Snuggledown Side Sleeper Pillow Review

Last Updated on 2 Jun. 2020

Snuggledown side sleeper pillow review

In my never-ending quest for the best pillow, I recently tried out the Snuggledown side sleeper pillow.

The result?

I actually really liked it.

I wasn’t sure how such a cheap pillow would hold up but first impressions are fantastic.

I’ve had an older Snuggledown pillow before and it only lasted about 6 months before it started going lumpy and about 9 months before it became plain old uncomfy. While it lasted it did give a good night of sleep.

So that’s where the price comes from.

It can be tricky finding a good firm support pillow on a budget. if you need a comfy pillow that’s really cheap then the snuggle down is a great choice.

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Now let’s get into the details.

This Snuggledown pillow is really plump so it works great on its own. A great plus because it means you only need the one to enjoy it.

The thickness is about 18 cm when fully plumped and it’s got a nice firm feel so it doesn’t squash down too much.

It is a firm pillow and gives you great support along your neck when you’re sleeping on your side but I found it’s still quite comfortable when you’re sleeping on your back too.


Snuggledown Side Sleeper Pillow

Brand: Snuggledown

Filling: Hollowfibre

Firmness: Firm

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Excellent Budget Option
  • Great Support For Side Sleepers
  • Being budget, it doesn’t last as long as other options


What’s It Made of?

The best thing about the Snuggledown Side Sleeper pillow is the box support shape it has. I am really impressed at how effective this simple box wall construction is at keeping the pillow fairly tall and providing firm support.

The squared sided shape it has means it gives you all the neck support and shoulder support you need for sleeping on your side. But it’s not so much that it’s uncomfortable on your back. Perfect if you have suffered from neck pain and shoulder pain.

Ideal if you like a fuller pillow.

The Filling

The filling is a hollowfibre, cheap and cheerful as long as you don’t move it around too much it normally lasts well enough. I’ve only got 9 months out of a similar pillow but I handle my pillows a lot.

Hollowfibre is well known for its excellent breathability over other synthetic fillings such as microfibre. It is also very lightweight.

It has a nice bounce to it, so doesn’t require as much fluffing and rearranging as feather pillows or down pillows. That said, feather and down pillows will last longer than the Snuggledown.

It is machine washable at 40°C and dries easily. I do love clean, crisp, fresh bedding.

The Outer

The casing is made from breathable 100% cotton with a 230 thread count which is nice and soft for inside a pillowcase.

The cotton cover is not removable, but there is no need as it is machine washable along with the filling.

Snuggledown side sleeper pillow


What Size Is The Pillow?

The Snuggledown is W48cm x L74cm x D18cm. It will fit in a standard sized pillowcase no problem.

Can You Sleep On It In Other Sleep Positions?

You absolutely can.

This pillow is quite lofty, it is similar to simply sleeping on two pillows.

While you can sleep on it in any position, back sleepers might find it a little too high. If you like to lie on the edge of the pillow and you’re a back sleeper, you might find it pushes your head downwards.

Do I Need To Fluff This Pillow?

While It doesn’t need plumping as often as feather or down pillows, it does still need a bit of squashing and rearranging after long periods of use. Especially if it has just been for a spin in the washing machine.

Is This Pillow Hypoallergenic?

Yes. If you suffer from hay fever, eczema, or react to dust mites, this pillow could be a good solution for you.

Hollow fiber is a synthetic material, so allergens like bed bugs have a hard time living in it. While it has not been treated to make it chemically anti-allergy, it is a great option for people who react to feather or down.

Final Thoughts

A great pillow for side sleepers if you’re on a budget.

It won’t last the longest but it’s comfortable and will give some great nights sleep while it does. When new, it provides some nice firm neck support at height, perfect for side sleepers.

This is certainly one of the more comfortable pillows I have tried which are intended as a budget option.

It will expire sooner than other pillows though. It just becomes a big lump after that.


If you’re a side sleeper on a budget, this could be the perfect pillow for you.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the great customer reviews it receives on Amazon. It’s also eligible for free delivery; some areas of the United Kingdom can even get free next day delivery.

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