8 Best Air Beds Reviewed 2023 – Convenient Inflatable Comfort

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I have fond memories of air beds.

Most of them involve staying up till after midnight with my friends, trying to stifle the fit of giggles we just couldn’t stop.

I know now that the air beds I used to pretend to sleep on when my parents would come in to check on us were not great. Every single one had a cover that felt uncomfortable to touch. After a couple of hours, I inevitably found myself in a puddle of deflated bed – not the bouncy sensation I’d expected.

However, air beds have come a long way since then.

Air beds are quicker and easier than ever before and can create a guest room in no time at all – a great benefit if you don’t have a lot of space.

And they’re cheaper than you think.

This is a guide for what you should be looking for from a new air bed, to make sure that you get the one that’s perfect for you. I’ve also put together a useful list of the best of what’s out there, to save you the trouble. You can even buy them online.

So get under the covers with your torch (I know everything’s electronic now and you’re reading this on a screen with a backlight, but humour me) and let’s talk about air mattresses!

Top 5 Best Air Beds and Mattresses

1. Top Choice – Sable Self-Inflating Double Air Bed


Brand: Sable

Size: Double

Built-In Pump: Yes

  • 3-5 Minute Inflate Time
  • Inflated Dimensions: 203 x 152 x 50 cm
  • Will Stay Inflated All Night


This is a great all-rounder air bed. It has plenty of room to sleep two people, it’s very comfortable and comes with an electric pump.

The pump is built-in to the bed and the mattress will self-inflate in around three minutes. If you prefer a firmer mattress, there’s even an option to inflate it for another two minutes to firm it up.

This is another tall air bed – 50cm – and even with all that height, it still stays inflated all night long. No sore backs!

However, this one doesn’t come with a storage bag. I know I struggle if I have to try and fold an air bed to put it back in the box it came in, so this is something to be aware of. But get yourself some string to tie it up and you can still store it in the cupboard.

A comfortable air mattress that’s great for camping, guests and couples, easy to inflate and minimal deflation through the night.

2. Best Air Bed For Camping – Bestway Premium Single Air Mattress


​Brand: Bestway

Size: Single

Built-In Electric Pump: Yes

  • Comes With Storage Bag
  • Foam Top For Added Comfort
  • Pocket On Side


We’ve all been there. You’ve gone to sleep on your inflatable bed for the night, wrapped up in your sleeping bag. Then you wake up in the morning halfway across the room on the floor.

One of the great things about this air bed is the raised edge that runs around the whole thing. It’s designed to stop you from rolling out, giving you a more comfortable sleep. Especially good if you’re camping so you don’t roll onto the cold ground.

Even if you aren’t prone to falling out of bed, it keeps your pillows from slipping off the end – something I hate when I’m on an air bed.

There’s also a little pocket on one side, so if you’re someone who has to have their phone on them at all times, you have somewhere safe to keep it.

This air bed also has a plush foam topper which creates the impression that you’re on a regular mattress rather than an air bed.

It folds into a storage bag, which isn’t light necessarily so I wouldn’t take it hiking to go camping, but in the car it’s perfect.

3. EZ Automatic Double Or Single Bed


Brand: EZ Bed

Size: Double

Built-In Electric Pump: Yes

  • Folds Up Into A Storage Case
  • Very Robust Frame
  • Dimensions:193 x 99 x 52cm


This air bed is a bit different to the others I’ve talked about because it sits on a frame. This makes it a little more luxurious and falls in that middle ground between an air bed and an actual bed.

If you’re looking to keep your air bed longer-term, this is a better option, since it’s more robust.

However, if you’re worried about space, this air bed still packs up into a carry case, so it’s not going to take up lots of room.

The mattress inflates in less than two minutes and it’s incredibly easy to use. Unzip the case, turn on the pump and as the mattress inflates it pushes the frame into shape. Just make sure you have enough space before it all pops open!

4. Best Double Air Bed – Aerobed Ultra Inflatable Mattress

AeroBed Ultra Mattress Double

Brand: Aerobed

Size: Double

Built-In Electric Pump: Yes

  • Inflates in 60 seconds
  • Deflates in 15 seconds
  • Mattress cover included
  • Storage case

Price & Reviews

Not quite right to take away on a camping trip but a superb air bed to have in your house for guests. It inflates in under 60 seconds via a remote control and the “whoosh valve has it completely deflated in 15 seconds. Great for quick tidy up after!

It comes with a removable cover that you can throw in the washing machine and it’s treated to be antimicrobial so you can rest assured it’s clean and hygienic, even though it lies on the floor.

Top-quality and ideal for couples, the built-in pump has a 5-year guarantee and the mattress a 1-year guarantee. Plus the whole thing folds down into a carry bag for easy storage.

5. Best Cheap Air Mattress – Comfort Quest Blow Up Camping Mattress

 Comfort Quest Airbed Inflatable Blow Up

Brand: Comfort Quest

Size: Single and Double available

Built-In Electric Pump: Yes

  • Cheap and cheerful
  • Requires a pump
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Ordinary foot pump works fine

Price & Reviews

This is your bog-standard blow-up bed, it inflates easily with a regular external pump and does the usual thing of slowly deflating through the night.

But, at less than £20 and free shipping on Amazon, you certainly can’t go wrong. It’s a soft flocked-air bed so the sleeping surface is a little more comfortable but if you’re using it indoors you can just throw a regular sheet over it and it’s good to go.

Take it out on sleepovers, if you’re a camper then it’s only about 3kg if you want to take it backpacking, just pack it in someone else’s bag!

Your standard air mattress, if you buy this one you’ll no doubt recognise it as one you’ve slept on before.


A reasonable question.

The air beds from my youth were all single beds, but there is a huge range of sizes available.

You can go right through from a single to a king-size, it’s dependent upon the space that you’re planning to use. You can treat your guests to luxury if you want but you shouldn’t have to stack your couch and coffee table to do it!

Generally, a double is a safe option. Plenty of space for one but it can accommodate a couple if you need it to. It’s a bit more versatile than a single.

Most importantly, think about the people you know who will be using the air bed. Do they deserve a double? How much do you really like them? I’m kidding, of course…


Air beds are designed for ease but, ultimately, temporary use. They aren’t made to be used regularly for months and months.

If you want an air bed for the occasional visitor, then it should last you well. You can use an air bed every night for a week or two and it’ll hold up fine.

However, it isn’t as ideal as a long-term solution. You’d get better value just getting a cheap mattress and putting it on the floor!

If you’re stuck for a mattress, this is a guide I wrote for buying a budget-friendly option, which will serve you a bit better than an air bed.


Comfort and feel are important, you want to make sure that it’s nice to the touch.

However, there is one super essential detail that I would recommend to everyone who is considering buying an air bed:


I am no stranger to having friends to stay, talking to the wee hours and then remembering with a groan that the air bed still needs to be pumped up. My friends are my guests, I can’t make them do it. So I end up stomping a squeaky foot pump, to the hilarity of everyone else.

An electric pump eliminates this entire scenario!

You can just plug it in and watch it breathe life into your air bed, from the comfort of anywhere but stomping a foot pump.

Trust me on this one.



I’d say that it’s always worth having. You don’t want to be stuck without one!

All of the air beds that I’ve talked about come with puncture repair kits but if you’re going for something different, remember to check whether or not a kit is included.


Afraid not! It’s the price you pay for not pumping air beds up by hand. Or foot.


Absolutely not.

Air beds can hold anywhere from 200-300kg, so even with two people on there, you should be just fine.

Other Air Beds Reviewed


 Parkland Single Air Bed Review

Brand: Parkland

Size: Single

Built-In Electric Pump: Yes

  • Great Price
  • Dimensions: 196 x 97 x 47cm
  • Carry Bag Included


This air bed is the epitome of convenience. It rolls itself out, pumps itself up and is good to go! If only other things in life could be so easy.

As the name suggests, this air bed is tall – about 47cm when it’s inflated. This means that you’ll get a better night’s sleep since you won’t feel as if you’re touching the ground.

Just make sure you close the plastic valve before going to sleep, or it’ll deflate!

Despite being tall, it folds up neatly into a carry bag. You’ll be able to pack it away in a cupboard when you’re not using it and it won’t take up too much room.

Aerobed Ultra Divan King Size

 Aerobed Divan Air Bed Review

Brand: Aerobed

Size: Double

Built-In Electric Pump: Yes

  • 1-Year Guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stays Inflated All Night
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Comes With A Carry Bag For Storage


Aerobeds are one-of-a-kind. They are unrivalled when it comes to convenience and comfort.

It has an electric pump built-in and inflates in under three minutes. It also deflates completely flat, which makes it so much easier to put away. It comes with a carry bag too, so you really have everything you need!

Like the Parkland air bed, this one is also tall – a whopping 56cm – and you really notice the difference. It’s made up of two sections: the divan and the mattress, which inflate at the same time.

It’s incredibly comfortable and has had great reviews from elderly customers with conditions like arthritis.

It’s undoubtedly one of the best air beds available but it does come with a hefty price tag. If it’s within your budget, then you absolutely get what you pay for.

Click here to read the full review


Best blow up air sofa bed

Brand: Intex

Size: Double

Built-In Pump No

  • Easy To Fold Out
  • Comfortable As A Sofa
  • Sits and Sleeps two


I know what you’re thinking. Inflatable sofas haven’t been in style since 1995.

Trust me!

This is a great option if you’re looking for an air bed for kids since it can be used as a sofa and a bed. And an adult would probably struggle to get comfortable on this one.

The backrest lifts off and then the mattress can be folded out, it’s really simple.

The only downside to this air bed is that it doesn’t have the all-important electric pump, so if you wanted one, you would need to buy it separately.


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Comments (4)

  • David Shelling
    March 21, 2019 at 11:13 pm

    In need an inflatable double mattress with a width between 121cm and 132 cm.
    I haven’t been able to find one online, do you know of any?
    David Shelling

    • Kieran
      March 26, 2019 at 2:04 pm

      Hi David,

      I’m afraid I don’t, the closest I found was 137 cm, I’ll keep looking and let you know here if I find anything.

  • Neil
    May 16, 2020 at 10:00 pm

    Hello Kieron

    I’m about to move to a fifth floor unfinished apartment with a winding staircase and a mezzanine bedroom with a skylight. Nice and Bohemian, but I can’t decide what bedding to organise.

    I and my partner need something big enough for the two of us with no structural divider down the middle. I (sometimes) have a bad back, so something ergonomically sound would be good. She (sometimes) has allergies, so something hypoallergenic would be good.

    We’d like to go camping some time, when circumstances allow, so I’m wondering about getting something that could double for when we go away (we have a car so it doesn’t have to be ultralight or mega-portable). You can’t guarantee a power source when you’re camping, so anything that needs to be plugged in to a wall socket won’t do.

    Either an airbed/SIM sitting on the floor or a camp-bed set-up might work but, since we’re going to be using this as our usual bed, the latter would have to orthopaedically as good as the former.

    And to complete the spec requirement, I’d prefer for it not to be blue.

    I was starting to have a feeling that if I walked into your average camping shop (if that were possible, which at the moment it isn’t) and answered “can I help you” with this list of requirements, I wouldn’t get very far.

    Then I came across your site ….

    For what it’s worth, at the moment I’ve got it down to the Vango Shangri-La 10 Double (I wonder what the difference is between this and the Odyssey? Or the Comfort?); the Outwell Wonderland, Dreamcatcher or Dreamboat (again, I don’t understand the difference between them); the Etekcity Portable Mattress with rechargeable pump; and the Coleman Airbed Cot (which I’m additionally attracted to because of its versatility, but I’m worried about that support bar running down the middle of the camp bed).

    Thanks for any wisdom you can share

    • Kieran
      May 19, 2020 at 1:33 pm

      Wowee that’s quite a comment! Let’s see what I can do…

      My initial thoughts are you could try a Japanese folding mattress like this one that you could use at home, you could get a mattress topper for home use to help back aches and you can roll it up to take it camping.

      I had a look at the different Vango’s and honestly? I have no clue what the differences are! They all seem the exact same apart from aesthetics so I’m thinking it’s possibly never models, but those you’d probably be better of sending the company an email and seeing what they have to say.

      The Coleman looks good but yes it does have the bar and It shouldn’t feel that way because oft he mattress thickness but if you wanted the same thing with no middle bar you could get the EZ bed I recommend (this one)

      But I think the Japanese futon mattress will be your best choice.

      Hope that helped and good luck with your search.


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