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Last Updated on 3 Oct. 2017

If you’re looking to get a great sleep on a budget look no further than a Happy Beds Mattress. Very budget friendly, good quality, easy delivery. What more could you want!

I really want to do lots of different happy beds mattress reviews but there are too many and I’m only one man! So I’ve just looked at the Happy Beds Ortho Royale Mattress, but if you’re looking at one of their other mattresses this will still give you an overview of the general quality and what to expect with a happy beds mattress.

So let’s get to it!

Happy Beds Mattress Reviews

Happy Beds Ortho Royale Mattress Review

Happy beds hit a home run with this one, softcover nice medium-firm feel and a hand tufted cover that was made to last. Just get a mattress protector on top and you’ll be sleeping comfortably for years to come.

What’s In It

The Happy Beds Ortho Mattress is a spring mattress with a Bonnel spring system inside. The Bonnell spring system is classic for budget mattresses, it’s just a big grid of springs that are all attached together.

It does lead to roll together if you have more than one person on the bed as all the springs move together to a certain extent but it’s plenty comfortable and sure beats sleeping on the floor.

The cover is fire retardant and quite soft which is nice but it’ll be going under a protector and a sheet anyway so it doesn’t hugely matter. And it’s all hand tufted so will stay together as long as it stays comfortable. No springs popping out!


The Happy Beds Ortho Mattress has a lot of great features but I think the most obvious one is:

The Price!

It’s a phenomenal price for all the Happy Beds Mattresses, I’m not sure how they do it but they do and that’s what counts. A great price for a great product.

Inner Air Vents

This mattress has air vents in the side that just let the whole thing breathe. That stops it heating up too much and keeps it fresh by letting all the old air out from underneath you.

Made In The UK

Mattresses made out of the UK are fine too but I like supporting top British craftsmanship.

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No Guarantee

Now because it’s a budget mattress it doesn’t come with any sort of guarantee. That’s what usually happens in budget anything so it’s not surprising but still a pain.

They Don’t Take Your Old Mattress Away

Some mattress sellers offer to recycle your old mattress when they deliver your new one but happy beds don’t. So you’ll have to contact your local council to get your old mattress picked up and thrown away or take it to the dump yourself.

How Does It Feel

In short it feels great!

It’s got a medium-firm feel which is nice giving you plenty of support for your back while still being comfortable. The whole thing is quite springy so you’ll feel a partner moving about but the mattress is 25 cm thick so it’ll happily hold the weight of two and is good for heavier people.

Who’s it good for

Anyone on a budget! If you can’t fork out for a luxury mattress you can certainly do a lot worse than a happy beds mattress.

Those who like a firm feel will do just fine on this medium firm mattress.

Heavy People Will get the support they need from the 25 cm thickness.

People With Back Problems will also benefit from this orthopedic Mattress


You can definitely do a lot worse than a happy beds mattress if you’re on a budget. Good feel, good quality components went into making it, and made right here in the UK. It’ll definitely see you through a good few years before you have to think about changing. And if it’s not as comfortable as you hoped (though I’m sure it will be) you can get a mattress topper to throw on top for that little extra luxury on a budget.

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If you have any questions about this Happy Beds Mattress review or want to ask about any of their other mattresses just ask in the comments below.

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