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Last Updated on 5 Jun. 2020

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In my never ending quest to find the best pillow, I have arrived at testing the Emma Pillow.

Have you ever heard of an adjustable height pillow?

I’m not talking about some technical hydraulic pillow. Although that is something I would like to see. I’m talking about a modular pillow that you are able to remove and add layers to the filling; allowing you to build it to exactly the height and feel you want.

A transformer pillow. What a time to be alive.


Emma is a relatively new company in the bedding world. They kicked up quite a lot of attention in 2015 when they won the award for Best Mattress of the Year for their Emma Original memory foam mattress. Having won a whole raft of awards from independent bodies, such as Which and Good Housekeeping, they are undoubtedly making a name for themselves.

With the intention of being socially responsible, Emma aims to help communities and economies by producing their products locally. That’s why when you buy any Emma product in the United Kingdom, it was made in the United Kingdom.

Emma focuses on quality, not quality. They sell three items, the Emma Mattress, the Emma Mattress Protector, and of course the Emma Pillow.


Memory foam was brought to us by the clever cookies at NASA. They were trying to make seat material that could withstand the crazy pressures of takeoff. It didn’t take long before memory foam then made its way into the commercial market and became one of the best bedding materials.

Today, memory foam is loved worldwide for its supreme support and comfort.

Memory foam is a viscoelastic material. Sounds fancy, but all that means is it gets softer when your body heat is applied to it. As it becomes softer, it then moulds and forms around the contours of your body, providing amazing support and comfort for your exact unique body shape.

The optimum support helps to relieve pressure points and helps to soothe sore and arthritic joints.

When you’re not lying on it any more; it then returns back to its original shape. That’s why it’s called memory foam!

Memory Foam Key Benefits

Pressure Relief

The unique moulding properties of memory foam means that it forms and contours to the shape of your head. This allows it to provide you with optimum support.

This support relieves unwanted pressure from your joints, allowing you to get comfortable in your favourite sleeping positions.

Promotes Spinal Alignment

The excellent support that memory foam encourages healthy, natural, spinal alignment. By providing unique support just for your personal shape; you are able to relax and unwind in a comfortable position.

The ergonomic support is perfect for people suffering from neck pain and back pain.

Ideal For All Sleeping Positions

​​​​Because the memory foam forms to support exactly you; it is ideal for any and all sleeping positions. It will mould to support you no matter which way you like to lie.

Front sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers alike will all feel wonderfully supported.


Allergy sufferers need not worry! Memory foam lends itself very well toward being an excellent hypoallergenic material. It does not attract allergens such as bed bugs, dust mites, pollen, and mould.

Dampens Motion

Do you ever need to get up out of bed in the middle of the night?

It always involves the challenge of not shaking and disturbing your partner, right?

Well, as it turns out, memory foam does a great job at absorbing motion and vibrations. You can quite easily jump up out of bed without rocking your partner on the other side at all.

Durable And Long Lasting

Memory Foam pillows are some of the longest lasting types of pillows. Some can last as long as 10 years. Whereas other standard pillow types, such as down pillows or feather pillows, will typically last 1 to 3 years.

Now that’s value for money!


Emma Pillow

Brand: Emma

Filling: Memory Foam

Firmness: Firm or Medium, depending on the side

  • 100-Night Trial Period
  • Adjustable Depth
  • Cooling & Breathable
  • 3 Different Customisable Foam Layers
  • Machine Washable Cover



This pillow is for people of all sleepings positions. Stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers alike will get supreme support from the Emma pillow. This is made possible by two aspects. One, it’s a versatile pillow, you can add and remove internal memory foam layers to suit the perfect height for your sleeping needs. Two, being memory foam, it forms and moulds to suit you. So it will support you in any and all positions.

The optimal support and adjustability of this pillow make it perfect for people who wake up with shoulder and neck pain.

  • Side Sleepers. I recommend using all three layers. You want your pillow lofty to fill the gap between your shoulder and ear.
  • Front Sleepers. You will want the pillow fairly low. Just one or two layers will do the trick. You get to have fun here playing around with the most foam layer combinations possible.
  • Back Sleepers. You want the pillow to be less tall than a side sleeper wants, but not as low as a stomach sleeper wants. Two layers should be perfect.


The Emma pillow is made of different memory foam layers, all wrapped up in a lovely soft breathable cover.


The Emma pillow has a unique 3-layer memory foam design. Each of these three layers is removable and interchangeable. You can rearrange the layers to the perfect feel. If the pillow is too high, you can remove a layer or two.

Emma Pillow Made With You In Mind Diagram

The Emma site is a bit unclear over what the foam layers are. Under their “Made with you in mind” section, the diagram says the layers are “supportive foam”, “Comfortable Airgocell foam”, and “Pressure-relieving memory foam”, in that order.

Under their “Product Details” section, under “Structure”, it says the foam layers are “Airgocell foam”, “Cold foam”, and “Visco-elastic memory foam”, in that order.

Emma Pillow Product Details Structure Diagram

Because that’s a bit unclear, and you can’t really tell what the foams are just by taking them out of the cover, I got in touch with Emma to learn which diagram is correct.

Turns out the “Product Details” section is correct. So the foam layers are:

  • The top layer is made of a comfortable Airgocell foam. It’s soft breathable foam, so helps to keep you cool through the night. It is about 50% of air and has properties similar to gel. This gives it brilliant temperature and moisture regulating properties.
  • The middle layer is a supportive cold foam layer. This gives the pillow a firm inner core. Which pairs nicely with the soft, squishy, breathable top layer.
  • The bottom layer is made of visco-elastic memory foam. This is the classic memory foam part. It will mould and form to your body contours in the presence of your body heat.

Emma Pillow Cover and Zipper


The soft outer cover is made from 98% polyester and 2% elastane. The little indentations in the cover help to keep it soft, and give incredible air circulation, so you stay cool all night.

It is also removable and machine washable at 40°C. I think this is such an important feature to have the cover removable and washable. I absolutely love the smell and feeling of fresh clean bedding.

While it has a removable cover, I will always recommend you still pop it in a regular pillowcase.


I really like this pillow. I’m a side sleeper, so I kept all of the layers in there, but I tried it in a bunch of different foam combinations. It’s impressive how variable the pillow can feel just by rearranging the foam layers.

Being able to adjust the height of the pillow is a thoughtful unique feature. Some people want lots of pillow under their head. Others, not so much.

It can genuinely be transformed from a firm pillow to a soft pillow. You don’t even need to rearrange the layers for that either. Just flip it over.

When you take it out of its packaging, it does have a bit of a new-car type of smell. This is nothing to worry about. It is completely normal and will fade after a couple of days. Some people say they can still smell it for up to seven days. If you’re not a fan of the new-car smell, then washing the removable cover should clear it up.

The Emma Pillow really does have excellent breathability and cooling properties. And I am certainly a “hot sleeper”.

With such versatility and comfort in one pillow; you’re definitely in for a good night’s sleep.

Click here to check it out directly from Emma

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