Silentnight Ultrabounce Pillow Review

Last Updated on 14 May. 2020

The Silentnight Ultrabounce pillows are very much a budget-friendly pillow. But unfortunately, that comes at a cost, and that cost if longevity.

Ultrabounce pillows are comfortable when you first get them but do lose some of their bounce as time goes by.

Confused as to why they’re called Ultrabounce if that’s the case?

Well, they have a special filling that means they bounce back after they’re washed. Which is excellent if you need to wash your pillows often if they’re on a child’s bed for instance, but they do lose this bounce over time

But they have a 2-year guarantee so you get some good life out of them.

I’d recommend sleeping on two of these if you’re a back or side sleeper but just one if you’re a front sleeper.

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Silentnight Ultrabounce Pillow Construction

Silentnight Ultrabounce pillow

Let’s lift the hood and take a look at what makes up this pillow


The filling is a microfibre material which is normally a sort of polyester, this means they’ll be on the warm side trapping some heat in them but they’ll be durable and made to last. This keeps the cost down and is part of the reason you can get a pair for under £20. It won’t be as warm as a memory foam pillow but it will be warmer than a cotton or bamboo cover.

It’s a machine washable material that’s comfortable to sleep on and doesn’t make any rustling sound.


A type of hollowfibre pillow these are made with a synthetic filling that is made to resemble cotton called DuPont, it’s plump, soft and of course, bouncy allowing the pillow to bounce back to shape each night and after it’s been washed. It also makes it hypoallergenic which is a plus for allergy sufferers.

This hollowfibre filling is light and airy which balances out the slight warmth of the polyester cover. Dupont also makes Kevlar which is the ultra-tough material used in motorbike safety gear, so you can rest assured that the filling is of the highest quality.

Silentnight have switched all their pillows to this fibre including their anti-allergy pillow. And it’s the same filling that’s in the Ultrabounce duvet.


This is a softer pillow, Silentnight have given it a 4/10 firmness rating, and with 70 years experience they’d know, that’s a medium support leaning towards a medium-soft support. Definitely not a firm pillow and definitely one you can sink your head into which is why it’s so good that it comes as a pillow pair, you need both to keep your head up if you’re a side sleeper or back sleeper.

If you like a soft sinking feeling then this is a great choice.

Pros & Cons of the Ultrabounce Pillow

Every pillow has its ups and downs, let’s take a look


Machine Washable – Probably the biggest factor in this pillow, you can stick in the washing machine at 40 C and it gets it clean as often as you like and it bounces back. I’d go for a lower spin not to push the filling around too much and dry them on an airing rack completely before putting a pillowcase back on.

Low price – These are a budget pillow, and when you buy a budget pillow you have to have some slack on the quality when my top choice of pillow is almost 5x the price. But it is a low price and 2 pillows for under £20 is a good deal, especially when they’re fairly good quality as these are, a definite plus in my book.


3 months good use – You’re going to have about 3 months of good use if you don’t fight with it in your sleep, and then it starts to flatten out. It is still comfortable but there’s a definite degrading of comfort over time. So these are best for a kids bed, spare bed or as a temporary pillow. And if you’re looking for value for money read my review of the Panda Pillow

Warranties & Guarantees

A 2-year guarantee means they have some belief in their pillow but if your pillow goes flat I’m not sure how easy it is to get a refund. Still, it shows they have trust that they’ve made a good quality pillow and Silentnight have been keeping the nation sleeping happily for years so we shouldn’t complain too much.

Should You Buy One?

If you’re tight on cash then yes this is a fine choice of pillow. Lots of happy customer reviews, free delivery with Amazon when you spend over £20, and less than a tenner a pillow.

They’re soft, comfortable and I like them. They just don’t last as well as more expensive pillows but unfortunately, this is the case with everything.

A very good choice for front sleepers too who will get on great with the thinner profile of the pillow.

Manufacturers Description and Product Details

Our Silentnight Ultrabounce Plus pillows are filled with DuPont Cotrano fibres to offer long-term comfort for a great night’s sleep.

Cotrano fibres are lovely and bouncy, and both lightweight and soft. DuPont fibres are durable and resilient which means they rebound after compression to keep your pillows feeling full and bouncy for longer. Ultrabounce pillows are encased in a soft-touch microfibre cover that is both soft and easy to care for.

Our pillows can even be machine washed at 40°C, so you can keep them feeling just like new for longer.


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