10 Best Silentnight Mattress (Reviews) in 2023 – Expert Buyers Guide

Last Updated on 21 Apr. 2020

Silentnight have been doing things right for over 75 years, decades of experience to give us top-quality mattresses at affordable prices. Few people haven’t heard of them, right?

The only downside is there are too many to choose from!

It can be a bit of a minefield trying to work out what the best Silentnight mattress is, which is why I’ve reviewed the 10 best, I’ve got the top 5 to start followed by a buyer’s guide and then 5 more I’ve reviewed if you still haven’t found one you like.

With that said let’s dive in and see if we can find you a mattress you’ll love.

5 Best Silentnight Mattresses Reviewed

1. Top Choice – Silentnight Studio Memory Foam Mattress Review

  • Bed-in-a-box
  • Which? Best buy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 26 cm deep
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: Single, Double, King size, Super king size

Price & Review

This is Silentnight’s bed-in-a-box, a medium feel memory foam mattress that arrives at your door vacuum sealed and rolled up into a box.

I love all the mattress-in-a-box products because they’re so handy, they deliver easy and you just plop it down on the frame and cut through the plastic then the mattress unrolls on to your bed. Couldn’t be easier.

There is a downside, and that’s the smell, for the first 24-48 hours you get a strange chemical smell but that goes away over time. My bed-in-a-box mattress gave off the smell ever so slightly for about two weeks after the main smell went away but only if I flumped on to it face down, through the night I never noticed a thing.

Silentnight Studio mattress is available as a soft mattress (which you can see here), and a firm mattress (which you can see here) as well as the medium but I’ve gone with the medium because it will suit almost everyone. Great support from the memory to help ease any back pain and enough comfort to keep you sleeping soundly through the night.

Memory foam is great because it holds you in place and stops you moving around so much letting you sleep deeper and get more rest.

The Studio is also great for couples because there isn’t any motion transfer, and you or your partner can move around and get in and out of bed without disturbing each other, again leading to a deeper more restful sleep.

The best mattress if you’re looking for a Silentnight.

2. Top Budget Memory Foam Choice – Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Mattress Review

  • 18-cm deep
  • Support zones for comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: Single, small double, double, king size, super king size, European single, European Double, European King Size

Price & Reviews

This is similar to the Studio above but there are a couple of differences, mainly the price of the 3-zone mattress is a lot cheaper. But the trade-off is that it’s not as high quality and won’t last quite as long.

It’s 18 cm deep which is thin and means if you’re heavier you’ll likely be close to feeling the bed frame underneath you, if you’re not you’ll be fine and for under £300, you’ve got great support from the 3-zones.

The 3-zones are different areas of firmness that work to give you support where you need it more under your midriff with your hips and shoulders being allowed to sink while your spine stays aligned, then firmer under your legs and head which don’t need as much sink since there’s less weight.

It’s one of the most popular Silentnight mattresses offering great pressure relief for your back and an all-round good-quality and comfortable mattress for the price.

It’s also a bed-in-a-box which comes rolled up and you can place on your bed for easy setup. A fine choice of budget memory foam mattress.

If you’re interested read more about the 3 and 7-zone Silentnight mattresses here.

3. Top Budget Choice – Silentnight Miracoil Pillow Top Limited Edition Mattress

  • 22 cm deep
  • Eco Comfort Fibres
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Sizes: Single, small double, double, king size and super king size

Price & Reviews

With a budget mattress there is an element of getting what you pay for, if you go too cheap, sub £100, you’re going to have a mattress that lasts a year and then turns into a giant sag if used regularly.

This, however, is still budget at under £300 for a king size and it’s got longevity with the 5-year guarantee and sturdy build. The inside is Silentnight’s Miracoil spring system which is a special bed of inner springs, it’s not quite pocket springs but it’s one up on old spring systems that would bounce the other side when you sat down.

The pillow top gives it a cushioned cloud-like feel, allowing you to sink in when you get into bed and it’s got edge-to-edge support to keep you supported over the whole bed.

You’ve also got the Eco Comfort Fibres inside which work to keep your body temperature regulated through the whole night allowing for a good night of comfy sleep.

All the plus points of a Silentnight mattress with the low price this is definitely a winner.

Check out more cheap mattresses in this article.

4. Top for Back and Side Sleepers – Silentnight Geltex 1000 Mirapocket Pillow Top Mattress Review

  • 28 cm deep
  • Gel memory foam layer pillow top
  • Soft cover
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: Single, Double, Kingsize and Superking

Price & Review

This is similar to the above mattress but this time it’s got a 4 cm layer of Geltex on top. Geltex is a gel-infused foam that offers the support and comfort of memory foam while being more breathable and cooler than traditional memory foam.

This works really well with the pocket springs to minimise roll together if there are more than one of you in the bed. It’ll mean you can move without disturbing your partner. Likewise, your partner can come and go from the bed without bouncing you around and waking you up.

Made in the UK and with the standard 5-year guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

5. Best For Hot Sleepers – Silentnight Sofia 1200 Pocket Deluxe Mattress Review

  • Eco Comfort fibre layer
  • 28 cm deep
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Sizes: Single, double, king size and super king size

Price & Reviews

Let’s start at the top layer and work our way down. The Sofia starts with the Eco Comfort Fibre layer, these are 100% recyclable, sustainable, breathable and of course comfortable. Made from eco-friendly materials that won’t cost the planet while scientifically proven to keep you cooler while you sleep.

Next, we have the pocket spring layer, now pocket sprung mattresses are a step above non-pocket springs, they are individually wrapped springs that work to keep you supported where you need it. 1200 isn’t the highest but is more than enough and great for the price of this mattress. Silentnight have always been about affordable sleep solutions after all.

Underneath that, you have another layer of the Eco comfort fibres and that’s all wrapped in a durable case for a long-lasting mattress.

If you’re a hot sleeper you want to avoid memory foam which is why this is a great choice. no foam to trap heat and special layers to improve circulation and keep your sleeping comfortable on your new mattress.

I’ve got more mattresses or hot people here

Why Choose Silentnight

Hippo and Duck Silentnight logo

Pretty much everyone in the UK will recognise the hippo in the blue and white striped pyjamas and his little yellow duck pal. The signs of Silentnight who are the UK’s most trusted sleep brand and who’ve been serving us for 70 years and counting.

On top of that wealth of experience, they are a recognised superbrand, bursting out of telephone boxes wearing their underwear on the outside…

I kid.

To be a superbrand means they’ve been recognised as one of Britains strongest brands for their “passion, product knowledge, exceptional quality and sleep expertise to provide sleep solutions for all the family”


They make the most safety checks of anyone in the Industry, durability testing, flammability compliance, cleanliness guarantee, timber from known sources, and reach chemical safety. Probably why they’re so trusted for kids beds!

They also test their mattresses the University of Central Lancashire to show that the Mirapocked mattresses improve spinal alignment and posture. I appreciate experts in any field, people doing what they do best, that’s what Silentnight bring, they are the experts, up there with Tempur working to raise the standards in the Industry.


If you’re not thinking about how you can help the environment you should be. And shopping Silentnight can do just that. For instance, their Eco comfort mattresses are made from recycled plastic bottles and they’re a carbon-neutral company.

They also partner with the Marine Conservation Society, donating money to protect marine life and staff are taking part in nationwide beach cleans to clean up the sea one step at a time.

Finally, they work hard to make sure 90% of the waste generated across their site is recycled, trying to divert waste from landfills and into more sustainable uses. They recycle mattresses making sure the foam is reused for kids play mats and comfort fillings are repurposed for protective clothing, pretty cool right?


Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard of the mattress company Sealy, master bed makers, right? Well, they are actually a Silentnight brand, alongside Rest Assured and Layezee. All make fantastic beds and you’d be comfortable sleeping in any one of them.

What Bed Base Is Best For A Silentenight Mattress

As always, it depends… Don’t you hate that? But it does, it depends on budget, preference, space available and the type of room you have. So I’ll offer you this, it doesn’t hugely matter, Silentnight mattresses work on any frame, but a slatted bed frame will offer a firmer feel while a divan will make the mattress feel softer.

Not by tremendous amounts but you can feel a difference so I thought I should mention it. But apart from that the choice is yours.

As for size, get the biggest size that will fit in the room, if you can afford it, that way the space gets properly utilised and a king-size bed feels really good so if you can then do it.

Other Silentnight Mattress Reviews

Here are 5 more Silentnight mattress reviews, if you didn’t like any of the top 5 further up then maybe you can find something you like here.

Silentnight Classic Ortho Miracoil Mattress Review

  • Orthopaedic Support
  • Miracoil Springs
  • 22 cm deep
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Sizes: Single, small double, double, king size and super king size

Price & Reviews

This has the Miracoil spring system which is designed to have sleeping zones across. What does that mean? Basically, the mattress is split into different support zones so that it relieves the pressure points in your lower back and your shoulders.

That’s the orthopaedic support that makes this a great mattress.

You’ve also good that Eco Comfort fibres that are made from recycled plastic bottles while being breathable and comfy.

As the name suggests, this is the classic mattress, it’s been around a long time and is still just as good, while also being very reasonably priced.

Silentnight Bexley Miracoil Orthopaedic Mattress Review

  • Available at Amazon
  • Damask Cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco Comfort Fibres

Firmness: Firm

Sizes: Single, double, king size, super king size

Price & Reviews

Similar to some of the other mattresses, which makes sense since they’re all made by the same company, but this is a firm feel. So it’s firmer than the others while offering orthopaedic support withe the Miracoil spring system.

This is available on Amazon but it’s a little confusing through the link, each size is a different listing so I’ve linked through the search and you can look at the size you need.

You’ve got the Eco Comfort fires for sustainability and comfort and a 5-year warranty for a bit of promise on the durability front. The Silentnight Bexley is great if you need that firmer support.

Silentnight Willow 2000 Mirapocket Memory Mattress Review

  • Breathable border
  • Eco comfort fibres
  • 24 cm
  • 5-year Guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: Single, Double, King, Superking

Price & Review

This is a nice Hybrid mattress combining memory foam and pocket springs, which is what we like, to give a really comfortable feel. 2000 is straying into the realms of luxury giving you a great night’s sleep.

Another advantage is that alongside the Eco fibres which will keep you cool is the specially designed border to improve air circulation and maintain your body temperature at a comfortable level.

This mattress also has an Acupressure pad for superb tailored comfort and excellent support along your back. It’s zoned to give you lighter support for your head and neck while giving greater support for your back and legs to stop back pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. For neck pain you’re going to want a new pillow like these I’ve reviewed.

Silentnight Hazel 1000 Mirapocket Tufted Mattress Review

  • Suits all sleeping positions
  • 23 cm deep
  • Eco comfort fibres
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: Single, Small double, double, king size and super king size

Price & Reviews

The 1000 pocket springs allow this to stay on the cheaper side while still being comfortable and supportive. Pocket springs are great for people who roll around a lot through the night, it allows you to stay comfortable in any sleeping position and sleep soundly.

Then you’ve got all the great Eco Fibres inside to keep you cool while the pocket springs provide pressure relief. And it’s got edge-to-edge support for a superior feel right across the mattress.

A little thinner than the others so not great for heavy people but it’s a nice cheap Silentnight mattress.

Silentnight Geltex 1850 Mattress Review

  • Pocket springs
  • Pillow top
  • Free delivery
  • 29 cm deep
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Soft-Medium

Sizes: Single, double, king size and super king size

Price & Reviews

One of the softest mattresses from Silentnight, this is a hybrid mattress made up of a comfort layer of a pillow top at the top, Geltex layer which is a gel memory foam and zoned pocket springs underneath.

The top layer is 8 cm deep and acts like a built-in mattress topper that works to give you a cloud-like comfortable feeling. A really nice touch and one of the reasons this is the luxury choice.

Then you’ve got the Geltex, there are a lot of Silentnight Geltex mattresses but this is the best one. Geltex offers unrivalled breathability to stop you getting too hot while also delivering superb body support and pressure relief across the body.

Next, the pocket springs give you some bounce for a more traditional feel, and 1850 is a high amount so a luxury feels with plenty of support and minimal roll together if you share your bed with a partner.

Lastly, the Silentnight Geltex 1850 has edge-to-edge support so it’s comfortable right up to the edges and it’s got the Allergy UK seal of Approval making it hypoallergenic.

A fine choice of Silentnight mattress if you want cleanliness, comfort and a great night’s sleep.


And there we have it! I hope you enjoyed reading these Silentnight mattress reviews, but more importantly, I hope you found them useful and found a new mattress you like the look of.

My top 5 are the ones to look at first and if in doubt just check out the top choice. The Studio is a modern take from a classic company offering great comfort, great support and excellent value for money.

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