Best Soft Mattress UK – A 2018 Expert Buyer’s Guide


Looking to lie on a cloud of softness while your drift off to sleep?

Look no further!

I’ve found the best soft mattresses and given a short review of each. And I’ve linked through to where you can buy them so you can check out the price and see some more information.

But first, let’s take a look at what you need to know before you buy.

Soft Mattress Materials

There are a couple of different materials you want if you’re looking for a soft mattress, memory foam or pocket spring.

Memory Foam

Foam and Memory Foam Mattresses are ideal soft mattress materials because foam can be made to be very soft! It’s also completely hypoallergenic and gives you extra support on your joints and back.

Memory foam moulds with your body heat so as your warm body lies on the mattress it heats up the foam which causes it soften and hugs to your body.

Not all memory foam mattresses are made the same and some will be firmer than others so you need to get the right one if you’re looking for a soft mattress.

Memory foam is a great material choice if softness is what you’re looking for.

Pocket Sprung

Pocket springs are individually wrapped springs that all get lined up inside the mattress. Far superior to open coil springs which are all fused together in a big grid, individual pocket springs can move independently of each other.

The softness comes from the spring tension so again not all pocket sprung mattresses are soft but the right one will give you a super soft bed to sleep on.

Pocket springs are a great choice if you still want a bit of bounce in your bed and want softness without a sinking feeling.

Hybrid Mattresses

Lastly we have hybrid mattresses which are a combination of memory foam and pocket sprung giving you the best of both worlds. Extra support from the memory foam and added familiarity of the pocket springs for extra bounce.

Be Aware Of Back Pain

Soft mattresses can be very comfortable to sleep on but they have one major drawback, and that’s a lack of back support.

It’s not so bad if you sleep on your side because there’s not as much pressure on your spine. But if you’re a back sleeper, you need to be aware that if you ever wake up with a sore back then it will likely get worse if you buy a soft mattress.

If you’re worried but still want to get a soft mattress then go for a memory foam option, memory foam provides extra support along your back and supports your joints where you need it most.

Best Soft Mattress Reviewed

Now it’s time for the main event! I’ve gathered together some of the best soft mattresses and given you a short review of each so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Bamboo Covered Soft Mattress


Brand: Coolflex
Material: Memory Foam

  • Bamboo Cover
  • 1-year Guarantee
  • Washable Cover

Price & Reviews

The Coolflex memory foam mattress is one of my favourites because of the bamboo cover. Bamboo is a wonderful material that is hypoallergenic and temperature controlled so it keeps you at just the right temperature all night long.

Coolflex combined a soft memory foam with their own reflex foam which helps give it extra support, ideal if you’re worried about a bad back developing.

You only get a 1-year guarantee which isn’t the best when you consider a mattress should last you for 10-years but it does have a really good price so it balances out.

Overall, a great soft mattress with memory foam support for extra comfort.

Hybrid Signature Mattress


Brand: Kayflex
Material: Hybrid

  • 1500 Pocket Springs
  • Made in the UK
  • 1-year Guarantee

Price & Reviews

Kayflex have a great hybrid mattress with 75mm of memory foam and a spring count of 1500. Generally the higher the spring count the more luxurious the feel with 1000 being low, 2000 being high and 3000 being luxury.

So 1500 is perfect level to give you a nice soft feel with plenty of comfort. It’s got a 25 cm depth so will sit fine on any bed and the hybrid combination gives it a really comfortable feel. Extra support from the memory foam keeps it soft but the springs give it a little bit of resistance when you lie on it for maximum comfort.

Again a 1-year guarantee isn’t ideal but it does have a 5-year warranty so it’ll definitely last.

Overall, a great mattress for those who aren’t ready for a full memory but still want a soft feel.

SuperSoft 270 Mattress


Brand: Mammoth
Material: Memory Foam

  • Medical Grade Foam
  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • 0% Finance Available
  • Tencel Cover

Price & Reviews

Mammoth have produced an extraordinary mattress, originally designed to help injured athletes recover it is now available to everyone.

The medical grade foam is specially designed to give maximum support and comfort as soon as you lie on it.

The cover is made with Tencel which is a material designed to naturally cool the body and wick away any moisture, ideal for night sweats, and it’s hypoallergenic.

Although it’s more expensive it comes with a 5-year guarantee so you can be sure you’ll get your monies worth from it.

Overall one of the best soft mattresses on the list, great support lovely soft feel and a 5-year guarantee.

Temptation 2000 Soft Mattress


Brand: Millbrook
Material: Pocket Sprung

  • Damask Cover
  • 2000 Spring Count
  • Hypoallergenic

Price & Reviews

The Millbrook pocket sprung mattress provides a soft feel without the need for memory foam, and the 2000 spring count is great value for the price.

There are convenient handles sewn on to the side which makes turning the mattress all the easier, and the traditional damask cover is lovely and soft.

This is a great one for couples because the support of the mattress goes right up to the edges and provides and the pocket springs mean you can move without disturbing your partner.

Overall, a great soft mattress for couples who don’t want memory foam.

Comfort 3000 Mattress


Brand: Bed Butler
Material: Pocket Sprung

  • Air Vents To Control Temperature
  • 3000 Spring Count
  • Lower Back Support
  • 5-year Guarantee

Price & Reviews

3000 Pocket Springs is absolutely phenomenal and makes the low price seem even better.

The mattress has been treated to make it hypoallergenic which is good and they’re designed it with lower back support in mind which is ideal for a soft mattress.

The mattress is made with air vents on the side which help keep air circulating underneath you. This helps keep it fresh and keeps you cool through the night so you can sleep comfortably.

Overall, the spring count makes this an absolute bargain and the 5-year guarantee shows it’ll stand the test of time and see you through many a night.

F.A.Q on the Best Soft Mattress

What sizes are available?

Most of the mattresses recommended are available as small single, single, small double, double and king size. But click through to Mattress Next Day to see what they have available.

What can i do with my old mattress?

I’ve linked through to Mattress Next Day where you can buy your mattress and for an extra fee they can take your old bed and mattress away with them which is by far the easiest way to deal with it!

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