Jay-Be Venus Single Folding Bed Review – Comfortable & Affordable

Last Updated on 6 Nov. 2017

Jay Be Folded Up Bed

Jay-Be have been manufacturing top quality products for over 100 years now. They started making mattresses around the second world war and since went on to develop metal work resulting in the top quality Jay-Be Folding beds.

There are quite a few different types of Jay-Be folding beds, but in this review I’m going to look at the Jay-Be Venus Single Folding Bed with the Airflow Mattress.

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What I Liked About The Jay-Be Folding Bed

Jaybe Venus folding bed Unfolded

The Wheels

When you fold it up it folds up onto a set of four castor wheels, this just makes it really handy to roll into the cupboard. The metal frame can make it quite heavy to try and lift so the wheels just make life infinitely easier.

Lifetime Frame Guarantee

Jay-Be offers a lifetime guarantee on their frame. Not the mattress, but nobody could do that! The mattress will still last many years before you need to think about replacing it.

The frame itself is super sturdy because it’s metal so it’s no surprise that it lasts a lifetime.

The Headboard

I hate lying on an air bed or any other camp bed where you lose the pillows off the end.

You have to wake up, find your pillow on the floor and put it back on the bed. A few hours go by and you have to do it again. It interrupts your sleep and is just really annoying.

So a headboard is such a small detail but it makes the difference and really turns it into a luxury guest bed. And when it folds up it turns the top into a little table giving you an extra shelf in the cupboard or in a room if you have to keep it up against the wall.

How Easily It Folds Up

What’s quite cool is that the way the Jay-Be Folding bed is designed, the legs automatically lift out and put away. So when you start to lower the bed the legs automatically come out and then go away again when you’re putting it away.

It’s obviously wouldn’t be difficult to pull the legs out yourself but it just streamlines the whole process.

What I Didn’t Like About The Jay-Be Venus Folding Bed

There was just one main thing I didn’t like and unfortunately it was a biggie.

The Airflow Mattress

The mattress is definitely a value mattress. It’s soft so it’s only really good for children or small adults otherwise you’re going to feel the slats underneath.

It’s fine for a one nighter but any longer than that and you’re going to struggle.

For kids and small adults though, you’ll be perfectly comfortable all night long. It’s soft, squishy, and breathable so you won’t overheat.

For adults looking for more than a one night bed I’d recommend paying a little more and getting the Chatsworth bed with the pocket sprung mattress. A little more expensive but miles ahead in comfort and support and it has the exact same frame so you get all the benefits of both worlds.

Jay-Be Pocket Sprung Folding Bed

Finall thoughts on Jay-Be Folding Bed

Overall, it’s a really good foldable guest bed, you can fold it up and wheel it around and the mattress is more than comfortable enough for kids or one night use. For longer use go for the pocket sprung bed above. Finally, Here’s a short video of the Jay-Bed Folding bed in action, it’s from the manufacturers and super cheesy but it gives you an idea of the bed.

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