Vispring Mattress Review – The Best in The Business

Last Updated on 19 Jan. 2018

Vispring mattress Review

Vispring mattresses are regarded as the absolute best in the business. For good reason!

This is a general review of why the Vispring Mattresses are the best in the Business even if they aren’t the most affordable!

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How the Vispring Mattress is Made

The bespoke craftsmanship is unrivalled. Each and every mattress is handmade to order using only the finest ingredients available the world over.

For instance, most comfortable mattresses are pocket sprung. This means that the spring is sewn into an individual pocket instead of a being part of a springboard so it can act independently of the springs around it and give you the comfort and support you deserve.

Well, Vispring has gone one step further and put 6 smaller individual springs together into a honeycomb shape and put them into a pocket, giving you, even more, support and a spring mattress that moulds like memory foam.

This is actually where they get their name from – VI Springs or 6 spring in Roman Numerals.

There mattresses have been getting made with care and precision for over 100 years, the company having been formed in 1901 in London. Their mattresses are sought after the world over and have been put into luxury hotels and cruise liners for decades. All 350 first class cabins of the Titanic featured a Vispring mattress.

Each and every pocket of springs are placed in position by hand before being hand covered and sewn up using techniques that take years to master and have been passed down through the generations.

What Makes Up a Vispring Mattress

The finest ingredients from the world over go into a Vispring mattress, all responsibly sourced from eco-friendly sources they are dedicated to preserving the delicate balance of the world we live in.

Vispring Ingredients


Vispring mattresses use a range of four different types of wool, Platinum grade British sheep’s wool (considered to be the best in the world), Mohair wool from South Africa and Vicuna wool which is one of the most sought-after materials in the world.

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic as well as climate controlled so it keeps you warm in winter and cools in summer.


Silk gives these mattresses their softness while also keep the bed climate controlled so you can be comfortable all year round.


Perhaps not what you were expecting, bamboo fibres help wick away moisture while you sleep ensuring you always wake up refreshed and ready not sweaty and uncomfortable.


Again another surprise perhaps but horsehair is the longest natural fibre in the world and Vispring claim adding horse hair to the upholstery is like adding in 2 000 000 extra springs because of its ability to bounce back after compression. Restoring your mattress to exactly how it was before you got into it.

The Spring

The all-important key ingredient. All springs used in Vispring mattresses are made of vanadium steel which is much stronger and more resistant than traditional steel meaning your mattress will survive for decades to come and still give you the same support and comfort you got on your first night.

As you can see all the ingredients go beyond decadence to realms of luxury most didn’t think was accessible to them

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The Divan

Vispring are also known for producing the best divan beds in the world. Because what’s better than the finest quality mattress in the world? Having a second on as the divan right underneath. Double the luxury and incomprehensible comfort.

Vispring decided they would put all their knowledge and skill into bringing us the finest divan in the world. Unparalleled comfort with stylish and classy finished surely to fit into any home.

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The techniques used to make the Vispring mattress are unmatched throughout the industry while the ingredients used to go above and beyond luxury to give you the comfiest mattress in the world.

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