Dormeo Mattress Review – Octaspring Memory Foam For Ultimate Support

Last Updated on 20 Apr. 2017

Dormeo Mattress ReviewThe Dormeo Mattress is sold in 40 different countries and has been sold 1 million times. A top quality mattress serving happy sleepers for over 10 years. But why is it one of the best?

Octapring Memory Foam

The Dormeo mattress has patented octaspring technology which brings memory foam to the next level by providing better air circulation and comfort. These memory foam springs act like little bellows which push old air out and bring fresh air in keeping you comfortable all night long.

Memory foam traditionally got very hot while you slept, all the heat would get trapped inside and you’d soon be sweating the night away. That’s why the Dormeo mattress has been causing waves in the industry for so long. Now you can get all the comfort and support memory foam provides without any of the drawbacks!

In this Dormeo Mattress Review I’m going to look solely at the octaspring mattress but they do have other mattresses available.

Dormeo Mattress Review

Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress Review

There are 5 different models of Octaspring mattresses available: the 5500, 6500, 8000, 8500, 9500.

Now at first glance it’s not entirely obvious what the difference actually is. There’s a definite price difference but how come?

Different Thickness of Dormeo Mattress

The thickness! That’s the magic difference between each one.

The octasprings come in layers inside the Dormeo mattress and depending which mattress you buy dictates how many layers you get. The 5500 mattress has 1 layer while the 8000-9500 all have 3 layers.

Generally, more layers means more comfort because you have even more mattress to cradle you but it’s a personal taste as well. The more layers there are the softer the mattress, the 5500 has a firm feel while the 8500 is medium-soft and the 9500 medium.

The 8500 and 9500 mattresses are also split into 5 different support zones, so you get more support around your middle where you’re heavier and a softer more comfortable feel at your head and feet. This makes quite a big difference to the feel of the mattress and makes it a lot more comfortable.

Similar Technology is in the 6500 Dormeo mattress which has 3 support zones but isn’t in the 5500 mattress which has a consistent firm feel across the whole thing.

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Features Of The Dormeo Mattress

Now that we know the difference we can look at some of the great features common to all the Dormeo Mattresses.

15-Year Warranty

It has a whopping 15-year Warranty! That is a huge amount of faith in the manufacturing of the product. Generally, a high-quality mattress will last you about 10 years so this is massive.

5-Year Guarantee

Slightly different to the warranty, a 5-year guarantee is great peace of mind while you sleep the night away.

Removeable cover

You can unzip the top of the cover and put it straight in the washing machine! Not essential for everyone, and if you’ve got a sheet and a mattress protector it might not be necessary. But cleaning a mattress can be a nightmare, so having a nice easy option of putting it in the washing machine is a massive plus.


The Dormeo memory foam mattress is, of course, hypoallergenic so no danger of dust mites getting into the mattress or any other allergens for that matter.

Who’s The Dormeo Mattress For?

You’re might still be wondering if the Dormeo mattress is right for you, well the range of firmnesses make the Dormeo mattress suitable for everyone!

People with bad backs will get the support they need from the memory foam.

Hot sleepers will be cooled by the octasprings

Couples will sleep soundly together because the memory foam absorbs movement so you don’t get disturbed by your partner’s movement.

Back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers are all catered for as well, memory foam is very versatile so any sleeper can sleep soundly.

The Breakdown of Each Mattress

I’ve put each mattress into the table below so you can compare them and decide which is best for you. Just click the button below the table if you want to see the price at Mattress Next Day where you can order yours.

Model# Of LayersThicknessFeel
Octaspring 5500120 cmFirm
Octaspring 6500222 cmMedium-Firm
Octaspring 8000325 cmMedium
Octaspring 8500330 cmMedium-Soft
Octaspring 9500330 cmMedium

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Final Word On The Dormeo Mattress Review

Overall Dormeo have produced a fantastic mattress that will have you sleeping comfortably and soundly for many years to come. The octaspring memory foam is unique and far surpasses traditional memory foam for its cooling qualities while still keeping you supported and comfortable. If you have any questions on this review just leave me a comment at the bottom.

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