OTTY Mattress Review – Cooling Memory Foam For Maximum Comfort

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OTTY Mattress set out to redefine memory foam.

They knew the comfort was ideal but the fact memory foam holds in a lot of heat ruined it for so many people.

You’d lie comfortably but keep waking up through the night too hot disturbing your sleep and leaving you tired.

So they developed a specially designed cooling layer and combined it with the memory foam and a layer of breathable pocket springs for maximum comfort and temperature control so you can sleep easily all night long.

Then they went the extra mile by providing a 100-night trial period, giving you over three months to decide if you like it. If not, you arrange to get it picked up for a full refund.


Now let’s take a look inside the OTTY Mattress to find out if it’s right for you.

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OTTY Mattress Review – What’s It Made Of

The OTTY mattress is a hybrid mattress made up of 5 layers. Hybrid means it’s a combination of memory foam and pocket springs giving you the best combo of comfort and support.

Layer 1 – Cooling Gel


This is the all important layer and what sets this mattress apart from others like it. Memory foam has long had the problem of trapping too much heat inside of it and overheating you while you sleep.

OTTY overcame this by developing a 3 cm Cool Blue Gel pin core layer to promote air circulation and regulate body temperature. Not too cold and not too hot for a great sleep all year round.

Layer 2 – Luxury Foam

Underneath the cooling memory gel you have an extra layer of foam to keep you comfortable and relieve pressure on your joints.

Layer 3 – 2000 Pocket Springs

Pocket springs are individually wrapped springs that can move independently of each other. This means they mould around your body a lot better and provide maximum comfort along the way.

The quality of a pocket sprung mattress usually varies depending how many springs are in it. Because the more springs there are the more responsive the mattress is and so the better it feels. But it tends to make it more expensive as well. Luckily the OTTY mattress is sold exclusively online keeping costs low which transfer through to a bargain of a mattress.

Layer 4 – High Density Base

The bottom of the mattress is a high-density foam which keeps the whole thing feeling firm and provides a sturdy base to keep it comfortable on the bed while you enjoy the more comfortable layers on top.

Layer 5 – The Cover

I wasn’t sure whether to count this as a layer but it’s important so I thought why not!

The cover is heavy knit and completely removable so you can stick it in the washing machine. Now you can’t normally do that with a mattress, you have to try and spot clean it which rarely works which is why I always recommend a mattress protector. Now I still recommend one, just in case, but it’s nice to know that if anything does happen you can just throw it in the washing machine.

How Does It Feel

OTTY Mattress Review

A very important question to say the least! The OTTY Mattress is a lot firmer than some of the others I’ve looked at, it’s easily a Medium-Firm to Firm giving great support to your back and keeping you comfortable all night long.

The hybrid of pocket springs and memory foam keep it feeling familiar if you’re not used to memory foam so it’s still got some bounce it.

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OTTY Mattress Review – Who’s It Best For

People Who Like A Firmer Mattress – Pretty self-explanatory but this mattress has a firmer feel than most so if you like a firmer feel then you’ll love it.

Couples – Couples will get on great because the memory foam and pocket springs absorb movement so you can get up without disturbing your partner. And if they toss and turn a lot you won’t get bounced around with them.

Heavy people – The OTTY mattress can support up to 36 stone so two people who weigh 18 stone can sleep comfortably.

Hot Sleepers – The cooling layer makes it ideal for hot sleepers and anyone who experiences night sweats.

All Sleeper Types – It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your side, back, or front you’ll spend each night completely comfortable.

Guarantees And Trials

The OTTY Mattress comes with a whopping 10-year guarantee. This means you can sleep with peace of mind of your great purchase for a decade before you even have to start thinking about replacing it.

And, like I said in the beginning, you get a 100-night trial to fully test it out before you have to fully commit to buying it. Great if you’re not sure if it’s going to be right for you.

OTTY Mattress Review – Shipping

Shipping is really handy because it gets delivered rolled up in a handy box! So you just take it out the box put it on your bed, then, using the handy cutting tool they provide, you cut away the plastic and let it unroll on to the bed, leave it for about 4 hours and you’re good to go.

It normally gets delivered by UPS and you can get next day delivery or nominate a day that works best for you. They do offer Saturday delivery but that’s an extra £30.

Who Are OTTY?

I thought I’d finish with just a little bit about the company. OTTY was founded by a free runner who couldn’t find the perfect mattress to rest on at night. So he decided to design his own!

Now he runs the company out of their office in Leeds with plans to open offices in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Final Thoughts

The OTTY Mattress has produced a fantastic mattress, they solved the overheating problem so you can have maximum support and comfort while staying perfectly snug all night long. Then the 10-year guarantee will have you sleeping soundly for over a decade.

Click Here To Go To OTTY Website And See Prices

Comments (1)

  • Lauren
    April 25, 2018 at 8:24 am

    I own an Otty matress and I will be sending it back: The cooling layer simply does not work. This matress is very hot in summer or winter. Just like all memory foam mattresses! I can’t believe there are no reviews from other customers online saying the same thing. I am a hot sleeper and have come to the conclusion that memory foam mattresses (which are made from synthetic materials are HOT. Period.)

    Otty lied in the marketing of this product.

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