Panda – The Cloud Duvet Review – Really Feels Like Down

Last Updated on 9 Sep. 2019

I had the pleasure of trying out the Cloud duvet over Christmas and New Year and I have to say I’m impressed.

I’m always a little dubious of anything that says it feels like down when it isn’t, too many companies seem to use that as a marketing gimmick and nothing more.

But not Panda, they’ve taken the time to create a superb duvet made with natural bamboo on the outside and a blend of bamboo and nano microfibre on the inside that does, in fact, feel a lot like down.

It’s got a nice weight to it that wraps around you without being too heavy and suffocating, and of course has the all-important individually sewn pockets of filling that stop it bunching up. A personal hatred of mine is a duvet where all the filling falls the sides or down to the bottom.

Cloud Duvet Laid Out

The big seller is, of course, the bamboo, it’s such a great material and I wish more products were made of it, it grows quickly, can be re-harvested and works better than most trees at clearing carbon dioxide from the air.

Plus when it’s made into the fibre that makes up the duvet it’s hypoallergenic keeping away all moulds, mildews and dust mites. It’s also super soft, in this case, that’s a 300 thread count cover on the outside of the duvet, which I think is softer than the duvet cover I currently have on my bed…

Bamboo is also temperature regulating so the duvet it 10.5 tog which I’d normally recommend as a Spring-Autumn weight, but the bamboo works to keep you colder in the summer and warmer in the winter. I still had to throw a blanket on top on the coldest nights through December but I tend to get cold through the night, my wife didn’t need an extra blanket for instance.

The Cloud Duvet In Box

That covers pretty much everything you need to know…

Oh, one last thing is that it has a 5-year guarantee which is pretty cool, I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t last much longer than that but it’s still nice to have that peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

And that’s it! A fantastic duvet, great feel to it with a nice weight but free of any animal products.

Click here to check it out here at the Panda website.

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