5 Best Air Bed Pumps UK – A 2023 Expert Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on 3 Mar. 2020

Air beds can be so convenient.

Whether you have guests coming and don’t have an extra bed, or you need a space-saving solution for your own bed, having an easy-to-stow air mattress comes in handy.

Until your pump breaks or you realize that the included pump was designed by somebody who has never used an air bed themselves, that is. Suddenly, your air mattress becomes a huge headache.

This Best Air Bed Pump article is for anyone who has ever struggled to pump up their air mattress. Maybe it was an ill-fitting nozzle, weak air pressure or batteries that didn’t last long enough to fill your air mattress? Regardless, many of us have had that moment of wondering whether an air bed is even worth the hassle. This guide is for you!

Don’t let your air pump be your weak link, forcing your air mattress to gather dust in your closet. With the help of this buyer’s guide and detailed reviews, you can find the pump that will make your life easy again.

Check out the list below for a quick rundown of the top choices, they’re all linked to amazon so you can order yours and get free delivery!

Top 5 Best Air Bed Pumps UK Reviewed

1. Best Electric Air Bed Pump – Milestone Camping Air Bed Pump

  • Powerful and fast-acting can fill air bed quickly
  • Lightweight at 450 grams
  • Three nozzles included
  • Also works to deflate quickly


Save your breath – and your strength – by letting this nifty and compact electric pump do the work for you!

It doesn’t matter what size of air bed needs inflating, this pump will have it filled in just a couple of minutes. It works so quickly and efficiently that you can even pump up an inflatable pool in no time.

As long as you are near a power supply, you can inflate any item. Thanks to the three nozzles that are included with the pump, you have options. The narrow one is 0.6 cm so it works well for blow-up rafts, toys and other small inflatables. The middle size can fill any air bed with a small hole valve and is 1.7 cm. Lastly, the large hole nozzle will accommodate any large inflatable or air bed.

To deflate, just flick the switch and in less than a couple of minutes, your deflated air bed is ready to be put away until the next time the in-laws come to torture visit you…

If you have an electrical hook up wherever you’re camping, then this pump is ideal. You’ll be able to get set up quickly and enjoy being outdoors.

Considering that this has a motor, it’s very lightweight. At less than half a kilo, it can be brought along without weighing you down too much.

2. Best Foot Pump For Air Bed – Milestone Camping 5L Foot Pump

  • Lightweight and compact when folded
  • Includes two standard size nozzles
  • Compatible with other inflatables
  • Deflate option


I mentioned the speed of air bed pumps earlier. Having a pump that can inflate your air bed quickly is why I recommend the Milestone Camping Foot Pump.

The bellows-style pump can pass a large volume of air into your bed, inflating it in no time.

It even deflates your bed quickly by switching the hose attachments and working in reverse. Just pump as you normally would and in seconds your air bed is deflated and ready to be stowed away.

This model also comes with two different nozzles, which fit standard valves. You can be fairly certain that it’ll be able to inflate most airbeds.

Not only is it very lightweight – weighing in at around 600 grams – but it folds down securely, with a clasp to keep it closed. It’s easy to bring along to the beach, campsite, or simply store away in a closet.

The only downside is that this is not a quiet air bed pump! It whistles while you pump it with your foot – so no stealth-inflating your bed if you arrive at the campsite while everybody else is sleeping!

Other than that, with this air bed pump, you get a great product that will fill your air bed quickly.

3. Best Hand Powered Air Bed Pump – Intex Double Quick

  • Double action pump inflates on the upstroke and down
  • Includes 3 different nozzles
  • Deflates quickly
  • Very lightweight


Having a dual-action pump makes very quick work of inflating anything, including your air bed.

It can perform just as well as any electric-powered pump and in some cases even beat them. A typical single air bed can be filled with around two minutes of moderate pumping, which is quick!

It’s fairly easy to manage, although you do end up bending over quite far, as the barrel is only 12 inches tall and you need to place your feet on the pegs to keep it stable. There is the option to go for a longer barrel, however, if you need to go easy on your back.

Though it’s lightweight, this pump doesn’t have a foldaway option, so the profile is not as compact as a foot-powered one. It more than makes up for that with the superior airflow, though.

This is the quietest hand pump you can find, so it’s great if you need to keep things quiet. Sleeping babies can sleep easy!

The three different nozzles are ideal, making them compatible with most inflatable mattresses and other types of inflatables.

4. Best Rechargeable Air Bed Pump – Zacro Electric Portable Pump

  • 400 litre per minute airflow
  • Can Inflate 20 Single Air beds on a charge
  • Charges by USB or car DC charger
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
  • Very lightweight at 600 grams


With this pump, you can go off-grid and still inflate your air bed with ease. No, I don’t mean you have to use manpower by pumping with your feet or hands. Just charge the battery and take this air bed pump anywhere. You can even charge it with the DC adapter for the car on your way to the campsite!

It’s also no larger than your average can of soda and fits in just about any backpack. Seriously. It fits in the palm of your hand and still manages to inflate your air bed.

And being battery-powered doesn’t mean it lacks muscle. It is capable of 40 litres of airflow per minute. In less than 5 minutes you can have your bed set up and ready for a relaxing sleep.

It has three different nozzles that you can use on just about any inflatable item. A flick of a switch changes the airflow to deflate your bed, pool, raft in no time.

The carrying case neatly organizes everything and is covered with a waterproof shell, making it ideal to bring out in the wild. You won’t even have to worry about it being exposed to the elements.

The only negative I can think of is that it is very loud at 70 decibels. Otherwise, this is an excellent Blow-Up Bed pump!

5. Best Battery Powered Air Bed Pump- Dr. Meter Electric Air Mattress Pump

  • 3 different power options including battery
  • 3 different nozzles included
  • Slim profile and ergonomic
  • Takes 8 AA batteries


Many times we ask a lot of a pump. It needs to work quickly and work efficiently in any situation. Not just any pump will do.

When you have three different power options – battery-operated, plugged into the mains or a DC car charger adapter – then you have a pump that can do it all.

This might not be the best overall electric air pump, as it has some flaws, but those flaws are tolerable when you consider how convenient this is to use.

Like others on this list, it has three different nozzles so you have a tool that can work with a wide variety of inflatables. It also comes with all the cables you need to use it.

A differentiating factor that I quite like is the wide air vent on the bottom to stop it overheating. This is quite handy, not only to keep your hand comfortable when you use it, but it also keeps the batteries from being consumed too quickly by the excess heat.

However, it can only handle 200 litres of air per minute, so inflating is a bit slow and tedious. It’s also really loud. 85 decibels! For reference: the garbage disposal in your kitchen is 80 decibels. A food blender is 88.


With a little bit of help, you should be well on your way to finding your ideal air bed pump. I recommend giving this buyer’s guide section a thorough read, so you can find the best air bed pump for you. Not all air bed pumps are made equal!

There are lots of different ways that your air pump can be powered. The list below details a few, with some information about each type.



This is by far the most popular type of air mattress inflator since they require no effort. As long as you have the right nozzle and access to an electrical supply, then you are on your air bed and relaxed within seconds.

The downside is that you need to be connected to an electric supply. This rules out camping in the wild or inflating your air bed during a blackout.


If you are in a pinch without electricity, or you are off-grid somewhere, then a battery-powered option could be perfect for you. With a few D-size batteries, you can set up your bed no matter how remote you might be.

The downside? It eats up batteries like Joey Chestnut eats hot dogs. This type of air pump isn’t very economical, so it isn’t something I would use often. It might just be your back-up.


A rechargeable air pump means a comfy bed any time, any place. As long as you charge the battery before you take off anywhere!

Look for ones with lithium-ion batteries, as they last longer than nickel-based ones. Lithium-ion batteries can also hold their charge longer, so will last several years before becoming less effective.


There is nothing more reliable than good old foot power!

With these, it doesn’t matter how far you find yourself from a power supply. As long as your legs work, you can fill your air bed.

Foot-powered pumps are usually much smaller than electric or rechargeable ones and are always far lighter. If you like to camp, this might be a great option for you, since you don’t have to lug more weight around than is necessary!

However, the problem is that these pumps are very inconsistent between brands. If you pump for 30 minutes to fill a bed that still ends up sagging underneath you, then it isn’t worth it, no matter how cheap you got it.


These are also called hammer-style air pumps. They work a bit like a bike tire pump but in reverse.

Instead of the handle going up and down while your feet rest on the floor pegs, the barrel is raised and lowered. It works essentially the same as the bicycle one.


It isn’t just the way your pump is powered that you should pay attention to. Here is a list of other factors to consider before committing to your perfect pump!


Look for pumps with hoses that support multiple nozzles. You may think it’s best to find the one nozzle that works for your particular bed, but when you need a new bed, that’ll mean the air pump you have is essentially useless.

Multiple nozzles mean better value for your money!

You can sometimes get very narrow nozzles on air bed pumps, that will work just great for pumping up rafts or other inflatables. Multiple nozzles, multiple uses.


If you plan to use your air bed on camping trips or any other kind of travel, then the weight of the pump is probably something on your mind.

The rechargeable ones weigh several pounds and can take up quite a bit of space in your car boot or suitcase.

However, if you have more than one air bed to inflate for the night, the weight might be something you’re happy to deal with!

Try to balance the weight of the pump with the performance and aim to get the most out of the smallest pump possible.


You should think about how long a pump will take to fill an average air bed before committing to one.

Like I said earlier, foot pumps can be pretty inconsistent.

If a mechanical air pump is more your style, then check whether or not the model you want has a variety of speeds. A lower speed can reduce how quickly your pump eats through power and keep it working longer per charge.


Are air bed pumps universal?

Sort of, not all air beds come with the same type of valve but all air bed pumps come with a universal set of nozzles that let them fit all the different types. At least they should, if you get a cheap pump it might not have the necessary parts but all the ones in this list do.

How long does it take to pump up an air mattress?

It depends on the size, if it’s a double air bed or even a king-size it’s going to take 10-15 minutes with a manual pump, a single could just be a couple of minutes with an electric air pump however.

Can you inflate an air mattress with a hairdryer?

Afraid not, it can’t be channelled into the mattress to properly inflate it, and I can’t imagine the hot air being very good for it either!


I hope this list of the best air bed pumps has given you some food for thought and armed you with enough information to make a savvy decision when you are ready to take the plunge.

These pumps aren’t a huge investment, but they can make or break a camping trip or sleepover. It pays to make the right choice with any camping equipment or tent accessories. And if you can’t face inflating and deflating an air mattress then consider a camping bed instead.

And while they might be small enough to take backpacking you’ll probably be better with a roll mat so you don’t have to take an inflatable mattress too.

If you have any questions about these pumps or any that wrongly didn’t make the list, please reach out by adding a comment to the box below and I will get back to you.

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