5 Best Hypnos Mattresses Reviewed – The UK 2023 Edition

Last Updated on 6 Jan. 2020

Interested in a Hypnos mattress?

I’m not surprised, they are the amongst the gold standard of mattresses and are even fit for royalty having carried the royal warrant and provided mattresses for the royals for 90 years.

This comes at a price but a price that’s well worth paying for a superb quality made to the absolute highest standard and top specifications.

But which Hypnos Mattress is best?

Well, they are all great, but I’ve reviewed 6 of the best Hypnos Mattresses available and linked through to John Lewis so you can order yours. With that said, let’s get stuck into the reviews.

Best Hypnos Mattresses Reviewed

1. Top Choice – Superb pillow top pocket spring

Hypnos Superb Pillow Top Spring Mattress
  • 1600 Spring Count
  • 30 cm deep
  • Lambswool, Cashmere, Mohair and Solotex luxury fillings
  • Same As Premier Inn Mattress

Firmness: Firm

Sizes: Single, small double, double, king size, super king size.

Price & Reviews

Ever slept in a Premier Inn and wondered how the bed could be so comfortable? It’s because it’s a Hypnos mattress that’s inside, and while they are unclear on the specifics I’m pretty sure it’s this mattress they use, with the comfortable pillow-top as the top layer.

It’s a firm feel but the pillow top still gives you comfort for people who might prefer a softer mattress, similar to a built-in mattress topper. The pillow top actually works to hug your body as you lie down allowing you to sink in and fully relax.

The springs are pocket springs which are individually sewn springs that move independently to give you the maximum support exactly where you need it. And a spring count of 1600 is very nice, high enough to give you some luxury but low enough to keep the cost reasonable.

The fillings are natural, lambswool and cashmere for breathability and mohair for high-quality durability. And finally, there is solotex which is a combination of fibres that give you a bouncy feeling that is also soft and comfortable.

It’s hypoallergenic and no turn so you don’t need to try and man-handle it around.

It’s also designed with 7.5 technology that allows your core body temperature to stay in the perfect comfort zone. It helps regulate the humidity and temperature so you can keep a constant temperature and not wake up sweating every night.

Finally, it’s a really great price for a Hypnos mattress, they can get up and over £2,000 so for this one to be under £1000 is fantastic value.

2. Best Hypnos Mattress For Bad Back – Sublime Pocket Spring Mattress

Hypnos Excellence Pocket Spring Mattress
  • 3000 spring count (king size)
  • Upholstered with natural fillings including camel and fleece wool
  • Belgian damask cover
  • 31 cm deep

Firmness: Medium Tension

Sizes: Single, small double, double, king size, super king size.

Price & Reviews

This is the step up from the mattress above, it’s a big jump in price but also a big jump in luxury with everything from the 3200 pocket spring count all the way through to the cashmere and camel wool filling.

The camel wool works to give you a nice spring while having lots of strength to keep your mattress lasting a long time. And along with the other materials it is very breathable giving you a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

The 3000 pocket springs is a fantastically high count for maximum luxury and the springs have ReActive technology which are better made with more twists to give it greater ability to sense the exact comfort you need, where you need it.

This no-turn mattress (just rotate from head to foot end regularly) offers a gently supportive and soft sleeping surface.

The cover is a soft Belgian damask, chemical-free viscose material that benefits from cooling properties that let you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

A lot of thought and time has gone into this mattress to make it the absolute peak of luxury, if you buy it you’ll understand why Hypnos make mattresses that are fit for royalty.

3. Best for Side Sleepers – Hypnos Deluxe Pocket Spring

Hypnos Deluxe Pocket Spring
  • 1800 Pocket Springs
  • 10 year guarantee
  • 29 cm deep
  • latex, lambswool, cashmere, bamboo and flax filling
  • No turn necessary

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

The Deluxe mattress is ideal for side sleepers, it’s medium firmness allows your shoulders and hips that little bit of sink to be comfortable while the latex provides excellent bounce back and support to keep you comfortable on your side.

But it’s not just for side sleepers, back sleepers and front sleepers will both be able to sleep comfortably on this mattress as well, just of the others this is best one for side sleepers, though most hypnos beds are also great for side sleepers.

I love all the natural materials that go into this mattress to make it a very comfortable bed. The latex is natural and the other natural fillings like wool and bamboo.

The bamboo I love because it is very environmentally friendly and grows back much faster than other materials and a single plant can be harvested, so for all the green people out there, this is a winner!

Another pocket sprung mattress this time with a count of 1800 putting it at the mid-range of Hypnos mattresses but still the top of the industry and very comfortable.

Finally, you’ve got a nice breathable viscose cover that offers coolness and a nice soft surface to sleep on. Although you should definitely get a mattress protector to increase the life of the mattress and to keep it safe.

4. Hypnos Elite Pocket Spring Mattress

Hypnos Elite Pocket Spring Mattress
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 2800 pocket springs
  • Flip with the seasons
  • Lambswool, camel wool, and solotex

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

Another medium-firm mattress but this time with a massive 2800 pocket springs! This is really high and why this is a premium mattress even amongst the Hypnos bed range. But with the premium price comes premium quality not only with the high spring count but also the fillings inside. Camel wool, in particular, is the absolute luxury of durability and breathability.

The Solotex is the soft stretchy texture that is a combination of polyurethane, polyester, and nylon. What does that mean? I’ll tell you, it’s a material that is soft, durable and that reshapes easily so you can lie on your bed without leaving big sagging divets over time.

But what will help with that and keeping your mattress feeling like a new mattress is regularly rotating it and flipping it with the seasons.

What’s missing is that when your partner moves or gets in and out of bed you can feel it, the pocket springs minimise this but don’t solve it completely in the way that a memory foam mattress does. Better if you’re a heavier sleeper, if you’re a light sleeper then you might want to consider a memory foam mattress (you can read my reviews here).

But, if you don’t like a firm mattress, or you’ve tried the Hypnos ortho mattress and didn’t like it then this is the one for you, it’s soft and comfortable and the bounce can be really good if that’s what you’re looking for.

A fine choice of Hypnos mattress.

5. Hypnos Woolcott Pillow Top Pocket Spring

Hypnos Woolcott Pillow Top Pocket Spring Mattress
  • Natural Fillings
  • Part wool cover
  • 3900 Spring count
  • New Zealand wool, latex and Solotex Filling

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

We’re well into the realm of premium with the Hypnos Woolcot pillow top mattress, 3900 spring count for the peak of luxury and pocket springs that are designed to independently sense your shape and weight distribution and support you accordingly.

The cover is a soft combination of wool and viscose but it’s been treated to be fire retardant, but, it’s been treated with a plant-based and chemical-free treatment to keep your bed safe and natural.

It’s been traditionally tufted by hand to ensure edge-to-edge support and a long-lasting mattress making the high price actually great value for money.

You’ve also got the 37.5 active technology that works to keep your temperature consistent through the night for a restful night’s sleep. This is where the wool comes in allowing you great ventilation and breathability without the need for man-made or chemical agents, just all-natural filling.

The firmness is medium but you pay more for this mattress mainly to get the higher spring count, it’s the level of luxury that you just won’t find in the likes of a Sealy or a Silentnight mattress.

Premier Inn & Hypnos Mattress

What do some of the most comfortable hotel beds have in common? They’ve more likely than not got a Hypnos mattress in them!

While the list of hotels with Hypnos mattresses in them is long and varied probably the most well known is Premier Inn. Every single bed in a Premier Inn is a Hypnos bed which is one of the reasons they offer the Good Night Guarantee, the promise to give you a great night’s sleep or you get your money back.

If one of the biggest UK hotel chains trust Hypnos to give you a great night’s sleep I’m sure you can trust them in your own bedroom too.

Why Choose Hypnos

There’s more to Hypnos than meets the eye, for instance, did you know they’re a family run business? Currently in their fifth generation of loyal family members bringing over 100 years of bed making experience and insights into what it takes to achieve the perfect night’s sleep.

As I said before they’ve also got a Royal Warrant and have held it since Geroge V was our king! They represent only the finest craftsmanship and highest standards, truly the best of British.

I also looked into them a bit more and found they advocate Equal pay across genders, something I care about myself and appreciate being upheld publically.

Finally, they are committed to the environment and have been a carbon-neutral company for the past 8 years, and are the first carbon-neutral bed makers in the world, a hefty title.

They got there by focussing on using environmentally friendly materials in the mattress, which is reflected in the large amounts of wool and bamboo, and supporting charities to plant trees in the UK, in the Amazon and to provide clean water in Uganda.

A Truly noble company who are striving to provide great beds and do good things in this world.

What Base Is Best For A Hypnos Mattress?

Should you get a divan? Will the slatted bed frame you’ve got be OK?

Well as long as your bed slats are no more than 3 inches apart you’ll get on absolutely fine with a slatted bed frame, but be aware that a slatted frame will feel firmer than a divan base.

More often than not they are displayed on a pocket sprung divan base and you try it out to then be disappointed with how firm it feels when you get home. It’s the base!

So if you don’t mind a firmer feel slatted frames are fine but if you like a softer feel than you’re going to want to get a divan and a headboard instead.

Alternatives to a Hypnos Mattress

Not fussed by a Hypnos mattress? I’m not sure why but I respect it, you know what you want best after all. An equivalent brand has to be Vispring. They work to make some of the best mattresses available and were responsible for making beds on the Titanic! Very pricey but worth it if you can afford it.

IF you’re looking for something cheaper then I’d have a look at my pocket spring mattress reviews, that’s the type of mattresses Hypnos specialise in and I’ve got some other great choices that are cheaper but perhaps not as high quality, what they will do however is give you a great night’s sleep.


There we have it, a selection of Hypnos Mattresses reviewed including some of the best available. I think the Superb Pillow-Top pocket spring mattress deserves the top spot because of it’s more accessible price and the fact it’s equivalent to the one used in Premier Inn’s all over the country.

And Hypnos are amongst the world’s finest mattresses, designed with you and a great sleep in mind and made with the finest craftsmanship Britain has to offer, natural materials, hand tufting using traditional methods and all the highest-quality-materials in mind.

Like a high-class restaurant using only the finest ingredients to create their dishes, Hypnos use only the highest quality materials because they know what goes in the mattress affects how comfortable and durable it is making these mattresses a fine investment in you and your sleep.

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