, so I wasn’t sure whether or not to include it.

    But it’s worth keeping an eye out for because if you have a toddler scared of the dark they can pick up their lantern and have a good look around to prove to themselves that nothing’s there.

    And they can carry it around themselves. You blow on it to turn it on and off which is really cool but you can also set it to auto off or stay turned on. You’ll just need to keep it charged up.

    Gives your toddler the freedom to tackle the dark themselves.

    Best Night Light For Breastfeeding

    2 in 1 Night Light

    gro light nightlight for breastfeeding

    Brand: The Gro Company

    • Fits Onto regular Bayonet Lamp
    • Can Fit Ceiling Fittings
    • Provides A Gentle Light

    Price & Review

    This is really cool because it fits straight onto normal light fittings, and gets used by the normal switch. Flick the switch once to turn on the night light and twice to turn on the normal light.

    The night light is more than enough to get in and see and check on your baby, so while you’re breastfeeding you can find them easily enough.

    Some people find it enough light to breastfeed with but others need to put the main light on still, it’s a very personal thing of course.

    It’s a bayonet fitting so that’s something to check before you buy it, that your light isn’t a twist bulb.

    A great choice for anybody needing a night light for any age but a really great choice for mothers who are breastfeeding.


Best Moses Basket Mattress Reviews UK


Getting a moses basket mattress is a great choice if you’ve got a second-hand moses basket or if anything happened to your current mattress and you need to replace it.

They’re not too expensive and definitely a lot cheaper than getting a whole new moses basket.

I’ve put together this guide to make finding the best moses basket a lot easier. I’ve included everything you need to know and then reviewed some of my favourites moses basket mattresses at the end.

Shape And Size Of Your Moses Basket Mattress

You want the mattress to fit comfortably inside the basket so it needs to be a nice oval shape and be the right dimensions.

I’ve tried to include what brands each one should fit but I’ve included the dimensions as well so you can just measure the length and width of the inside and you’ll find something that fits perfectly.

As for depth about 4 cm is just perfect, enough to let your baby sink in a little and keep them steady and on their backs.

Best Filling Of Moses Basket mattress

You want the mattress to be foam. They’re generally too small for other fillings so you don’t get spring moses basket mattresses usually.

What Else Does It Need?

Hypoallergenic is always a must, foam is already hypoallergenic so it’s just making sure the coverings are either naturally hypoallergenic or treated to be so.

A Washable Cover is a good call for dealing with little accidents in the night. Waterproof is ideal but at least water resistant is a really good idea.

Best Moses Basket Mattress Reviews

And it’s time for the main event! I’ve gathered the best moses basket mattresses and given a short review of each.

Premium Foam Mattress


Brand: John Lewis
Dimensions: 74 x 28 x 4 cm

  • Adjustable Waterproof Cover
  • Washable Cover
  • Cotton & Polyester Cover

Price & Reviews

This John lewis mattress will of course fit in the John Lewis Moses Basket! It’s a pretty standard size so should fit in most baskets.

The cover is waterproof but not wipeable so you need to wash it if it gets wet which can be a pain because it puts it out of use for a few hours.

The filling is top quality and it’s a nice sturdy mattress, your little one will be fully comfortable and be sleeping soundly. At least until they get hungry again!

Quilted Mattress


Brand: Mother Nurture
Dimensions: 67 x 30 x 4 cm

  • Fits Mamas & Papas Basket
  • Water Resistant and Washable
  • Firm & Comfortable

Price & Reviews

The Mother Nurture mattress fits perfectly into the Mamas & Papas basket as well as a couple of other brands. If you click through to Amazon you can check out some of the other reviews for the full range.

The cover is quilted for added comfort and water resistant for durability plus you can throw it in the wash.

It’s got a firm feel which is ideal for a baby mattress and it’s got a really quick delivery time on it so you can have it in no time.

Microfibre Hypoallergenic Mattress

Suzy-Mattress-ReviewBrand: Suzy
Dimensions: 66 x 28 x 4 cm

  • Will Fit Mothercare
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable Cover

Price & Reviews

This mattress fits perfectly into any Mother Care moses basket, is hypoallergenic and has a nice washable cover.

It’s microfibre so feels really soft to the touch but the mattress is firm enough to support and comfort your baby while they sleep.

The cover’s also reversible so if it ends up getting stained you can just flip the cover around and it’ll look good as new.

Deluxe Mattress


Brand: Linens
Dimensions: 74 x 28 x 3.5 cm

  • Washable Cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fits Clair De Lune Basket

Price & Reviews

This one fits nicely into most clair de lune baskets again hypoallergenic and washable.

Nice and firm but it’s not dual sided so at most you can rotate it if you notice it starting to dent at all.

It’s a half cm shallower than the others but that’s still plenty thick enough to support your baby and make sure they sleep well.

F.A.Q On Best Moses basket Mattresses

Is it ok to use a second hand moses basket mattress?

I would strongly advise against a second-hand mattress, you don’t know how long it’s been used or what sort of condition it was kept it. Even how old it might be so it may not have the support you need.

A second-hand basket is fine as long as you get a new mattress to put in it.

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