Bamboo Pillow (Reviews) – The 4 Best Bamboo Pillows For a Comfy Sleep

Last Updated on 15 Apr. 2021

Bamboo PillowA bamboo pillow is a small construction a panda builds for itself and its cub, to ensure a restful night’s sleep in the forests of China… You read that in David Attenborough’s voice, didn’t you? No, a bamboo pillow is not a twiggy place to rest your head.

Bamboo – although not a well-known material – is extremely comfortable and great for bedding.

If you’re looking for something new, then this is the guide for you. I’ll answer all the questions you have about bamboo pillows and I’ve put together a list of the best four on the market. All of them are available online.

As ever, I’m always available for any questions you have. Feel free to leave them in the comment box at the bottom of this post.

Top 4 Best Bamboo Pillows Reviewed UK

1. Panda Luxury Bamboo Pillow Review

Panda Pillow Plus Eye Mask

Brand: Panda Life
Filling: Memory Foam
Firmness: Medium

  • 10-Year Guarantee
  • 30-day Trial
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Price & Reviews

Panda Life have changed the pillow game completely.

Their pillow is incredibly comfy and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

To give you a better idea of how great this is, a normal high-quality pillow will last about two years. That’s right, be impressed!

What’s even better is that even with the guarantee, this isn’t the most expensive pillow on this list.

The Panda pillow also comes with a 30-day trial. That would be great if you haven’t tried memory foam before and aren’t sure whether or not you’ll like it. If you decide it isn’t for you, you can return it for a full refund.

It’s 12cm tall, which is going to make it perfect if you sleep on your back or your side. However, if you usually sleep on your belly, it might be a little too tall.

This is a medium-feel pillow and because it provides great support to your head and neck, it will be ideal for helping with neck pain.

ANOTHER great thing about this pillow is that for every one Panda Life sell, they donate a portion of the cost to WWF to help maintain the habitats of wild pandas.

This is by far my favourite pillow on this list and cannot recommend it highly enough.

2. Mastery Mart Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Brand: The Bamboo Pillow
Filling: Memory Foam
Firmness: Medium

  • Orthopedic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Large sized pillow (50.8×76.2cm)

Price & Reviews

Not the most original name but it does what it says on the tin!

This is a shredded memory foam pillow, so you still get all the support and comfort you’d expect.

The bamboo cover on this one is removable and washable, which is great. However this pillow is bigger than normal, so you might find trouble if you want to put any other covers on it.

I personally really like the bigger size but it’ll be a squeeze trying to fit two on a small double bed. I’ve got more of the best neck pain pillows here, they aren’t all bamboo but might be worth a look if you’re suffering.

3. Homescapes Bamboo Pillow Review


Brand: Homescapes
Filling: Microfibre
Firmness: Soft

  • Ideal For Back Sleepers
  • Comes In A Reusable Storage Bag

Price & Reviews

This is a microfibre pillow, which will suit you if you really don’t like memory foam.

It’s super comfortable if you’re a back-sleeper and comes in a reusable storage bag.

I’ve found these are great for keeping spare bedding in, since you probably won’t have your pillow in it most of the time!

4. Salveo Quilted Bamboo Pillow Review


Brand: Salveo
Filling: Microfibre
Firmness: Soft-Medium

  • 300 Thread Count Cover
  • Soft Filling

Price & Reviews

Again, another great memory foam alternative.

This is 100% microfibre but I have to say that it doesn’t have the same quality as the other pillows on the list.

It is the cheapest though, and has that bamboo cover that you’re looking for. However, to be comfortable I would say that you would need two.

This would be a great option for a kid’s bed or anyone looking for a softer feel from their pillow.

Why should I go for a bamboo pillow?

Well, there are five answers to that question:

Best bamboo pillow

  1. They’re hypoallergenic.

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. It’s resistant to dust mites and allergens which, if you’re an asthma-sufferer like I am, you are going to fall in love with.

On top of that, bamboo is also antibacterial! This is fantastic if you’re prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin because it won’t irritate.

  1. They’re breathable.

Naturally breathable. Naturally climate-controlled. This means you’ll be lovely and cool in the summer but cosy and warm when winter rolls around.

Bamboo also wicks away moisture, which means moisture won’t cling to your skin. You’ll get an extremely refreshing sleep!

  1. They’re super soft.

Bamboo pillows feel almost like silk. They are extremely comfortable! If you find yourself shelling out on expensive pillowcases to try and cover up how your pillow really feels, then bamboo is the way to go.

  1. They’re eco-friendly.

Bamboo is much more sustainable than most other pillow materials.

It grows around four feet a day, so grows back quickly once it’s been harvested!

Another plus – it produces more oxygen than most other plants. Greater support for bamboo products means a cleaner planet.

  1. They’re easyto look after.

Like I said earlier, wicks away moisture. On top of keeping you nice and cool, this means they stay cleaner for longer.

It also means that when you do wash them, they don’t crinkle. They only need a cool wash. They dry in half the time of a normal pillow.

Lots of excellent reasons to go bamboo.

What types of bamboo pillows are out there?

There are four different options that you can consider if you’re going for a bamboo pillow:

  • Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

This is something most of us are familiar with. Memory foam moulds to your body (and head) with the heat that you give off while you sleep.

A foam pillow means that your noggin will be cradled, giving you maximum support.

As well as this, memory foam will also support your neck – something to consider if you usually wake up with a sore neck!

The only thing to be aware of is that a new memory foam pillow will have a strange smell for the first 24-48 hours. It’s completely normal, it will just need to be aired out.

  • Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows

Very similar to the first filling but – as you probably guessed – the foam is shredded into pieces!

This will make your pillow a bit softer than a regular memory foam pillow and it means there is extra space for air inside the pillow, making it a little cooler.

However, these pillows don’t provide the same kind of neck support and do tend to get lumpy after using them for a while.

  • Microfibre and Hollowfibre Bamboo Pillows

It sounds like a fancy name but this is what ‘traditional pillows’ are filled with. It’s a polyester material that’s cheap to make and comfortable to sleep on.

These pillows don’t last very long. A cheap microfibre/hollowfibre pillow will become flat in around six months. If you manage to get one that’s higher quality, it will last about two years.

  • Feather

Feather pillows are usually thought of as the height of luxury and while they are very soft, they really don’t provide a lot of support.

However, if you’re a fan of your feather duvet, this might be a good choice for you.

I’m still a bit confused about pillows. What should I do?

There are some great choices here but getting the perfect bed setup can be tough. If you still have some questions or want some extra advice, don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the box below.

Happy Sleeping!

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