Best Night Light And Projectors For Babies, Toddlers, & Newborns

Last Updated on 21 Jun. 2020

Best Nightlights

Night lights are great for so many different things.

Night lights are great for so many different things.

Whether it’s a fear of the dark, checking on your little one at night or you’re breastfeeding a light will come in handy.

I’ve looked at a few different things you need to know about before buying a night light and then reviewed a few of the best night lights available.

Top 5 Best Night Lights UK

1. Top Choice – Gro Egg 2 Colour Changing Room Thermometer

The Gro Company Groegg2 Colour Changing Room Thermometer

Brand: The Gro Company

  • Changes Colour With Temperature
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Smooth Design


This is actually the Gro-Egg Baby Thermometer 2, upgraded from the previous one.

It got made bigger, sleeker and is also now dimmable. It has adjustable brightness which I think was a much-needed feature to get it just right for you and your baby’s room.

The reason that this is the best night light for newborns is the all-important temperature gauge. The Gro-Egg actually changes colour with the temperature going blue when it’s too cold and deep red when it’s too hot.

Generally, the best temperature for a newborn’s bedroom is 20-22 C, which is right around the orange- orange/red colour on the Egg.

This just makes it nice and easy to keep an eye on having the right temperature for your baby and gives off enough light to check on them without turning a light on. A solid 2 in 1.

This is definitely the best baby night light for newborns.

2. Best Night Light Projector – Moredig Star Projector Night Light

 Moredig Star Projector Night Light

Brand: Moredig

  • Remote Control
  • Timer Function
  • Rotation Mode
  • Colourful Projection
  • 12 Lullaby Songs


For all you romantics out there, or if you just have an appreciation of mood lighting then this option is for you! The Moredig Projector Light ticks every box when it comes to portable nightlights. It has a plug in function but also takes batteries so location isn’t an issue. The remote control allows you to adjust not only the night light but also the music, the timer function and rotation modes as well.

The timer function is adjustable in 5-minute increments from 5 to 500 minutes so can easily be set to shut-off after your child has fallen asleep.

The music function features 12 different lullaby songs so you won’t get fed up of hearing the same song on repeat for hours on end!

The night light projector modes include starry night and animal world options.

Different colours combinations of red light, green light, blue light and warm white create 9 colour changing modes of light.

The gentle rotating base creates a wonderful wall and ceiling display which makes a warm and relaxing sleeping environment which is mesmerising for babies and toddlers (and even adults!)

3. Best For Toddlers – CHwares Portable LED Children Night Light

CHwares Portable LED Children Night Light Kids Multicolor Silicone Cat Lamp

Brand: CHwares

  • Soft Silicone Cat Lamp
  • 7 colour changing options
  • Re-chargeable and long battery life
  • Sensitive tap control


This CHwares silicone cat lamp is easily the cutest lamp I’ve ever seen. The soft cover is ideal for toddlers as it removes easily and can be cleaned.

The led light has 3 modes – warm white, 7 colour single or changing modes.

It comes with a USB charging cable and after 3-4 hours plugged in, it’s good to go for up to 15 hours.

Once you set the lamp to on, using the button on the back, it activates a tap control feature. This allows you to simply touch the soft silicone surface to change the modes. One tap enters it into the 7 colour changing mode, the second tap fixes it on your favourite colour and the third tap takes you back to warm white.

The soft light and gorgeous design make this led bulb lamp the perfect choice for any child’s room.

4. Best For Feeding Baby – Gro Company Gro-light 2-In-1 Night Light


Brand: The Gro Company

  • Fits Onto regular Bayonet Lamp
  • Can Fit Ceiling Fittings
  • Provides A Gentle Light


This is really cool because it fits straight onto normal light fittings, and uses the normal switch. Flick the switch once to turn on the night light and twice to turn on the normal light.

The night light is more than enough to get in and see and check on your baby in the middle of the night, so while you’re breastfeeding you can find your way to them easily enough.

Some people find it enough light to breastfeed with but others need to put the main light on still, it’s a very personal thing of course.

It’s a bayonet fitting so that’s something to check before you buy it, that your light isn’t a twist bulb.

A great choice for anybody needing a night light for any age but a really great choice for mothers who are breastfeeding.

5. Best for Baby – OMERIL Wall Plug In Night Lights with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Omeril wall plug in

Brand: Omeril

  • Auto on/off light sensor
  • Energy Efficient A+++ rating
  • Soothing Warm White Light


The Omeril LED plug in light is an amazon choice product for good reasons.

Its super energy efficient at A+++ rating and uses 0.5W power consumption. The high quality LED bulbs provides around 60 000 hours of ambient light so no need to replace any light bulbs!

The best feature of this night light is the auto on/off sensor that automatically turns on the lamp at dusk when light levels drop but also turns off when in bright light surroundings.

The soft glow produced by this lamp is non-flickering and soothing, perfect to illuminate baby’s room or anywhere in the house really!


Most of the advantages of a night light are pretty self-explanatory, mainly they help you and your baby see better at night!

For toddlers, it’s great as a sleep aid. They keep any fear of the dark away especially when they start getting old enough for their imaginations to start running wild.

But for babies, they often aren’t old enough to even understand fear, so the dark holds no threat. So do you need a night light for a baby?

You certainly don’t need one but it can make checking on your baby, as well as midnight feedings and changes a lot easier.

Night lights are not only great as a baby monitor but also placed in hallways or on the stairs to prevent you from tripping and walking into things at night.


Night lights come in a lot of different colours, and I don’t blame you if you hadn’t even given thought to the colour, but some are definitely better than others.

It turns out that reds and oranges are actually the best types of light to have.

Reds help the production of melatonin which is the sleep hormone and allow your child to sleep peacefully.

Meanwhile, blue light can actually cause stress and anxiety, not good!

But, if you think about the colours of the sunset at night, then the reds and oranges being connected with a sleepy feeling start to make sense.


Some night lights come with a load of bells and whistle, most of which you don’t need and rarely use. But here’s a couple of features which are genuinely useful.


Thermometers are great just to make sure everything’s OK in the nursery, you want your baby (or toddler) to be sleeping in a safe comfortable temperature so they don’t get too hot or too cold.


Night light projectors are almost a different product entirely, being either a night light or a night light projector. Night light projectors are great for helping relax your child and helping them fall asleep by giving them something soothing to look at. They just project a pattern onto the roof and sometimes move to make the whole thing dance.

The moving projectors pretty much always make a sound because of the moving component. It’s continuous so normally fades into white noise but if you’re going to have it in your room beware if you’re a light sleeper.


A timer function is great to save power and prevents you from accidentally waking your child by going in to turn off the light after they have fallen asleep.


A light sensor as seen with Omeril wall plug in lamp makes having a night light a zero maintenance option. The gadget senses the light levels in the room and turns on and off accordingly. Brilliant for saving power and you never have to remember to switch the thing off!


Another great feature for nursing mums is a motion sensor. This is a device that picks up any movement in the room and turns on the light for you. A great addition if you only need the lamp on when you’re entering the room to check on the baby.

An issue with motion sensors is that if you don’t move for a while they tend to turn off the light so you end up sitting in a dark room until you manage to wave your arms enough to get it to come back on.

Not ideal if you need the light to stay on but if all you’re after is enough light to check on the little one then this may be a good option for you.


A bold claim I know but a BBC article in 1999 revealed some research that there is a connection between using a night light with a baby and short-sightedness later in life.

I read that and thought “WHHAAAAT??? Sure that can’t be right!”

And luckily, it wasn’t. A further study revealed that this research was based on a survey and the kids who ended up shortsighted had parents who were short-sighted and other quite important factors.

A study which actually followed kids found at that, of course, night lights don’t cause any real danger to your child.

The only danger is to you as a parent if you knock it off and it lands on your toe at 3 am.


What Colour night light is best?

It turns out red is the best colour for sleeping with blue being the worst.

Should babies sleep in the dark or with a night light?

Babies are actually not fussed when it comes to sleeping with or without a night light. Babies do tend to fall asleep anywhere, be it day or night! The dark may actually be more soothing for a newborn, but if a night light helps you check on them easier then that’s fine too.

Are Night Lights safe to leave on all night in my child’s bedroom?

As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, night lights should be very safe to leave on all night.

Make sure to plug you use is a standard electrical output and if the night light doesn’t come with a UK plug then contact the manufacturer to fit one, avoid using adaptors.

Do not attempt to alter the lamp in any way and avoid using night lights near water and in damp environments.

Can LED night lights catch fire?

Over-heating is the main reason that bulbs tend to catch fire. LEDs emit light at significantly lower temperatures than regular bulbs so this risk is greatly reduced.

Other Night Light Reviews


Pabobo Lumiblo Blow Activated Lantern Night Light

Brand: Pabobo

  • You blow on it to turn on and off
  • Rechargeable So Can Be Carried Around
  • Doesn’t Heat Up


The main problem with this is that it tends to go out of stock quite quickly, so I wasn’t sure whether or not to include it.

But it’s worth keeping an eye out for because if you have a toddler scared of the dark they can pick up their lantern and have a good look around to prove to themselves that nothing’s there.

And they can carry it around themselves. You blow on it to turn it on and off which is really cool but you can also set it to auto-off or stay turned on. You’ll just need to keep it charged up.

Gives your toddler the freedom to tackle the dark themselves.


Night lights are a perfect bedroom addition for young children. They are great as a sleep trainer and soother for toddlers and as a visual aid if you have a newborn to nurse.

From table lamps to wall plug-ins the choices are endless but our top pick is the Gro Egg 2 Colour Changing Room Thermometer.

Its soft design and gentle lighting create a warm and relaxing atmosphere and the thermometer technology adds a completely new dimension to night lights, making it easy to ensure the room is the right temperature to keep your baby safe and well.

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