Best Duvet UK – Top 11 Duvet Reviews 2023 (Winter, Summer, All Season)

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Sliding into bed and having a nice plump duvet gently fall down around you.

Is there anything better? I don’t think so and it’s why it’s so important that you find the best duvet.

Your duvet is a key part of getting a good night’s sleep because it’s got to keep you at the right temperature all year round and comfortable enough that you don’t wake up through the night.

A big ask that’s hard to find which is why I put together this guide.

I’ve got a rundown on all my top choices in the table below just click the name now to get taken straight to their website. I’m currently sleeping under the Scooms duvet if you need help deciding.

Best Duvets In The UK Summary

This guide is quite thorough so I’ve put together a table of contents so you know exactly what to expect and if there’s a section you want to jump to just click the link and it’ll take you down to the right section.

Best Duvet UK Reviews – Top 5

I’ve started with my personal favourite, the Scooms duvet.

1. Top Pick & Best All-Season – SCOOMS ALL SEASON Hungarian Goose Down DUVET

Best duvet UK - scooms

Brand: Scooms

Filling: Hungarian Goose Down


  • Responsible Down Standard Certified
  • Clips To Keep Both Duvets Together
  • Individually Sewn Filling Pockets to Avoid Bunching
  • Test It With a 60-Day Trial
  • Piece of mind 3-year guarantee


Imagine this, a night spent soundly asleep, you close your eyes as you hit the pillow and open them again with your alarm refreshed and energised.

Sounds good right?

That’s what the Scooms duvet can do for you.

This is the duvet I sleep under when it’s cold and it is incredibly comfortable, breathable and lightweight yet snuggly. But equally in the summer, it’s still comfortable even with both the 9 tog and 4.5 tog in the covers because it’s still breathable to stop you overheating.

I like a duvet that wraps around me but not so heavy that it feels suffocating, the Scooms was ideal.

It’s available as 4.5 tog, 9 tog or both, aaaand they have the all-important clips that keep both together! They’re like big buttons so when you use both they stay perfectly together in the duvet case, a massive plus in my books.

The filling is sewn into individual pockets so that it doesn’t bunch up and the case is cotton and 300 thread count which is higher quality than a lot of bed sheets.

A great amount of thought and care has gone into designing and making this duvet, no corners have been cut and everything has been done to bring you a comfortable duvet that will keep you comfortable and warm all year round, whether it’s the heatwave of the summer or the snowstorm of winter.

2. Best Winter Duvet – Superior Siberian Goose Down

Siberian Goose Feather Duvet Review

Brand: John Lewis

Filling: 100% Siberian Goose Down

Tog: 7 + 3.5

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made From Siberian Goose Down
  • Two Duvets which button together


John Lewis have made a superb all seasons duvet. Filled with high-quality Siberian goose feather which is excellent at keeping out the cold this duvet is lightweight and warm.

It’ll last you for many many years and give you a great sleep every night. The two halves button together which stops them separating under the cover and the filling is pure luxury.

Overall a superb duvet to have on the bed all year round. For more winter duvets check out this article.

3. Best Summer Duvet – Eve All-Season Microfibre Duvet

Eve Duvet Review

Brand: Eve

Filling: Microfibre


  • Ties to hold Duvets Together
  • Two different Duvets For any time Of Year
  • 30-Day Trial
  • 2-year Guarantee


The Eve duvet is available as a 4.5 summer duvet, 10.5 spring and autumn duvet, 13 tog winter duvet and 9+ 4.5 tog all seasons duvet. I love that they have handy straps in the corners so if you buy both you can actually tie each duvet together.

I had an all-season duvet made up of two duvets growing up and it was a pain because each half would always separate and fall to each side. Then I’d be stuck in the middle under just the sheet! No use. So the toggle system to hold them together in the cover is just fantastic.

Aside from that, you get a 30-day trial to try it out and if you’re not happy you can return it for a full refund! And then you get a 2-year guarantee so you can sleep soundly for many nights to come.

The duvet itself has top quality down coming from EU farmed free range ducks. The duvet is packed with a whopping 90% down which is top quality. This makes it lovely and light, breathable and climate controlled.

The cotton casing is nice and soft but you likely won’t really feel that once it’s in a cover.

Overall, it is a fantastically comfortable and snuggly duvet that’ll have you sleeping comfortably all night long. The all-seasons prepare you for any weather and the corner ties keep it together for maximum convenience. A great buy.

4. Best Duvet For Hot Sleepers – Panda Cloud Down Feel Bamboo Duvet

The Cloud Duvet In Box

Brand: Panda Life

Filling: Bamboo & Nano Microfibre

Tog: 10.5

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Feels Like Down
  • All Year Comfort
  • Great Price


The Cloud duvet offers the fantastic feel of down while being made completely of Bamboo and Nano Microfibre.

It has the all the right soft fluffy feeling you get from down and it even cuddles you in the same as a down duvet does. It doesn’t have the same weight but it still sinks down around you so you can sleep comfortably without overheating or feeling suffocated.

The cover on the outside is 100% bamboo fibres making it luxuriously soft while the filling on the inside is 50% bamboo and 50% Nano Microfibre. All that bamboo means it’s anti-allergy and hypoallergenic resisting all mould fungi mildew and dust mites (which as an asthmatic I love).

The bamboo also provides some temperature regulation so the 10.5 tog feels warmer in winter and colder in summer, I still throw an extra blanket on it when the temperature gets really low but I’m in the north of Scotland which I’d sometimes swear is actually located at the North Pole. But now we’re getting into the warmer weather this duvet is the absolute best choice for hot weather.

Final plus point is that the filling is sewn into individual pockets which I just love, it means it stays plump all the way across and doesn’t sag up one side through the night.

5. Best Wool Duvet – John Lewis Devon Wool Duvet

John Lewis Devon Wool Duvet

Brand: John Lewis

Filling: British Wool

Tog: 5-7

  • Naturally anti-allergy
  • British Materials
  • Naturally Climate Controlled


Don’t be fooled by the low tog on this, wooi s a much warmer filling than most other duvets and this one is lovely and warm, it might need a blanket thrown on top in winter but that’s easier than trying to cool down your bed in summer!

The main plus for me though has got to be the all natural filling, the fact that it’s a hypoallergenic duvet is also a huge plus. It’s also extremely well made with the filling sewn into individual pockets to stop bunching keeping it flat through the night and comfortable to lie under.

A really great choice and easily the best wool duvet out there.

Tog Explained

What Is Duvet Tog

Let’s start off with the basics. What is Tog?

Tog is just a unit used to measure how well a material holds in heat. So it helps you understand how much heat your duvet will hold in the bed.

All you need to know is the higher the Tog the warmer the duvet. Easy!

The actual value of tog can vary quite a lot. A nice summer duvet is around 4.5 Tog whereas a super cosy winter one can be 15 Tog. And here in the UK Tog goes up in steps of 1.5.

It depends on the material as well because some materials feel warmer which is why you can’t go on tog alone. But in general, a 4.5 tog duvet is great for summer, 13.5 is nice and warm for winter, and 10.5 is a happy ideal for spring and autumn. With 10.5 you might need to hang a leg out in summer and get a blanket in winter but that’s easy to do. OPr you can get a temperature regulating duvet like a high-quality down or natural material like wool to keep you toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.

My personal favourite is 13.5, I love having a nice heavy duvet and then sleeping with the window open. Bliss.

What Is The Best Duvet Filling

duvet filling

The filling is as important as the Tog. The filling affects everything from how heavy it is to how plump it feels so it’s important to get the right one. The wrong one and your entire duvet experience will be ruined!

I’ve talked about all the different filling’s you get for your duvet but to me the best filling is a high quality down, preferably goose down because it’s plump without being too heavy and warm without being suffocating.


Synthetic duvets are the most common. They are cheap, comfortable and get the job done, they don’t have the same heaviness feather and down does but they can still be plenty warm with a higher tog.

Hollowfibre is the most common synthetic filling being made up of tiny strands of polyester that have a hole through the centre. This holds the heat really well and gives you a nice plump duvet.

Microfibre is the second kind of synthetic though it is usually used on the cover of the duvet it is sometimes used as the filling. Strands of microfibre are actually thinner than even silk making it super comfortable, it tends to be on the thinner side though as there is less to hold air with.

Most synthetic duvets are treated to be anti-allergy but if you want a more natural hypoallergenic option then read on!

Feather and Down

Feather and Down duvets normally come as a blend of the two. More down is normally preferred and gives you a really plump and fluffy duvet while more feather will be heavier and wrap you up.

Down itself is a little cluster which makes it great for trapping heat so although a down duvet is lighter it definitely isn’t colder!

The other side of lots of feathers is that if you get something too cheap then the feathers are likely to poke through the material and start stabbing you!

I’ve made sure to include only duvets whose feathers have been acquired through cruelty-free methods.

Goose Down Duvet Vs Duck Down

Most down and feather duvets are either duck feather or goose feather but what’s the difference?

Goose down is bigger and generally holds more heat and volume so is more luxurious than duck, definitely the way to go to make your bed into a haven of comfort.


Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic duvet material, they have a built-in climate control getting rid of excess moisture while retaining heat and dust mites hate it!

It is completely natural but does everything and more compared to your usual feather or synthetic duvets.

Wool duvets are most recognisable for the crimped pattern on them usually diamonds or squares. This is to keep the wool in place and stop it bunching up to one side. It also holds the air better so more heat is retained. Awesome.


Last but definitely not least we have silk.

Silk duvets are the absolute height of luxury normally used in fancy hotels they are warm breathable and hypoallergenic. They are also super soft and wrap you up in a cloud of warmth while you fall asleep.

Silk is also naturally climate controlled making them a great duvet to have all year round.

Duvet Size


Pretty self-explanatory, duvets come in the same sizes that beds do, Single, Double, Queen (Large double), King size, and Super King.

For added cosiness consider getting the size of duvet bigger than your bed. I grew up in a single bed with a double duvet and it felt like I had the most luxurious bed in the world.

Anti-Allergy and Hypoallergenic Duvets

There are very few duvets around today that aren’t hypoallergenic because it’s become really easy to treat the filling to make it anti-allergy. I’m an asthma and allergy sufferer so I know how important this can be so if you want that extra layer of protection then I recommend the Panda Duvet.

It’s got a bamboo cover that is anti-allergy and can resist dust mites plus the filling is synthetic to feel like down so you get all the same comfort but it remains anti-allergy. It’s the second one down in the list below.

Other Duvets I Reviewed

I’ve reviewed some other duvets that are all excellent but didn’t make the initial top 5, but really this should be a top 10 duvets or even a top 11 duvet. I hope you enjoy!

Warmest Duvets

From summer to winter we’re going to follow up with the best duvets for winter! Be prepared to get your snug on because some of these will make you never want to get out of bed again.

You’ve been warned!

John Lewis Hungarian Goose Down & Feather Duvet

Hungarian-Goose Down Duvet Review

Brand:John Lewis

Filling:Down & Feather


  • Hungarian Goose Feather & Down
  • Filling is Pocketed
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 90% Down


I love that the filling is pocketed in this duvet, that just stops it all bunching up in places and keeps it comfortable. It’s also filling with feathers and down from Hungarian geese which are very used to cold temperatures!

90% Down means it’s nice and light yet really fluffy so after a couple of days to let the air getting into it it’s like being under a warm fluffy cloud.

Overall, it is a superbly warm duvet but breathable enough so you won’t get sweaty.

Homescapes Ultra Warm Luxury

ultra warm luxury duvet

Brand: Homescapes

Filling: Down and Feather


  • 15% down and 85% feather
  • Weighty so it falls around you
  • Pocketed to keep filling evenly distributed
  • Machine Washable
  • Zip case for Storage
  • Hypoallergenic


This is easily one of the best duets on the list considering the price. The high feather to down ratio keeps it weighty so it falls down around you, giving you a warm hug at night. It’s also pocketed so the filling can bunch up to one side and you don’t get any cold spots.

It is also completely hypoallergenic and simply perfect for getting through the cold winters.

Best Budget Duvets

All these more luxury are very well and good but what about you people who are looking for a cheap and cheerful option? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

I’ve gone for the middle ground in Tog so it will be generally suitable for most of the year and I’ve included a synthetic and a down choice.

Please bear in mind these are the budget options so they are not the best quality, spending more will result in a higher quality duvet that could last 10-20 years so it is something to consider.

If you really can’t afford it don’t worry I’ve picked out the best ones available. They’re cheap cheerful and will do you proud.

Best Budget Duvet – Silnetnight Ultrabounce Hollowfibre duvet


Brand: Silentnight

Filling: Hollowfibre


  • Machine Washable
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Extra Filling
  • Hypoallergenic


The Silentnight Ultrabounce is a great budget duvet. The 10.5 tog is suitable for all year round (though you might want a blanket in winter!) it has extra filling for added comfort and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Everything you need! Available in Single, Double or King

Silentnight Microfibre Just Like Down Duvet

just like down

Brand: Silentnight

Filling: Hollowfibre


  • Machine Washable
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic


OK so it’s not actually a down duvet but you don’t really get a budget version that’s still cruelty-free so I’m sticking with it!

The Just Like Down offers a plump feeling similar to down that is equally cosy thanks to the 13.5 tog rating. Another great budget choice available in Single, Double or King size.

Best Duvets For Summer

No one likes waking up in the night covered in sweat and gasping for water. That’s why it’s important to get yourself a summer duvet so you can sleep soundly all year round.

Summer duvets have a lower Tog to help keep you cool. For those who really overheat then you want to avoid down as well because that traps the heat better than a synthetic material.


silentnight egyptian cotton




  • Easy Storage Case
  • Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • Machine Washable
  • 5 Year Guarantee


This Silentnight duvet comes with a handy zip up storage case, so once summer is done you can easily pack it away into the cupboard for next year. Then as a bonus you have a spare for just in case!

The hollowfibre gives you a plump comfortable duvet and the 4.5 tog is perfect for the summer heat. As an added bonus it is an absolute bargain! It’s available in Single, Double, or King size, just click through to Amazon and select the size you need.

Best Hypoallergenic/Anti-Allergy Duvet

Many of the recommendations above are all hypoallergenic so I’m going to keep this section short.

For those looking for the natural solution have a look at the Panda Duvet as I said earlier, it’s made up of bamboo which is naturally hypoallergenic and keeps out all the bad stuff. The best anti-allergy duvet for sure.

Best Silk Duvets

Silk duvets didn’t really get much of a look in throughout the other sections so I’ve dedicated a piece at the end just them. Like I said earlier silk is absolute luxury which means it comes as a premium but it is simply so comfortable you can understand why!


jasmine silk luxury duvet

Brand: Jasmine Silk

Filling: Silk

Tog: 9

  • All season 9 Tog
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rarely needs cleaning
  • Breathable and Comfortable


The all-season Jasmine Silk duvet is incredible. It falls around you giving you a nice warm hug while still being breathable to help keep your body temperature just right.

If you’re looking for luxury look no further. Silk duvets are commonly used in 5-star hotels because of the superior comfort and exceptional warmth. It may appear thin but lie under it and let the cloud of warmth wrap you up and drift you off to sleep. You already have enough worries being cold in bed shouldn’t be another one.

It is available in Double or King Size.



Best Toddler Duvets

I’ve got a separate article on toddler duvets and cot bed duvets which you can read here if you’re interested.

Best Toddler Duvet – John Lewis Duck Feather And Down Toddler Duvet

Little-at-home John Lewis Toddler Duvet Set

Brand: John Lewis

Filling: Duck Down & Feather

Tog: 7

  • 80% duck feather, 20% duck down
  • 135cm x 200cm
  • Includes pillow and mattress protector
  • 100% cotton cover material


Treat your child to some luxury with a duck feather and down duvet for the ultimate in comfort. As comfortable as this may be, it is also functional and practical. Not least of which is the body heat regulating properties of down and feathers.

Don’t be put off by the 7 tog rating. Though this is excellent at providing warmth in the winter, it won’t lead to overheating in the summer due to the nature of the down filling.

The one thing to remember is that many people suffer from allergies to feathers and down.

It is quilted to keep the filling evenly distributed so it won’t bunch up in spots and create cold spots. My only complaint is that the boxes are quite large so there is some slight movement.

A nice addition is the inclusion of a mattress protector. As every parent knows, there is no such thing as a diaper that is completely leak proof. There’s no reason to have a ruined mattress when you can get an impermeable cover for it. This one is a durable polyester that has long straps to secure it in place.

Then there is the comfortable pillow for those toddlers that have graduated and now can use a pillow.

Now, I understand that not everybody is looking for down. It is very difficult to clean for instance. So for that reason, I added a runner up that I think is a good alternative.



If you check the label it will give you more instructions on how you can safely wash it. But generally, most synthetic duvets are suitable for a washing machine whereas everything else needs to be hand washed with a sponge and then hung up to dry outside. Check out my guide to washing your duvet for more info.

If in doubt take it to a laundrette, no point letting your washing machine eat it! Or consider getting a duvet protector and solve the problem before it happens.


A good quality one should last you 10-20 years so not very often!

However sometimes if you are moving house it’s nice to have a fresh start with a fresh duvet. Or if you need something warmer/colder then it’s time to get shopping and see what you can find.

Aside from that, it is only if it is burst or starting to smell that it will need replacing!


Every morning when you get out of bed, turn around and pick up the duvet where it normally bunches and give it a really good shake. Like your trying to flick something of the other side of it

That is the most effective way to sort it out. Alternatively, you can get yourself one that has had squares crimped on to it like the wool duvet featured further up the article.

If you found this article useful then please share it!


If you don’t have an all seasons duvet or even if you have a duvet made up of two halved it can be great to have a nice warm duvet for winter and a thinner one for the summer months. But a great duvet will have proper breathability so can keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.

Check out this guide for storing your duvet if you want more information on how to keep your duvet during the off months.


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