Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow Review

Last Updated on 23 Jun. 2020

I really like Latex… Pillows! They’re really comfortable and super long lasting so you get a lot of value for money and the Hypnos High Profile Latex pillow is no exception. If side or back sleeping is your comfort zone when then this pillow offers superior comfort for you.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first received this pillow to try. I expected a heavy, rubber-like consistency having never used an all latex pillow before.

Impressively, the pillow held a dense, well-structured feel whilst also being super soft to touch. The pillow protector is one of the softest I’ve tried and felt really nice to the touch.

The pillow fully supported my head and neck and I was able to adjust my shoulders into such a comfortable sleeping position that I didn’t want to get out of bed the next day!

Despite being made of a rubber-like material, the latex was super soft and I didn’t feel hot or sticky at all, despite it being a warm summers evening.

Still unsure if this is the pillow for you? Read on to discover the full story.


BRAND: Hypnos



  • 100% Pure Latex
  • Breathable
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Supportive
  • Dust Mite, Mould and Mildew Resistant



There are low profile pillows and a high profile so let’s start with what’s the difference.

Basically it’s just about how you sleep, the low profile is shorter so your head lies closer to the bed, only really good if you’re a front sleeper or maybe a side sleeper. Meanwhile, the high profile is taller so much better for back sleepers and side sleepers.

Although this Hypnos pillow is targetted at back and side sleepers, if you’re a little bit of everything, then the high profile is the way to go.


Latex is a totally natural material which is nice, it’s made from the sap of a rubber tree and then treated without chemicals to turn into the bouncy material that’s in your pillows.

Using latex in a pillow is a good option as it’s a denser material compared to memory foam, feather pillows or fibre pillows. This means that the pillow provides superior support for those who struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Being a natural material, latex is breathable and soft as well as being dense enough for good support. The surface of the pillow is specially designed for airflow and heat dissipation so you’re guaranteed a cool and restful nights sleep.

Latex is known to hold it’s shape well and won’t lose its structure with repeated use. It should stay firm and supportive for many years whilst still being soft enough for maximum comfort.



The pillow measures 72 x 43 x 13 cm in size and weighs 1.8kg. It’s weighty to hold but not heavy.


The pillow itself is heavy enough that it holds its position well on the bed. It doesn’t slide around as you toss and turn and the latex allows its shape to adjust quickly as you move. Unlike memory foam, it doesn’t have that initial firm feeling, it moulds to your shape quickly and springs back instantly.

The pillow has a uniquely bumpy texture on the outer surface. It is important to note that these bumps do not dig in at all. They are super soft and comfortable and gently ease into pressure points around your neck.


The pillow comes with a super soft, plush feeling cover. It’s made from velour and feels almost velvet to touch. It feels luxurious but light as well.



This talalay latex pillow is produced by setting the latex in layers rather than all at once. This gives it an extra springiness or bouncy type feel and the latex contains hundreds of little air pockets which make this pillow cool and breathable. The latex allows an optimal heat distribution so even on the hottest evenings the heat will dissipate nicely.


My favourite thing about the Hypnos latex pillow is that it’ll last for years, while regular pillows go flat over time latex just doesn’t! It stays firm and plump for many many years so you get great value for money. You’ll easily get 5 years out of it but I could see it lasting up to 10.


Latex is naturally hypoallergenic as fungus and dust can’t really penetrate it like a foam or feather pillow. This means it’s mould resistant, antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic.


The superior Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow shows off irresistibly soft Talalay latex. The high profile pillow has been created to a high standard to provide the greatest comfort aimed at side and back sleepers, the High Profile has a higher density providing superior support and pressure relief.

Latex is breathable, keeping you cool and dry, providing a soothing and relaxing sleep surface. A plush velour removable cover graces the surface of the pillow, leaving the latex room to breathe with its small air pockets. The Hypnos high profile pillow is made from Talalay latex, this is breathable which helps maintain a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.


It’s quite a firm feel so if prefer a softer pillow this choice isn’t the one for you. It is fully supportive around the head and neck which is great if you suffer from neck pain whilst sleeping. This isn’t ideal if you sleep on your front, and if this is the case a Hypnos low profile pillow would be a better option.

Another thing I noted with the pillow is there’s definitely a weird smell when you first open it. Given the material used this is completely normal for a latex pillow. Just be patient and it’ll go away in a few days.


This pillow seems low in height compared to other High Profile pillows, will it offer the same support?

The pillow, at first glance, doesn’t appear to be very bulky. At only 13cm (around 5 inches) high it’s certainly mid-range where it comes to pillow height. Despite this, the support it offers is firm yet soft and comfortable. It doesn’t lose its shape when you lay on it so extra height isn’t necessary. This pillow immediately cradles your head and neck to ensure comfort and relief of pain and pressure points.

How do you get rid of the rubber latex smell from a new pillow?

The smell normally subsides in 1-3 days when using but if it bothers you too much to sleep initially then it’s fine to let the pillow air out. Just lay it out with no pillowcase, in a well ventilated room until the smell is gone and then it’s fine to use.

Why high profile compared to low profile pillow?

High profile pillows are great for back and side sleepers as they offer extra neck support. Low profile pillows are better for front sleepers and back sleepers who require less height from a pillow.

Are the ballpoints on the pillow uncomfortable?

The surface of the pillow has little dimples all over it which aid airflow and gently mould around pressure points. They are soft and hardly felt at all when sleeping so nothing to worry about!

How many of these pillows are necessary to ensure a good nights sleep?

One is provided per pack and one is all that’s needed. The high profile pillow is firm enough that a second pillow shouldn’t be necessary to provide additional support.

I like to sleep on my back and side, which is the best pillow for me?

The high support pillow is the best one size fits all option. If you like to change positions then this one comes out on top for support and comfort.


This pillow is really comfortable. Everything from its size, shape and feel just makes it so dreamy to rest your head on. The firm support it gives is not only great for neck and shoulder pain but it gives the pillow weight which holds it well in place as you toss and turn at night.

No disappearing down behind the headboard for this pillow!

It’s a cool and refreshing choice on a hot summer’s night and is easily the best pillow I’ve tried in a while.



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