20 Best Travel Cots UK – Expert Buyers Guide (2023)

Last Updated on 24 Apr. 2020

Getting a travel cot is useful for so many different situations. Grandparents can fold out the cot when they’ve got the little one for a night or a few hours and put it away the rest of the time. It is an absolute must-have for any commuter parent.

You can, of course, take it away on holiday and always know you’ll have a travel cot to use.

But finding the best travel cot can be hard so I’ve put together this guide to help you find the exact travel cot you need.

I’ve included some of the different things you have to think about and then given my recommendations of the best travel cots and provided a short review of each.

Top 5 Best Travel Cots UK

1. Top Choice – Nuna Sena Aire Travel Cot Play Pen

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 - An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Nuna Sena

Weight: 9.7 Kg

  • Doubles As Play Space
  • Raised Sleep Area
  • Suitable to 15 Kg
  • Folds With One Hand


The Nuna Space travel cot is pretty nifty because it has a raised sleep space so you don’t have to bend all the way in to put your baby to bed.

The raised sleep space then gets removed and you can use the cot as a playpen.

It’s got a mattress pad over as opposed to a mattress so it’s not suitable for overnight use but the 2 in 1 makes it a great choice for on the go or occasional use at someone else’s house.

It’s also got padded feet so it doesn’t slide around on wood floors.

2. Best Travel Cot with Mattress – John Lewis & Partners Travel Cot

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 - An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: John Lewis & Partners

Weight: 13.6 Kg

  • Mattress Included
  • Travel Bag Included
  • Easy Set-Up


With a travel cot mattress included, straight out of the box, this cot is ready for your baby to doze in. It is a high-quality option for sleeping on the move.

it is easy to pop-up and take-down. You should definitely read the instructions first as it might not be immediately obvious how to build it up. With a travel bag included it is easy to take with you too.

At 13.6 Kg it is one of the heavier options although that shouldn’t be an issue if you are taking it in your car. This might be a more expensive option but comes with fantastic reliability.

3. Best Lightweight – BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 - An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: BabyBjorn

Weight: 6Kg

  • Easy To assemble
  • Lightweight To Transport
  • Folds Up Quickly


30 million kids have been carried in BabyBjorn’s various baby carriers which is quite a feat!

They have a very sturdy and lightweight travel cot so carrying it around is an absolute dream. Certainly the lightest of the cots we have reviewed.

The mattress inside is very good quality and will stand the test of time even if you use it every night.

Babybjorn themselves offer great customer service, any problems at all they’re always happy to help, even if you lose the case just call them up and I’m sure they’ll sort you out with a new one.

4. Best Budget – Babyway BTC Classic Travel Cot Playpen With Mattress And Carry Bag

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Babyway

Weight: 8.4 Kg

  • Toddlers up to 15 kg
  • Wipe-Clean Material


First off, this absolutely needs a mattress to go with it. It’s just a thin base layer that’s included so don’t get suckered too deep into the price.

That said it’s still a good price and a nice basic travel cot. Nothing special but if you get an extra mattress it’ll be fine for occasional use or while you’re on holiday. The travel bag makes transporting this cot easy.

Made of wipe-clean fabric it is easy to tidy up. The mesh sides make it easy to check on your little one.

A good choice for a tight budget and Amazon is able to deliver it quickly.

5. Best Travel Cot Playpen – Hauck Dream’n Play Travel Cot 120 x 60 cm from Birth to 15 kg

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 - An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Hauck

Weight: 9 Kg

  • Large Mesh Sides
  • ​Easy Pop-Up
  • Doubles as a Playpen


This is one travel crib that is far more than a bed; it also doubles as an ideal playpen. Have peace of mind that your little ray of sunshine is safe and staying put with wide mesh sides let you keep an eye on them and also provide excellent air circulation.

The fold-up mechanism for this cot is very clever. It makes it very easy to pop-up and takedown. Do be careful to not allow your little treasure to play with it while it is folded up. It relies on a folding cross-action mechanism that you don’t want little fingers in.

The travel bag will also double as a means of keeping it out of reach while it is stored away.


Sometimes you don’t have space for a full-size cot but your baby’s outgrown their Moses basket so you need something to use in the meantime.

That makes a travel cot the perfect solution. My only suggestion would be to get a different cot mattress. The mattresses that come with the travel cot tend to be for shorter-term use so it might not be as sturdy.


Most travel cots should fold up into some sort of travel case for easy transport so that is, of course, a must. All the travel cots talked about in this article do, it’s more if you’re buying second hand it’s something to be aware of.

Aside from that you also want to be aware of the weight as you’ll be the one carrying it! And then if you have trouble carrying things you get some that have wheels so that’s always an option.


It varies a lot from one baby to another but in general, they’re good from birth till 2-3 years old. If they look too big for it they probably are.


Pretty much anywhere! At work, at home, at your friends, on holiday, visiting the inlaws. They can even be taken on flights in your hand luggage.

As long as it’s indoors and you have enough space to pop it up you can go ahead and do so.


The only issue is that they can be very deep and on the floor, so if you have back problems or you’re recovering from pregnancy you might struggle to pick up and put down your baby.

For most, it’s absolutely fine but for those with back issues, I wanted to mention.

Other Travel Cot Reviews

As it sounds I wanted to review some other travel cots in case those top 5 didn’t quite do it for you.

Toddler Travel Cots

COSTWAY Portable Baby Travel Cot, 2 in 1 Design as Bassinet Bed & Activity Play Center

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Costway

Weight: 7 Kg

  • Easy to Move – On Wheels
  • Machine Washable Mattress Included


This travel crib is so simple to pop-up. It even comes with a cute mobile that clips on to the top edge.

This is another cot that is designed to double as both a place to sleep and a place to play. Which makes sense because often one can lead to the other.

The included mattress is machine washable to this cot is easy to clean no matter how messy it gets.

Milliard Portable Toddler Bumper Bed

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Milliard

Weight: 4.68 Kg

  • Bed-like design
  • Waterproof Machine Washable Cover


This is a simple yet clever sleeping solution to commuting toddler sleeping needs. It is a fold-out bumper bed which joins together with velcro. Much more of a bed than a travel crib.

This also makes for a transition sleeping space between a cot and a big-kid bed. This may be the lightest of sleeping solutions, but it is still somewhat bulky and clumsy, even when folded.

Baby Joy Medium Travel Cot Set – Portable Folding Travel Cot Crib Playpen and 100% Waterproof Foam Mattress

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Baby Joy

Weight: 9 Kg

  • Mosquito Net
  • Extra Storage


This is one travel cot with excellent extra features. The mosquito net makes this crib particularly suited for travel to areas with, well, mosquitos.

What’s more, it doubles as extra storage with a toy bag built into the end of the cot. It doesn’t have to store toys, you could use it as a built-in changing bag. Keep nappies, wipes, or other baby products in there.

TecTake Portable Child Baby Infant Playpen Travel Cot Bed

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: TecTake

Weight: 9.3 Kg

  • Side Zipper
  • Colourful and fun Doggy Design


Your little terrier will love this cot. it is colourful and the doggy design is lovely.

The side zipper makes it into a fun den for your child to come and go as they please. They will probably be able to undo the zipper from the inside.

The mattress which comes with it is a bit thin. You can certainly feel the frame underneath. It is more suited as a playpen floor. I definitely recommend a thicker padded mattress for your little one to sleep on.

Graco Compact Travel Cot (Birth to 3 Years Approx.) with Signature Graco Push-Button Fold

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Graco

Weight: 9 Kg

  • Helpful For Learning To Stand
  • Excellent Value


This cot is designed with sides just at the perfect height for your little one learning pull themselves up and stand. The mesh sides keep your little terror in plain sight you you always know what mischief they’re getting up to.

It doesn’t fold down and compact as much as other models and the base could certainly be softer but that is reflected in the price point as this is one of the cheaper options. An additional padded mattress makes this one extremely functional travel crib.

Baby Travel Cots

Joie Baby Kubbie Sleep Bedside Travel Cot

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Joie Baby

Weight: 11 Kg

  • Retractable Side
  • Sturdy and Reliable


This is one sturdy frame that you are sure to be able to rely on. It even has a side that retracts down like regular non-travel cribs. Although it would be nice if the side did come down lower.

There is one aspect I think is a bit silly. The mattress is a little thin and the way which it rests inside the cot makes it difficult to get the mattress to lie flat. Additionally finding fitted sheets for this particular size of mattress can be difficult.

Besrey 2 in 1 Travel Cot for Baby Kids with Swing+Wheels Bassinet Set

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Besrey

Weight: 9.4 Kg

  • Mosquito Net
  • Comfortable Bassinet Design


This is one travel cot which absolutely does not lack for storage space. With a large storage box underneath, side pocket, and bottle holder you will always have nappies and other baby products stored away yet very handy.

It folds up to about the size of a set of retractable steps; so a little bulkier than other designs. While you might not be able to take it in your carry on, it will fit in a car boot no problem. It is comfortable and ideal for traveling younger babies.

Baby Travel Cot, 2 in 1 Portable Infant Bassinet Bed and Changing Table

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Birtech

Weight: 12 Kg

  • Lots of Storage
  • Built-in Changing Table


This travel cot is advertised as 2 in 1 but it is so much more than that. While it makes a cozy comfy bed; it is also a changing table, a play pen, and includes a mosquito net. Not to mention how easy it is to set-up and take-down.

I really like the big zip opening on the side. Suddenly it’s more of a play-den than a play-pen.

It would be great if it included a mattress. Although sometimes it’s best to get a real good padded mattress separately.

Baby Crib Foldable Travel Cot Bed Playpen with Bassinet

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Hadwin

Weight: 9.5 Kg

  • Musical Mobile
  • Handy Changing Table and Storage Arrangement


The real cherry on the cake with this crib is the cute musical mobile. The comfortable bassinet design is sure to let your little one relax and the mobile will sing them off to dreamland.

The changing table with handy storage pouch means you will have baby products ready to go when you need them. The side pouch is also a great place to store a baby monitor.

It’s a bit of a shame this cot doesn’t come with a mattress. Still, that is an opportunity to find something extra comfy separately.

Graco Contour Electra Travel Cot with Integrated Changing Table, Night Light, Music and Vibration

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Graco

Weight: 13 Kg

  • Nightlight, Music, and Gentle Vibration
  • Built-in changing table and mobile


This travel cot really is trying to provide some lovely extra features. With built-in night lights, music, and gentle vibration function your little one will be snoozing peacefully.

The mattress is certainly firm. It is ideal for sitting and playing on but you definitely want something else on top for sleeping.

The changing unit is a bit tricky to put together and the instructions could be more helpful.

Compact Travel Cots

Venture Roma Travel Cot Includes Foam Mattress and Carry Bag

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Venture

Weight: 6 Kg

  • Comfortable Hammock-Like Design
  • Mattress Included


This cot really is a simple and effective design. I would describe this more as a hammock with mesh sides; which I love because it means there is no chance of uncomfortable bars disturbing your treasure’s sleep.

Certainly one of the lightest options available; it folds up small and is easy to take on the go. It even includes a mattress.

Have peace of mind knowing that it meets British safety standards. So as well as being easy to clean it is most importantly very safe and secure.

Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Red Kite

Weight: 7.32 Kg

  • Great Value
  • Easy Assembly


If you want a spacious cot that becomes really small then look no further. It really is easy to assemble and folds down nice, small, and compact. Although it’s worth a quick check of the manual.

The included mattress is a bit thin and flimsy. It also arrived with a slightly different pattern than advertised. The mattress cover has a lot of excess material which can result in it bunching up as your little one moves around. I recommend getting a real nice padded mattress to go on top.

Micralite Sleep & Go Newborn Travel Cot

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Micralite

Weight: 7.5 Kg

  • Fast Set-up
  • Fun 2-in-1 Playpen


This is a lovely, comfortable, and simple bassinet design. It will give you an easy time building it, and your child an easy time sleeping.

I really like how effortless it is to remove the bassinet part and transform it into a large playpen. It even has a whole mesh side that will unzip and tuck away.

It is a shame it is not a machine washable material. It’s sponge clean only. Which is not ideal for when big messes happen.

Play Pen Travel Cots

Hauck Sleep N Play Center, 7-part Folding Travel Cot from Birth to 15 kg

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: Hauck

Weight: 9.1 Kg

  • On Wheels
  • Can sleep babies or toddlers


Here is one seriously multifunctional cot. Designed with a removable bassinet, removable changing table, easy access zipper on the side, and wheels for handy mobility.

I get the impression it is more intended for your child to sleep in the bassinet level rather than the playpen base. I think that is strange because it would make an ideal cot for 1 to 2 year-olds if it had a comfier base in the playpen arrangement.

TecTake Baby Travel Cot Bed Playpen with Practical Carry Bag

20 Best Travel Cots UK 2020 – An Expert Buyers Guide

Brand: TecTake

Weight: 8.7 Kg

  • Mattress Included
  • Available in Lovely Colours


Available in a range of colours. My favorite is the creamy beige. Really cute. The great big zippered mesh side can fold out of the way so easily your little terror will be able to do it.

Super easy to set up. It can be a little stiff and tricky to fold up again though.

The mattress in this cot is more comfortable than most. I would still recommend an extra padded mattress for ideal comfort.


When you’re trying to choose a travel cot there are so many aspects to weigh up. Ideally you want it to have plenty of space for your little monster but also fold up small and lightweight.

Certainly you don’t want to be compromising on comfort. If your child can’t sleep then neither will you.

Ultimately the best choice comes down to what can suit your needs, and most importantly, your child’s needs.


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