15 Best Wool Mattress UK (2023 Buyers Guide)

Last Updated on 15 Apr. 2020

Wool mattresses are great, they’re naturally hypoallergenic and they have great breathability to help keep you cool if you’re a hot sleeper.

They’re a natural material and are normally found as a filling alongside other natural materials and offer a more traditional feel from pocket springs inside the mattress as memory foam mattresses tend not to use wool in them.

I’ve got the top 5 wool mattresses reviewed first followed by a buyer’s guide and then 5 more wool mattress reviews so you can be sure to find something you like.

Top 5 Wool Mattresses

1. Top Choice – Happy Beds Richmond 3000 Pocket Sprung Natural Fillings Mattress

  • Very breathable for cooling hot sleepers
  • Wool, Cashmere and mohair fillings
  • High spring count for lots of comfort
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Free UK delivery

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

The Richmond 3000 by Happy beds is a fine choice of wool mattress, wool combined with high-end cashmere and mohair provide a spongy sleep surface that keeps you supported and cool through the night.

The pocket springs inside also add to the comfort experience, these are individual springs that move independently to cradle your body and give you support where you need it. It also means that when your partner moves you don’t get disturbed so it’s ideal for couples

It’s rated medium-firm which is the perfect middle ground where you can sleep on it no matter what sleeping position you prefer, comfortable for everyone. It also gives you that extra support that can help deal with any aches and pains you tend to wake up with.

Finally it’s hand-tufted with wool to improve the longevity of the mattress but also keep you cool, it’s touches like this that let Happy Beds offer a 5-year guarantee, quality. Plus free UK delivery! You couldn’t ask for a more comfortable wool mattress

2. Budget Choice – Happpy Beds Mirage Spring Quilted Bamboo Fabric Natural Fillings Mattress

  • Good for back and side sleepers
  • Handles for easy flipping
  • Wool and cashmere fillings
  • Bamboo outer cover

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

This mattress is more budget friendly but that comes at a cost, it’s just not quite as comfortable. This is because it uses an open coil spring system inside which is where all the springs are connected together, this means not the same support and you feel movement of your partner.

But it’s a lot cheaper, and it’s still very comfortable considering the low price. What’s really great about it is the bamboo fibres throughout which work to keep you cool and comfortable through the night. It’s also a tough material so again you get the 5-year guarantee.

I also like that this mattress has handles sewn into the sides, this makes flipping it that much easier and makes it so you might actually do it! You should by the way, it keeps your mattress comfortable for longer.

It’s a softer mattress, which isn’t a bad thing, so it’s still great for side sleepers and back sleepers but front sleepers won’t be able to get comfortable.

A superb cheap wool mattress, all-natural fillings and a comfortable bed for the night.

3. Best Wool Mattress For Back & Side Sleepers – Relyon Luxury Wool 2150 Pocket Mattress

  • Free next day delivery
  • 8-year guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No need to flip
  • 29.5cm deep

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

There’s something about a thick mattress that screams top quality, I think because to make it thick you have to spend more money on fillings, and when those fillings are natural you get left with a top quality mattress.

You’ve got the pocket springs in this mattress which are a sign of quality and ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s also hypoallergenic for a fresher nights sleep and you can sleep right up the sides because of the reinforced edges, no having to sleep in the middle to be comfortable.

The feel of it is a medium feel which is perfect for back and side sleepers, plenty of room for your shoulders and hips to sink in allowing your spine to stay aligned and happy throughout the night.

Relyon do high-quality mattresses, that’s all there is to it, I could keep gushing about the hand-tufted surface, the Damask cover or the built-in handles but I don’t need to. If you want a quality wool mattress that’s great for back and side sleeping, this is it.

4. Best Firm Wool Mattress – Millbrook Wool Ortho 1000 Pocket Mattress

  • Free next day delivery
  • 10-year warranty
  • Orthopaedic support
  • Local Hampshire wool
  • Naturally treated

Firmness: Firm

Price & Reviews

Got a sore back and looking for something woolen to help? Millrook have you covered,they’re orthopaedic mattress is has 1000 pocket springs to carefully cradle your back and a firm feel to keep you supported.

The wool inside is locally sourced from Hampshire and the final mattress is M-pure treated to finish it off, no harsh chemicals and it’s still fire-resistant. The wool is also complimented with English cotton to make it a locally sourced, locally made and superbly comfortable mattress.

The quality only continues with its 10-year warranty that’s going to leave you sleeping soundly night after night for the next 3650 nights, how’s that for value for money?

It’s double-sided so you should turn it occasionally which will be difficult with back pain but you at least have handles in the side to make this a little easier.

A superb locally UK made top quality wool mattress.

5. Best Soft Wool Mattress – Millbrook Wool Luxury 6000 Pocket Mattress

  • Free next day delivery
  • 10-year warranty
  • Wool and cotton filling
  • Crazy high 6000 spring count!

Firmness: Medium-soft

Price & Reviews

Now, did you read about the Millbrook above and get a little sad because you don’t like a firm mattress? Well you’re in luck, they have a softer mattress and it’s even better.

You get all the same quality with the locally sourced wool from Hampshire and English cotton that’s all been treated using plant-based M-Pure that makes it fire resistant. BUT, you also get 6000 pocket springs! That high an amount is usually reserved for mattresses that cost multiple thousands of pounds, the Vispring or Hypnos mattresses. So to get all that for a much lower price, still expensive I won’t pretend, is incredible.

And talk about comfortable, wow, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud when you lie down on this, complete support that gently cradles your body like memory foam except it’s all spring.

Treat yourself to the natural luxury choice of mattress with this superb choice.

What Firmness To Choose

In my mind, you’ve got 6 firmness levels, soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm, firm, and extra firm. Wool mattresses tend to be around the medium firmness level but they do vary depending on the types of springs are inside.

No one firmness is better than another so if there’s one you like then go for it, don’t let me stop you!

Soft – Soft mattresses are only good for people who like soft mattresses… A bit obvious but they’re not especially good for one thing or another compared to the other firmness levels.

One thing I will say is that they’re not good for stomach sleepers but side and back sleepers will get on fine.

Medium – Medium and medium-firm mattresses are good all-rounders, most people like them and they’re better for back and side sleepers but they’re OK for stomach sleepers too, although if you’re a stomach sleeper you’ll do better on a firmer feel.

Firm – Good for people with a bad back and dealing with back pain. Great for stomach and back sleepers and OK for side sleepers if you’re got the right pillows to support your head.

But again, it’s up to you and what you like, but if in doubt, medium and medium-firm will be a good choice.

Advantages of a Wool Mattress

Breathable – Wool is naturally breathable allowing air to circulate but it also has moisture-wicking properties that help remove moisture which can cause heat build-up and cools you down while also allowing your mattress to last longer.

Temperature Regulating – Wool works to wick moisture away allowing your body to stay at a consistent temperature so you sleep more soundly. You can be kept cool in the hot summer months and keep warm through the cold winter nights.

Natural – Wool is, of course, a natural material, it just gets sheared straight off of sheep! It’s not chemically treated and it’s not made in a laboratory, it is a natural material, alongside natural latex and materials like silk, cotton, horsehair, all come together to leave you with an all-natural mattress.

Great for allergy sufferers – Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, it’s resistant to dust mites, it keeps out allergens and works to keep your mattress fresh. So if you’re asthmatic or suffer from allergies it’s a great choice. But even if you don’t, having a nice fresh bed is no bad thing. Though I always recommend having a washable mattress protector to keep it as fresh as possible, a machine washable one so if anything happens you don’t just have to get a new one. You’ve already got a new mattress after all, you don’t just want to keep clearing everything!

Disadvantages of a Wool Mattress

There aren’t really any disadvantages specific to a wool mattress. The material by itself can compress but if it’s part of a larger mixture of materials and layers in a mattress then it’s not really a problem. If anyone has the experience they want to share in the comments I’m open to hearing them but as far as I’m aware there are no disadvantages.

Other Wool Mattresses Reviewed

Millbrook Wool Sublime 1000 Pocket Mattress

  • Wool and cotton fillings
  • 60-night sleep trial
  • 22 cm deep
  • 10-year warranty

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: single, small double, double, king and super king size

Price & Reviews

Temperature regulating to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, this mattress works to keep you comfortable all night long.

1000 pocket springs which keeps the price down and Good quality wool, and cotton – which are normally in more expensive mattresses – give it thermoregulating properties that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus it’s only 22 cm deep so it will fit on almost any frame.

A 10-year warranty which is a sign of great craftsmanship and the fact that this mattress was built to last. Plus a 60-night sleep trial so you can try it before you buy it!

Sleepeezee Wool Superb 2800 Pocket Mattress

  • British Wool
  • Wool and cotton filling
  • Luxury supportive feel
  • 7-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: single, small double, double, king and super king size

Price & Reviews

A lovely and plush feel that works to contour to your body, ideal for side and back sleepers. 2800 pocket springs work hard to support you where you need it, easing back pain and allowing you to sink into a restful sleep.

The two layers of British wool work to make it a great choice of natural mattress and improve breathability and comfort through the night. The other main filling is cotton which is comfortable and the two are great for allergy sufferers because of their hypoallergenic properties.

One of the more luxurious choices on the list it will work to keep you sleeping soundly for year after year with the 7-year guarantee and high quality of build that you get with this wool bed.

Bed Butler Emperor Supreme 3000 Pocket Mattress

  • Silk, cotton, cashmere and horsehair fillings
  • Pure lamb’s wool
  • 28 cm deep
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Firm

Sizes, Double, King and Superking size

Price & Reviews

Horsehair might sound a bit strange but it’s a great sign of a truly luxurious mattress. It’s strong for durability and bounces back after compression to give you a bed that springs back into shape time after time.

Combine that with cashmere which is softer than the pure wool inside and acts to add a soft comfortable feel, then, of course, you have the cotton and wool which help regulate body temperature keeping you comfortable.

Next, the 3000 pocket springs work to provide unmatched support and comfort even with the firm feel. It’s made up of two layers of springs so you get the exact support you need where you need it, if your hips need to sink deeper they can, if your shoulders need to sink they can. Any sleeping position and your back will be happy.

Great for side, back and stomach sleepers and a fine choice of natural wool mattress.

Wool Luxury Soft 2000 Mattress

  • Pure new wool
  • Quilted Cover
  • 28 cm deep
  • 5-year warranty

Firmness: Soft

Sizes: single, small double, double, king and super king size

Price & Reviews

I’m not a fan but I know some people love a soft mattress, sinking in and getting a nice cuddle from your bed is no bad thing.

This mattress offers support with the 2000 pocket springs which is starting to get a nice luxury feel and stops any dips from happening in the mattress while supporting your pressure points.

The border is side stitched to ensure you’re supported up to the edge of the bed and you don’t need to flip it although you will need to turn it periodically.

The cover is quilted for an extra comfort layer and the all-round cushioning of the mattress provides an excellent sleeping surface. Easily of the best mattresses if you want a soft wool feel.

Sleepeezee Wool Supreme Pocket Mattress

  • 2 Free pillows
  • 60-night sleep trial
  • 2000 pocket springs
  • Wool and silk fillings
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: Single, double, king size and super king size

Price & Reviews

2 free pillows are always a nice addition, especially when they’re luxury cotton pillows and are a nice upgrade for your bed.

The 2000 pocket springs is nice and high for plenty of support and comfort across the bed while the silk is hypoallergenic to keep the bed fresh and the wool has its moisture-wicking properties which help to maintain body temperature keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer while improving durability.

Plus there are air vents in the side for even more ventilation which makes it an excellent choice for hot sleepers.

The medium firmness is fine for back sleepers and side sleepers but not so good for stomach sleepers. It’s also a good choice for couples because pocket sprung mattresses prevent roll together so you can move without moving your partner too much.

You don’t need to flip this mattress but if you turn it regularly from head to toe you’ll increase the life span and keep getting a good night’s sleep for years to come.

Relyon Woolsack 1750 Pocket Mattress

  • Cashmere and silk fillings
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 32 cm deep
  • 8-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium or Firm

Sizes: single, small double, double, king and super king size

Price & Reviews

They Relyon Woolsack is made with a hypoallergenic cover and a hypoallergenic layer on the inside which makes it a very fresh mattress to sleep on.

It’s got a choice of either a medium feel or a firm feel which I like, gives you the choice to get the feel you want. The differences come from the springs that are inside, they will be either firm or medium feel to adjust the mattress.

There is a layer of cashmere which provides a nice soft sleeping surface even with the firmer feel and the wool and silk work together to regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable.

It’s got 1750 pocket springs inside that work to keep you supported a comfortable, It’s not the highest, I usually like towards 2000 inside a mattress but it’s close enough and combined with other high-quality materials to keep the bed super comfortable so it gets a pass.

Savile Organic Cashmere Superb 5000 Pocket Mattress

  • Wool, cashmere and horsehair fillings
  • Egyptian cotton cover
  • Organic certified
  • 5-year warranty

Firmness: Medium-soft

Sizes: single, double, king and super king size

Price & Reviews

Speaking of expensive mattresses, this is one of them but is also the height of quality and luxury. Horsehair is only found in the highest class of mattress and works to be springy and durable for a long-lasting mattress and comfortable sleep night after night.

The Egyptian cotton cover is soft and feels nice underneath your sheets and the mattress has been organic-certified to prove it’s got only the highest quality and natural fillings inside.

5000 springs are amongst the highest you can get and will give you nothing but comfort from the moment your head hits the pillow.

Classy, sophisticated, and an executive feel.

Gainsborough Eminence 7000 Pocket Mattress

  • Breathable cover
  • Cotton and wool fillings
  • 27 cm deep
  • 10-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: single, double, king and super king size

Price & Reviews

You say 5000 pocket springs is high then a 7000 pocket spring mattress comes along. 7000 is unbelievably high, I think it must be made in 3 layers of springs, the result is, of course, a truly luxurious sleep, maximum support and comfort to keep you sleeping soundly through the night.

Apart from that you’ve got the wool filling, of course, and cotton which both work to keep your temperature steady letting you sleep deeper. Combine those with a Damask cover that’s breathable and you’ve got a really nice mattress.

Edge to edge support keeps you comfortable right up to the sides of the mattress which are hand-stitched for durability. Made in the UK and you’ve got a 10-year guarantee as a sign of quality and trust that this mattress will serve you well.

Tuft & Springs Chantilly 3000 Pocket Natural Pillow Top Mattress

  • Wool and cotton fillings
  • Damask cover for breathability
  • 35 cm deep
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: single, small double, double, king and super king size

Price & Reviews

A pillow top works sort of like a built-in mattress topper, in this case, a wool topper rather than a memory foam topper. A combination of high-quality fillings and a high spring count make this an excellent choice of mattress.

35 cm’s deep is on the larger side but not so large your sheets stop fitting. In case they do you’ll want to get some deep fitted sheets, they’ll cover the mattress nicely.

Minimal movement transfer from the large number of springs so you can move without disturbing your partner. The result of that is that you sleep deeper for longer and actually get more rest and wake up fresher.

A Damask cover and air vents in the side work alongside the wool to keep you cool and maintain your body temperature through the night.

A fine choice of wool mattress.


There we have it, you now know more about wool mattresses than you ever thought you would. I hope you found it useful and found the mattress you want.

If you did, consider combining it with a wool duvet to complete your collection and top off your natural sleep experience.

If you’re still undecided then have a closer look at the top choice of the Sleepeezee Wool Supreme Pocket Mattress, it’s got everything you’ll need from your wool mattress.

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