12 Best Latex Mattresses UK – Expert Buyers Guide (2023)

Last Updated on 20 Apr. 2020

Latex mattresses offer the support of memory foam without a feeling of being trapped, more bounce and will conform to the general shape of the body rather than the exact shape.

Latex is natural being harvested and made from rubber trees rather than a chemical process it is an eco-friendly and organic choice.

Mattresses only made with latex are uncommon but there are a lot of great hybrid mattresses that have latex layers in them so you can get the bouncy feel of latex alongside the support and traditional feel of pocket springs which are recyclable. But if you want an all latex mattress then check out number 3, the Dunlopillo Orchid mattress.

With that all said, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the great latex mattresses you can get here in the UK.

Top 5 Latex Mattresses UK

1. Top Choice – Rest Assured Knowlton 2000 Pocket Latex Mattress

Rest Assured Knowlton 2000 Pocket Latex Mattress
  • Good for side sleepers and back sleepers
  • 33 cm deep
  • Latex pillow top
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

You might not have heard of Rest Assured but they’re actually one of Silentnight’s mattress brands. So you can rest assured that you’re in good hands…


Ahem… Apart from the reliable brand, this mattress is made with 2000 pocket springs which is a really nice amount, these are individual springs that can move independently to give you the support you need where you need it. Combine with the latex pillow top and you’ve got excellent support right across the mattress.

They also allow you to settle into position easier so you don’t toss around as much and get a deeper more restful sleep.

Apart from the natural latex and pocket springs, you got a super-soft foam for added comfort and a breathable polyester layer under the cover for a comfortable sleep surface that won’t overheat you.

Trusted quality, durable construction, very comfortable and a 5-year guarantee without breaking the bank. A really nice choice of natural latex mattress.

2. Best Cheap Latex Mattress – Happy Beds Laytech Luxury Latex and Reflex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress

  • Combination fillings for comfier sleep
  • Hypoallergenic for fresher sleeping
  • Arrives Vacuum Packed for Ease
  • Made in the UK
  • Free Delivery
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

Happy Beds are quickly becoming synonymous with cheap top quality mattresses, and this one is no exception. You get free delivery and a 5-year guarantee to ensure quality sleep night after night for years to come.

Now this is the best compromise for a cheap latex mattress, because it tends to be the most expensive part so to keep the price down this is a hybrid mattress of latex and reflex foam, which is different to memory foam and doesn’t have the same heat retention or sinking feeling.

The all-foam design makes it hypoallergenic so you get a fresher sleep and it’ll stay free from dust mites and allergens making it perfect for asthma sufferers but everyone benefits from a fresh bed and clearer breathing.

It arrives vacuum packed and rolled up in a box which is handy for getting it into your bedroom, especially if you have stairs to deal with. It means it will have a strange smell so unwrap it first thing and leave it uncovered all day to air it out. That smell will go away before long and is totally normal.

If you need a cheap latex mattress you couldn’t ask for better than this one.

3. Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain – Dunlopillo Orchid Mattress

 Dunlopillo Orchid Mattress Review
  • All Latex no springs
  • Soft cover
  • 33 cm deep
  • Orthopaedic support
  • 8-year guarantee

Firmness: Firm

Price & Reviews

Let’s start on the outside with the Actiprofirbres in the cover, this is a treatment that works to be hypoallergenic while remaining soft and luxurious.

This complements the firm feel of the mattress that works to give you the orthopaedic support you need for a bad back to relieve pressure points and provide pressure relief to an aching back. Moreover, the support is zoned across the mattress to give more support for your back and shoulders while giving less to your head and legs so your spine remains aligned and you keep sleeping happily.

The body is a single piece of natural latex making this a very eco-friendly mattress. But more than that the latex foam has lots of air pockets through it that allow for maximum breathability to keep you cool and comfortable.

Plus, all latex is very durable which is why they can offer the 8-year guarantee. All in all a fantastic latex mattress and one that will do wonders for a bad back.

4. Best Latex Mattress for Heavy Person – Novo Natural 3000 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress

  • 3 cm deep
  • Breathable for cooling
  • Great for stomach sleepers
  • 5-year warranty

Firmness: Firm

Price & Reviews

If you’re heavier then you need two things in a mattress, you need it to be firmer to support your body properly and you need it to be thicker to have lots of room to sink in. This mattress has both!

It’s got an upholstery pillow top that adds extra comfort and compliments the firm feel. 3000 pocket springs to make it both bouncy and completely luxurious, that’s the high end of a number of pocket springs and generally, more is better.

Plus you’ve got the latex layer which works to keep you supported and provides some elasticity to relieve your pressure points and keep your joints happy and pain-free.

There’s no need to turn or flip this mattress which is good because of its size and it’s hand-made in the UK and has free 24-hour delivery.

Finally, you’ve got air vents in the side to increase airflow and keep you cool through the whole night for a deeper more restful sleep.

5. Best Latex Mattress For Side Sleepers – Happy Beds Anti-Bed Bug 1500 Pocket Sprung Memory, Latex and Reflex Foam Pillow Top Mattress

  • Luxury 33 cm deep
  • Hybrid spring foam and latex
  • No need to flip
  • Free delivery
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

This pillow top mattress is a fine choice for side sleepers, it’s a medium firmness allowing your shoulders and hips to sink in while your spine gets supported for an nice straight back.

It’s not solely latex which keeps the price down and has pocket springs which add luxury, these are individual springs that can move independently to give you maximum support and comfort.

These, along with the latex and foam, making it a great choice for couples because you won’t be able to feel each other’s movement through the night or if one of you gets out of bed.

Apart from that it’s stuffed full of great fillings making it 33 cm deep and it’s got a pillow top for an extra comfort level and effectively a built-in mattress topper. Plus Happy beds have free delivery in the UK and you get a 5-year guarantee for proof of the quality. A fine choice for side sleepers.

Best Bed Base For Latex Mattress

It’s always a worry whether or not you’re going to need a new mattress frame as well as a new mattress. Now I think a latex mattress works well on a divan bed base but the truth is you can use any bad base with a latex mattress.

Slatted beds will firm up the mattress a little compared to a divan but just whatever bad frame you have will do just fine.

And if you don’t have one then you can go for one that you like, one that fits the rest of the room.

Latex Vs Memory Foam Mattresses

All the types of mattress are quite distinct but latex and memory foam have to be the most similar.

But they are different, latex provides more bounce and shapes to the rough outline of your body while memory foam conforms exactly to the shape of your body.

One difference is that memory foam has more support but it can feel more restrictive.

The other difference is an important one, memory foam is a chemically made material while latex is made from rubber trees which make it the better choice for a green mattress.

Rubber trees can be sustainably harvested and they work to remove Co2 from the atmosphere as all trees do, so if you’re worried about the environment then you definitely want to go for a latex bed.

Types of Latex Explained

There are different types of latex but it comes down to the manufacturing process.

First off you either get all-natural latex, which is 100% natural latex, then you get ratios of synthetic latex, normally around 85% natural latex and 15% synthetic latex. That’s something to watch out for if you’re in it for environmental reasons, make sure the mattress is made from all-natural latex.

Apart from that, you have Talalay latex vs Dunlop latex, and the difference is that the Talalay process allows air to escape during the moulding so that it’s springier and more breathable than latex made through the Dunlop process which is more high-density.

So if you see Talalay mentioned then expect a mattress that’s better for cooling and a little bouncier but also a little more expensive because of the additional manufacturing process.

Who Are Latex Mattresses Best For

Eco-Friendly People – The green mattress type, organic latex mattresses are generally made with natural materials, if you combine it with an organic cotton cover, for instance, you’re doing your bit for the environment. They’re also long-lasting high-quality mattresses that don’t need to be replaced as fast allowing you to go longer before you need to recycle your mattress.

People With Bad Backs – One place where Latex mattresses excel is that they’re excellent for proving pressure relief to a bad back. Excellent support for sore joints can make a big difference to a bad back.

Back Sleepers and Side Sleepers – Stomach sleepers won’t be as comfortable but back and side sleepers will have a great time sleeping on a latex mattress. Plenty of space to sink your shoulders and hips while keeping your spine aligned so you get a restful sleep.

Advantages of Latex

I’ve covered the various advantages of latex through the article but I wanted to get it all down in one place below so you can see it for yourself and compare the pros and cons.

  • Comfortable – Not much to say other than it’s true, they are very comfortable to sleep on.
  • Pain relief – As I said before latex conforms to your body contours giving you well-supported joints to keep your back happy.
  • Breathable – Talalay latex allows air to circulate through the air pockets which is excellent for hot sleepers
  • Durable – All latex mattresses, in particular, are very durable and will stay comfortable for many years.
  • Eco-friendly – Rubber trees help purify the air and when they’re sustainably sourced get replanted to improve the environment.
  • Hypoallergenic – Naturally resistant to dust mites and allergens to keep your bed fresh and clean.
  • Minimal motion transfer – Great for couples because you can move around without disturbing your partner too much. Likewise, they can come and go from the bed without waking you up.

Disadvantages of Latex

  • Heavy – The mattresses tend to be quite heavy if they’re a big chunk of latex so it can be difficult to get into place and to flip when the time comes. Not a huge deal but worth knowing.
  • Expensive – They’re more expensive because of the process that goes into them but the quality is always high and they are some of the best mattresses available so it’s an even trade.

Other Latex Mattress Reviews

Dormeo Octaspring Tribrid Mattress

  • 3 layers
  • 15-year warranty
  • 27 cm deep
  • 5 zones of support

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

The Dormeo Octasrping is truly one of a kind, it’s got three layers, a top layer of latex, which is why we’re here, then a layer of memory foam octasprings that allow superior breathability while providing the support of foam, and under that is a layer of metal pocket springs.

The octasprings are also made to have 5 zones of support giving you the support where you need it, but then the pocket springs are also split into 3 zones of support giving even more exact comfort.

More to that this mattress has a whopping 15-year warranty so you can be sure of the level of quality. Long-lasting and durable and an excellent investment in your sleep.

Finally, it’s wrapped in a removable mattress cover that works to keep you sleeping comfortably and freshly night after night.

Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress

  • 18 cm deep
  • Orthopaedic support
  • All latex
  • 8-year guarantee

Firmness: Firm

Price & Reviews

It’s quite thin at 18 cm but with a firm feel, you’ll stay supported and well off your bed frame even if you’re larger. It’s an all latex mattress with no spring or memory foam involved and the latex is built with 7-zones of support to keep you comfortable and supported.

Hypoallergenic and perfect for couples because of the minimal motion transfer you’ll feel through the latex.

The open cell structure of Dunlopillo’s latex allows for maximum breathability letting air circulate making it a fine choice for hot sleepers.

If you want a softer bed you’ll want one of the medium firmness mattresses, but I like to have different firmness levels across the mattress reviews so you have a range to choose from.

But for this type of mattress a firm is a good find if you’re having trouble with a bad back.

Sealy Nostromo Posturepedic Pocket 1400 Latex Mattress

  • Tencel Cover
  • No need to turn
  • Good for side and back sleepers
  • 5-year warranty

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

Sealy have made a fantastic latex mattress here, 1400 pocket springs is enough to be very comfortable without the price getting too high and the latex inside is made to the highest quality using natural Dunlop latex.

The latex makes it hypoallergenic while the springs give it a more traditional feel that works to give you plenty of bounce with lots of support.

The latex is only on one side so it’s not flippable and there will be some off-gassing from the latex when you first take it home but that will disappear over time.

If you’re looking to upgrade your old mattress consider replacing it with the Sealy Nostromo.

William Night Latex Pillow Top 5000 Mattress

  • Latex pillow top
  • Edge-to-edge support
  • 32 cm deep
  • 5-year warranty

Firmness: Medium-Firm

Price & Reviews

A pillow top is sort of like a built-in mattress topper, it’s an extra layer of comfort on top that provides excellent pressure relief and support.

5000 pocket springs is a truly luxurious amount, not a common number because it’s so high but leaves you with a fantastically comfortable mattress that screams luxury.

It’s also hypoallergenic, made in the UK and with hand-stitched air vents in the side to improve air circulation.

If you’re looking for a luxury latex mattress then this is it.

Rest Assured Darlington 1400 Pocket Latex Mattress

  • Latex hybrid mattress
  • Natural cotton filling
  • 30 cm deep
  • 5-year guarantee

Firmness: Firm

Sizes: Single, double, king size and super king size

Price & Reviews

Natural latex combined with natural cotton fillings, what could go wrong? Not much, this mattress allows you to sleep comfortably with the hybrid of latex with the pocket springs. 1400 is a nice amount for comfort without increasing the price too much.

The cotton helps improve circulation and breathability underneath you which work well alongside air vents that you can find in the side.

The cover is chemical-free and dustmite resistant to keep the mattress clean and fresh. A firmer feel than the others, there aren’t a lot of medium-firm mattresses or any other firmness options across the range of latex mattresses, which is great for stomach sleepers but still good for any sleeping position.

The innersprings provide some extra bounce while the latex keeps you comfortably supported. A nice choice of latex mattress.

Sealy Posturepedic Jubilee Latex Mattress

  • Natural Latex
  • 30 cm Deep
  • Tencel Fibre Cover For Cooling
  • 5-year Warranty

Firmness: Medium

Price & Reviews

Latex mattresses tend to be more expensive, but this is a really great budget option. It’s got pocket springs in it that are twice tempered to provide support where you need it, and the latex is all-natural.

The cover has something called Tencel Fibre built into it. What’s that you ask? I’ll tell you, It’s an innovative fibre that cools you and manages moisture while preventing bacteria growth. Cooling, comfortable, and great for allergies.

Speaking of allergies, this mattress has the Allergy UK seal of approval meaning it will stay fresh and free from dust mites and other allergens.

Finally, it’s made in the UK and has a 5-year warranty for peace of mind in that it’s a good investment. A fine choice of cheap latex mattress.

Dunlopillo GO Energise Mattress

  • 25 cm deep
  • Breathable
  • Edge-to-edge support
  • Pocket Springs
  • 8-year guarantee

Firmness: Medium

Sizes: Single, small double, double, king size and super king size

Price & Reviews

Once again Dunlopillo doing things right with their superior knowledge of latex beds, a comfort layer of latex allows your muscles to relax so you wake up energised and ready for the day.

One strange thing is they don’t disclose how many pocket springs are inside, now if they don’t you have to assume it’s low. But they are still pocket springs so the quality of springs is still there and you get great support and comfort.

It’s great for all sleeping positions but especially side sleepers with the hybrid latex foam and pocket spring core. Lots of support to allow your shoulders and hips to sink in without miss-aligning your spine and causing back pain.

Hypoallergenic to provide a fresh clean sleep environment and made in the UK to the highest standard which is why you have the 8-year guarantee.


If you’re a bit lost after that then don’t worry, just check out the top choice of the Rest Assured Knowlton Hybrid 2000 Pocket Latex Mattress for everything you could want. Or if you’re not sure on latex then have a look at these memory foam mattress reviews instead.

To sum up, the gist of it is that latex mattresses are a great choice for the eco-friendly shopper and a fine choice if you’re dealing with a bad back.

Happy sleeping!

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