11 Best Cooling Mattress For Hot Sleepers & Night Sweats UK (2023 Edition)

Last Updated on 26 Aug. 2020

My name’s Kieran and I have a confession to make.

I am a very sweaty sleeper.

Seriously, I have no idea why but waking up covered in sweat is often the norm, at least now I have the right bedding, and while it isn’t a cure-all things are definitely better.

And If you’re here you’re probably looking for the best cooling mattress available for hot sleepers like myself.

You’re in luck, I’ve found and reviewed 10 of the best cooling mattresses available here in the UK, I’ve started with the top 5 followed by a buyer’s guide and 5 others to consider if you’re still not sure.

They’re all linked up to where you can buy them online so just click the links or the Price & Reviews button

5 Of The Best Cooling Mattresses

1. Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress – Emma Mattress

Emma Mattress Logo Close Up
  • 100 Night Trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Good For Back & Side sleepers
  • Special Breathable Gel Memory Foam

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

The Emma mattress is the mattress I’m currently sleeping on and a great choice of cooling mattress if you want to sleep on memory foam. Now memory foam isn’t as cooling as more natural materials but it has come a long way and can still let you have a comfortable night sleep if you tend to sleep on the warmer scale.

The Emma mattress has got a top layer of breathable Airgocell-foam which has 50% more air in it than regular foam allowing for more air space to let air flow through giving you a comfortable sleeping climate.

It also gives great pressure relief to your joints and is made to be strong and durable leaving you with a long-lasting mattress and great value for money.

The cover is split into two halves, the top half is made of a special climate fibre that regulates humidty, which is good for night sweat’s and is elasticated and soft for a nice feel when you lie on it.

The bottom half of the cover is a grey 3D-mesh that allows great air circulation and is grippy so the mattress doesn’t slip around the bed while you’re asleep in it. Nothing is more annoying than your mattress slipping down the frame and your pillows falling into the gap at the top.

Finally, you’ve got some great perks, a 10-year guarantee which gives you peace of mind but also a 100-night trial to fully test it out and if you don’t like it you can return it for a refund, nice if you’re unsure about memory foam, just make sure to give it a good go before you decide.

The ideal choice of gel memory foam cooling mattress for hot sleepers. I’ve got more on memory foam mattresses here. or check out the full Emma mattress review.

2. Best Cooling Spring Mattress – Happy Beds Tennyson 4000 Twin Pocket Sprung Air Flow Orthopaedic Natural Fillings Mattress

Tennyson 4000 Twin Pocket Sprung Air Flow Orthopaedic Natural Fillings Mattress
  • Breathable Air vents in the side
  • two layers of pocket springs for comfort
  • Natural breathable fillings
  • Hand tufted for durability
  • Free Delivery
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

Happy Beds have done it again with this wonderful cooling mattress made with air vents in the side for superior air flow throughout the mattress to keep you cool. Couple that with natural wool and cashmere fillings that work to dissipate heat and a cotton cover that’s breathable and you’ve got the perfect cooling spring mattress, no memory foam in sight.

Plus there’s actually a social eucalyptus based material used throughout the mattress which is extra effective at removing heat from the body.

It’s 28 cm deep which is good and works on any bed frame and is good for any sleeping position. Plus it’s actually orthopaedic without being too firm for extra support of aching joints and backs.

What really sets this one apart though is the the two layers of pocket springs which work together to give you all the support and comfort you could ever need for a good night sleep.

You couldn’t ask for a better spring mattress to sleep on if you’re dealing with being to hot or night sweats through the nights.

3. Best Mattress for Night Sweats – Relyon Natural Luxury Supreme 2150 Pillow Top Mattress

Relyon Natural Luxury Supreme 2150 Pillow Top Mattress
  • 37 cm deep
  • 8-year guarantee
  • Silk and wool filling
  • woven damask cover
  • Air vents

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

Pillow tops are always great because they act as a built-in mattress topper, but this one is really cool (get it?) because the pillow top has its own mini pocket springs! This gives it a luxurious and soft feel while allowing space for air to move around and escape.

The mattress has the air vents we’re looking for and has the natural fillings of wool and silk inside which both add to durability giving the 8-year guarantee and work to dissipate heat from underneath you working great for night sweats.

It’s very deep at 37cm so you will likely need different sheets to fit it but it’s worth it for this high-quality mattress that will last you well, keep you comfortable and leave you sleeping happily from when your head hits the pillow to when you get up in the morning.

It’s a medium firmness but all the support from the springs work to make it very supportive and gentle on your back so you can rest up and your back can stop hurting every time you get up in the morning.

4. Best Cooling Mattress for side sleepers – Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

FIRMNESS: Medium Firm

  • 30 times more breathable
  • Adaptive Cooling Cover
  • Good for front, back and side sleepers
  • 365-night trial
  • 10-year guarantee
Huge Discount up to £450


  • £125 off Mattresses
  • Two Free Pillows.
  • Up to £450 off Bundles and
  • Up to 30% off Bedding

The Nectar Sleep is another memory foam mattress that while isn’t as cooling as other mattresses is still at the forefront of memory foam mattresses designed for hot sleepers.

The combination of a top layer that’s quilted memory foam and designed to be 30x more breathable than other premium memory foams wrapped in a breathable cover that wicks away excess heat and moisture to leave you a comfortable temperature.

It’s a bed-in-a-box that works to keep you comfortable on your side all night long. Memory foam is great for side sleepers because they let your shoulders and hips sink in as deep as they need to while keeping your side and spine aligned. It also stops you rolling around so much because you’re kept in a comfortable position and when you don’t roll around as much you actually sleep deeper.

From a value standpoint, they’ve got the best value with a 365-night trial period so you can try it out for a full year before you have to fully commit. And it’s got a 10-year guarantee so you can have peace of mind that it’s going to last and be a worthy investment.

Great temperature regulation properties for a memory foam mattress, ideal to keep your body temperature in check through the night.

5. Best Cooling Mattress For Bad Back – Rest Assured Northington 2000 Pocket Natural Mattress

 Rest Assured Northington 2000 Pocket Mattress
  • Silk, Wool & Cashmere filling
  • 30 cm deep
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic

Firmness: Extra-Firm

Price & Reviews

This Rest Assured Mattress is of superbly high quality with the addition of cashmere as one of the fillings, more unusual and reserved for only the highest quality mattresses it works to add great comfort, durability and breathability to the mattress.

The cashmere, wool, and silk all work together to make this mattress hypoallergenic and perfect for hot sleepers, the all-natural fillings give a really traditional feel.

It’s on the heavy side for turning but it’s got turning handles stitched in to make life easier and you’ve got the all-important air vents in the side that work to let the hot air escape from underneath you.

But, if you’re dealing with back pains and need some extra support this is one of the firmest mattresses you can get at an extra-firm rating, memory foam is also great choice so either the Emma or the Nectar will also be great choices. But the firmness of this one will soon have your back right and ready again.

An excellent traditional mattress that can help you keep cool.

What Mattress Material is Best For Hot Sleepers

I’ve talked a bit about this through the various mattress reviews above but I wanted to go into some specifics and really clarify which mattress types you want to look for and which you want to avoid. Because even if you don’t want any of the mattresses reviewed here that’s OK, I still want you to find a mattress that will suit you.

Pocket Springs

Pocket spring mattresses are arguably the best choice, the spings allow air to slow through them and don’t trap any heat, plus they’re very comfortable and a real step up compared to their old innerspring counterparts.

If you combine the springs with natural fillings like bamboo, wool or cotton then you’re really on to a winner because they all have Temperature regulation properties that work to keep your body under control while you sleep.

With pocket springs the general rule is the higher the spring count, which is how many springs are in a King size, the more luxurious and comfortable it will be. 1000 springs is the lower end with 2000 being a good sign of comfort and luxury with 3000 being the higher end and where things are very comfortable but they do start to get a little pricey.

Memory Foam

Memory foam used to be the worst choice you could make if you wanted a cooling mattress, now however with the advance of cooling technology and new types of cooling gel foam memory foam mattresses can be a good choice for hot sleepers.

Not as good as their spring rivals but a really fine choice if they’ve got the right stuff on the inside. So you want to look for mention of a proper breathable cover and some sort of cooling layer involved so that you won’t completely overheat as soon as you get under the covers. Most modern mattress brands offer this but it’s good to look out for, and if it mentions nothing about being cooling then you’ll want to avoid it completely.

For the most extreme hot sleepers, I’d still stay away but for your average hot sleeper like myself, memory foam can still be a good choice, especially when combined with the right duvet.

I’ve got more memory foam mattresses here

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of springs and foam, a hybrid of the two if you will…

The springs are normally pocket springs and the foam tends to be memory foam but can be a latex foam too.

These can be good for hot sleepers because the pocket spring layer acts as a ventilation layer allowing air to flow through underneath the foam. And if it’s combined with the cooling technology found in modern mattresses then you’re onto a winner. These are a good way to get a best of both worlds the comfort of memory foam with the cooling properties of an innerspring mattress.

The problem? They do tend to be more expensive because they’re slightly different to make than big pieces of foam. And they’re still not as cooling as a spring mattress with natural fillings inside, but a great middle ground.

I’ve reviewed more of the best UK hybrid mattresses here.

What Does A Cooling Mattress Need

There are some things you’re going to want your mattress to have if you need to stay cool through the night, they’re not all absolutely necessary but should give you an idea of the types of thing you’re going to want to look for in a cooling mattress.

Breathable Cover

This is one of the most important factors you want in your mattress if you’re worried about overheating. A cover that is made from a breathable material that can let heat escape from underneath you.

The material can vary and a polyester or viscose material can work well but again some sort of natural material will be the best, a cotton cover would be ideal but they are less common so don’t worry too much about the material. Instead, look for some mention that the cover is breathable so you can be assured that it’s a step in the right direction.

Along with being breathable, you might want to look for the words “moisture wicking” this means sweat gets taken away from the body and evaporates so you’re not left in a sweaty puddle when you wake up. Again it’s not a miracle worker and you may sometimes wake up hot but it will be a great step up from your current mattress I’m sure.

Air Vents & Air Circulation

If the air can’t get out it’s just going to keep getting hotter inside the mattress right? What you want, is a mattress that can let the hot air move out allowing the cold air to move in and you to be kept at a happy body temperature.

Some mattresses have air vents stitched into the side of them, usually pocket spring mattresses, these are exactly what you want, a nice simple way air can flow and circulate underneath you while you sleep.

Memory foam isn’t as good for air circulation because it’s a big piece of foam. But certain foams are built to have more air bubbles inside them that let the air move slightly more freely through the mattress, though these are less common. Still, it pays to look out for it when you’re shopping to buy a new mattress.

Specialised in Cooling

This is a bit on the nose and perhaps an obvious one but I still wanted to mention it. If the mattress you’re looking at has no mention of breathability, or cooling layers, or moisture wicking, then it’s probably not going to be very good for hot sleepers!

You want a mattress that boasts about how good it is at keeping you cool and comfortable through the whole night, one that talks about the different ways it works to keep your body temperature regulated and night sweats at bay.

Other Ways To Cool A Mattress

Can’t afford a new mattress? Still absolutely roasting hot? There are other ways you can keep yourself cool through the night, and things you can do to help keep yourself happily asleep.

Windows Open

My windows rarely shut in the summer, in the winter it’s different but through the summer you can keep your window open all the time, get a net to keep out flys if you have to but let that air come in and through.

Unless of course, it’s a summer heatwave then you likely want to keep your windows and your curtains to shut to keep the sun out.

But at night you should definitely be keeping your windows open if you want to stay cool.

Thinner Duvet

Your duvet, of course, makes a difference, I’d go on a layers system if you’re prone to overheating. Have a thinner duvet (my duvet recommendations here) then add blankets on top as needed, that way you can have the blankets when you fall asleep because everyone likes being snug, then as you get too hot you can throw back layers but they’re close by if you get cold again.

Even better you can get a duvet made of something like bamboo that can help to regulate body temperature so you get the cooling properties from above and below while you’re in bed.

Mattress Topper

Is your mattress too hot? Try a mattress topper, you get cooling mattress pads that help keep you balanced through the night. If you’ve got a memory foam bed and you’re finding it too hot getting a natural wool mattress topper can be just what you need (my topper recommendations here).

If you’re buying a new mattress then you don’t need to do this but if you’re looking to cool your existing mattress then you can try this.

High-Quality Sheets

Cheap sheets can be made of cheap materials that are usually really bad for trapping heat. If you get something a little more high-quality you can get a natural material that will compliment your other bedding to fight heat and keep you comfortable.

I realise it’s another expense but it’s worth thinking about.

Other Great Mattress Choices For Hot Sleepers

Some other great mattresses that can help cool you off.

Alpinia 3000 Pillow Top Pocket Natural Mattress

Alpinia 3000 Pillow Top Pocket Natural Mattress
  • 30 cm Deep
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Wool & Cotton filling
  • Cotton Cover

Firmness: Soft-Medium

Price & Reviews

The Alpinia is a great choice of natural mattress with it’s wool and cotton fillings that work together to reduce moisture and regulate body temperature so you stay comfortable.

The cover is natural cotton as well which is great because that’s much more breathable than a polyester equivalent and as I mentioned earlier that’s a big plus when looking for cooling.

As far as comfort goes it’s a soft medium support so won’t be right for everyone but if you like a cooling soft mattress then this is the one for you. The 3000 pocket springs is very high giving lots of support a luxurious feel, perfect for two people sharing a bed because it allows each person to move with minimal disturbance of the other.

It’s made in the UK with a high-quality finish that involves a hand-stitched finish and a pillow top for an extra comfort layer that will keep you sleeping deeply.

Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 Natural Mattress

 Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 Natural Mattress
  • 24 cm deep
  • 5-year warranty
  • Turnable
  • No roll together

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

Another top-end mattress, the Tuscany 2000 features wool, cashmere and silk fillings again to give you a nice supportive cushion to lie on while also being durable and dissipating the heat while you sleep.

The pocket springs minimise roll together so you and your partner can sleep soundly and this time it’s only 24 cm deep so you’ll be pleased to hear the sheets you have will definitely fit!

This mattress is turnable and while that can be a pain it’s a lot thinner making the process easier and doing so lets the mattress last longer and stops you falling into any grooves you might create from sleeping in the same position and place night after night.

2000 springs is on the higher end of the scale and gives you plenty of support all night long. All that is wrapped up in a Damask cover that as I’m sure you know by now is breathable.

Sleepeezee Pure Emperor 4000 Pocket Natural Mattress

 Sleepeezee Pure Emperor 4000 Pocket natural Mattress
  • 60-night sleep trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Wool & horsehair filling
  • Extremely high spring count
  • 26 cm deep

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

This is probably the fanciest mattress on the list, and is definitely the most expensive! two different layers of pocket springs combined with layers of wool, mohair and horsehair give you an incredibly strong mattress that is extremely comfortable and feels indulgent.

The horsehair is bouncy and springs back to life fast giving you a durable and comfortable sleeping surface, meanwhile, a pillow top gives you that element of snugglyness everyone likes from their mattress.

Now 4000 pocket springs is almost unheard of, 2000 is luxury, 3000 is the top end of that, so how do you describe 4000? Heavenly? I’ll just stick with damn comfortable. It’s so high not because of the size of the springs necessarily but because of the two layers of springs I mentioned.

One layer acts as the core of the mattress that’s the traditional pocket spring layer, and the other is softech pocket springs which act as a softer comfort layer nearer the top of the mattress.

A truly luxurious mattress.

More wool mattresses here

Sleepeezee Cool Sensations 2000 Pocket Mattress

 Sleepeezee Cool Sesnations 2000 Pocket Mattress
  • 28 cm deep
  • Good for side back and front sleepers
  • Hybrid Memory Foam & Spring
  • Moisture management Cover

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

The Sleepeezee Cool Sensations mattress is a hybrid mattress made of 200 pocket springs, which are individualy wrapped springs, and memory foam.

It used to be that you’d want to avoid traditional memory foam if you were worried about heat but a lot of advances have been made that make memory foam a lot cooler and better suited to hot sleepers.

The cover is one of the main cooling parts of this mattress allowing your body heat to escape and maintaining a comfortable body temperature. It’s got a moisture management system to help with night sweat’s and air vents are sewn into the side to provide proper breathability and a comfortable night’s sleep.

As for comfort, the 2000 pocket springs allow for a really luxurious feel underneath you while the memory foam provides excellent support to your pressure points and back to allow you a proper sleep and to wake up more refreshed in the morning.

The memory foam also allows for minimal motion transfer so that your sleep doesn’t get interrupted by your partner moving around.

And the Plush pillow top comfort layer allows for a nice traditional feel of a comfortable bed, all-round an absolutely excellent mattress for hot sleepers.

Tuft & Springs Chantilly 3000 Pocket Natural Pillow Top Mattress

 Tuft & Springs Chantilly 3000 Pocket Natural Pillow Top Mattress
  • 35 cm deep
  • Natural Wool & Cotton Filling
  • Air vents
  • For Side And Back Sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

Night sweating can be a real problem for some people, and the best way to tackle it is from a number of different dimensions, so you want the right cooling mattress, but also the right mattress protector and even the right pyjamas to try and keep you cool and comfortable.

As for a mattress, you will really want to go with one that has natural fibres inside, these help with breathability and filling like wool have moisture-wicking properties to stop the sweat building up on you and making you wake up cold. Which is why this mattress is great, it’s wool filling and the cotton both have cooling properties that work to regulate body temperature and leave you comfortable.

Combine that with the Woven damask cover to let heat out and Air vents in the side to let the hot air out and cool air in you’ve got a great combination that leaves you with a cool mattress and a much higher chance of a sweat-free sleep.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that the Tuft and Springs Chantilly 3000 is also very comfortable! It’s not just there to prevent overheating through the night, 3000 pocket springs is really at the high end of luxury with the pocket springs that can move individually to give you support where you need it and prevents you from feeling your partner moving to allow for a more peaceful and restful sleep.

All that and it’s made in the UK, what could be bad about it? Well, it’s 35 cm deep which is not outrageous but is deep so you might need to upgrade your sheets for a deeper fit mattress, most are fine but some companies make sheets that are only suitable up to about 30 cm so you might have to try it out and see.

I’ve got more wool mattresses reviewed in this article

Sleepeezee Natural Wool Ortho Pocket Mattress

 Sleepeezee Natural Wool Ortho Pocket Mattress
  • Wool Filling
  • 26 Cm Deep
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Orthopaedic Support
  • Air Vents

Firmness: Firm

Price & Reviews

Who Would have thought a Wool mattress would have a wool filling? But seriously, this is a superb mattress for those struggling with back pain, it’s firm level of support couples with 100 pocket springs is enough to give you the support you need along your spine all through the night.

Itis wool layer works to take away excess moisture and regulate your body temperature through the night leaving you with a soothed back and dry pyjamas.

It isn’t all-natural and includes a layer of polyester which works to increase the durability of the mattress and ensures it will stand the test of time.

The orthopaedic support also provides more shoulder support which can help deal with irritating shoulder pain that can occur through the night.

Finally, you’ve got the all-important air vents in the side that allow air to flow underneath you letting the hot air escape and cooling you down for the underneath, combine it with a nice cooling duvet and you’ll be on to a winner.


And there we have it! Well done if you made it this far, this is a big ol’ article and I’m impressed you read and or scanned the whole thing. Anyway, That is it for the round up of some of the best cooling mattresses available.

I hope you found one you like and have clicked through the Price & Reviews button for more information and you’re ready to order yours and level up your sleep. Remember, your sleep is your core and the foundation, if you get a good sleep everything else starts coming into place.

Happy sleeping.

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