Best Sleeping Bag Liner UK 2023 – An Expert Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on 7 Jan. 2020

You’ve just bought a sleeping bag and already know it is going to be the best bag you’ve ever slept in.

How do you make sure it lasts year upon year?


Add the best sleeping bag liner into the mix.

By keeping sweat, dirt and other grime off of your sleeping bag you’ll extend the life by years. After all, it is much easier to wash a sleeping bag liner than it is a down sleeping bag, for instance.

They aren’t just good for camping either. Have you ever been to a questionable hostel where you were afraid to touch anything? You could certainly use a lightweight sleeping bag liner instead of bringing bulky sheets with you the next time you are backpacking.

Whatever your reason for wanting one, this list of sleeping bag liners by category will help you zero in on exactly the right one for your needs.

Read on for all the details but first check out the table below for a quick rundown of all the best.

Best Sleeping Bag Liners UK

How to choose the right sleeping bag liner

Though we aren’t talking about something complicated photographing a black hole, buying a sleeping bag liner is not as easy as just picking a random one. There are different types, different materials and they all have different uses.

Know what you need will make it easier to pick the one that will do the job you

need it to do.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are making your purchase:

Types of sleeping bag liners

To really be comfortable in your sleeping bag, the liner should fit it well. Otherwise, it can either be too restrictive in a larger sleeping bag, or be too big in a slimmer bag which would cause it to bunch up.

If your liner is not comfortable you’re not likely to use it which then either becomes dead weight you’re carrying around, or a waste of money that sits at home while you are out and about.

Woman Sleeping in Sleeping Bag


Shaped like your typical Egyptian Pharaoh’s sarcophagus, this style of sleeping bag is slim, narrow and snug. You’ll definitely want the same shape of sleeping bag liner for this one.

You’ll fit snugly in the liner which then will keep you from getting a sheet bunched up around your legs.


For use in an envelope style sleeping bag they are the rectangle shaped sleeping bag liners. These are also called travel sheets as they are ideal for use on a bed if you are staying in hostels or hotels on the road.

You’ll have just the right size and shape for any sleeping bag that is not a mummy with one of these liners.


Man In Need of Sleeping Bag Liner For Sleeping Bag

The material used in the sleeping bag liner is of vital importance. Each material will have properties that make it ideally suited for a particular situation. To choose the right sleeping bag liner, evaluate what the circumstances of use will be and then choose according to the list of material below.


When you need a very lightweight liner, then silk is a very good option. It has a dual season use as it is breathable in the warmer months and insulating in the colder months.

It isn’t ideal for very cold weather as it will only add a few degrees of warmth in your sleeping bag.

The downsides are that silk liners can be expensive and take some extra precautions for washing.


For more warmth than silk can provide and at a more economical price, cotton is a good choice.

If you heat up in your bag then the cotton is good as an absorbent, but it doesn’t wick the moisture away. You may have a nice, breathable sleeping bag, but the cotton will trap the moisture, thereby nullifying any breathability.

Fleece can be great to keep you warm as it can add up to 10°F of extra warmth when you’re sleeping. It also wicks moisture away from your body so it is highly breathable. It can be bulky, though so it does take up a bit more space than you may like. If you can get microfleece then that is the best of both worlds as it takes up a lot less space.


Usually made out of some type of polyester blend, a synthetic can add warmth while also wicking moisture. They are almost always very thin and lightweight so they are ideal to pack along with your sleeping bag. The price ranges considerably from moderate to expensive.


There are other synthetics that add a load of warmth, up to 25°F in some cases. Using a hollow core fiber, they wick away moisture to keep you dry while providing warmth and they are very lightweight and quick drying. These are generally going to be the most expensive option, but may be essential if you plan to do any camping in extreme temperatures.

Best Sleeping Bag Liner for Mummy Style Bags

Mountain Warehouse Microfibre Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

  • Lightweight synthetic material
  • Good length for tall users
  • Breathable yet warming polyester
  • Fully machine washable

Price & Reviews

Ah microfiber! It is so lightweight, so comfortable and doesn’t cause you to wake up soaked in sweat.

Which makes it an ideal material for the Mountain Warehouse mummy sleeping bag liner.

The shape is ideal for use in a mummy sleeping bag as it conforms to the tapering profile as it gets closer to the feet. This way you can be sure to fit snugly and not have the liner bunching up around your feet as you move around.

The top of the liner also conforms to the hood of a mummy style bag so your head is neither exposed to the hood, nor is the hood exposed to your hair. This protects both you and your sleeping bag.

It can be used without the bag, but it does fit a person snugly, so keep in mind that when you use it on a bed, it will move around with you as you toss, unlike a sheet style liner which you would move about freely while inside.

Though I haven’t been provided with a rating to indicate how much warmer you will be when using this liner, it is quite warm. It is 100% polyester so it does keep your heat in the bag while still being very thin.

At just 227 grams while in the bag, it compresses to a manageable size and weight to bring in a backpack or carry on bag.

It is easily washed either in a machine, or even in a bath while you are on the road. And thanks to the polyester, it dries very quickly.

Best Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

Nod-Pod 100% Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

  • Incredibly lightweight at 100 grams
  • 100% pure mulberry silk
  • Reinforced seams
  • Works in warm or cold climates

Price & Reviews

Feel free to stretch out in any sleeping bag or bed with this generously sized silk sleeping liner. At 210cm x 85cm, it can accommodate just about anybody and the best part is that it weighs only 110 grams.

Made out of 100% pure mulberry silk, it is hypoallergenic and won’t attract dust mites.

With silk, you get a lot of versatility for use. If it is warm, the silk will keep you comfortable without making you overheat. And it will allow you to breathe with any moisture being wicked away from your body.

When the weather is cooler, you can add a few degrees of warmth to keep the cold edge off.

It is easy to slip in and out of thanks to the smoothness of the silk. With reinforced double stitched seams, it is durable and long lasting. Perfect for those who put their gear through some beatings from camping in variable conditions.

For added comfort, there is a pillow slip to also protect you when using a hotel or hostel provided pillow and keep it clean as well.

You should wash it by hand, which when camping or on the road is likely to be your only choice anyway. Then, hang it to dry out of direct sunlight.

One downside is that the sides don’t have velcro so they don’t close. For the price, it is still worth it, however. Silk can be quite pricey, but the Nod Pod keeps it economical with it still being durable and comfortable.

Best Sleeping Bag Liner for Warmth

Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite Mummy Liner

  • More packable and thin than fleece
  • Mummy shaped
  • Draw cord hood
  • Stretchy material conforms to your body
  • Adds 8°C of warmth to your bag

Price & Reviews

Add up to 8°C of warmth while still only packing 259 grams of weight to your backpack.

Made out of ultralight Thermolite, it is far thinner than microfiber while still providing warmth and breathability.

Even if you have a 4 season sleeping bag, I think this is an essential bit of kit for the frequent camper. When the temperature gets down to 0°C then any little bit of additional warmth will help.

Though, if you have a 3 season sleeping bag then this essentially adds another season to it so you don’t have to go out and buy another one for use in the colder months.

The key is the hollow core fibers that act like down to provide incredible warmth. One of the best parts is that the material is a bit stretchy. Since it is for use in a mummy bag, this is helpful to move around without even noticing that it is there.

Washing the liner is easy and doesn’t require any extra care. Just wash it on a gentle cycle in your machine. You can put it in a pillowcase for added protection if you feel better, but it isn’t necessary. It can even be easily washed by hand in a tub if you are on the road since it is not bulky. Then just air dry it. It dries very quickly like fleece.

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Scottish Silkworm Micro – Art Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

  • Weighs only 140 grams
  • Easy to wash and dries quickly
  • Stronger than silk while just as comfortable
  • Made of polymicrofibre
  • Breathable and wicking

Price & Reviews

Get the benefits of silk while adding more warmth than silk can provide when you need it. At only .7mm thick it is incredibly thin yet does make a difference in your sleeping bag. Though, if you want to use it when it’s warm outside of your sleeping bag it will help you regulate your body heat and keep you cool. Basically the same benefits as silk with a lower price and vegan-friendly.

As an added bonus, it is easier to care for than silk and cotton. Unlike silk, you can wash it in a machine and line drying can be done anywhere, even in direct sunlight. It dries incredibly fast unlike cotton so it ends up being even easier to care.
For backpackers on the road, or campers in the wild, it could not be simpler to take care of and keep clean.

The feeling is very silk like and smooth like regular polyester, yet it performs much better than regular poly as it is more breathable and wicks moisture away more effectively. It warms but doesn’t cause you to overheat.

The stitching is quite strong and makes this a very durable liner. Expect it to last years without pilling or tearing even when used frequently. It will also maintain it’s warming and breathability over time also.

This is a rectangular liner for use in traditional, ie not mummy, sleeping bags or on its own as a travel sheet.

Final Thoughts

A sleeping bag liner may seem like an afterthought, but as somebody who uses one for travel and for camping, I believe it is essential.

You’ll end up using it far more often than you may imagine.

Have you ever been on a coach that had the air conditioner up to intolerable levels? Then you’ve needed a sleeping bag liner.

Found yourself in a questionable hostel? You can protect yourself from bed bugs with one.

Do you find that 3 season sleeping bags really feel like 2 seasons when you use them? Add some warmth with a sleeping bag liner.

The best sleeping bag liners are versatile and can be used in a variety of conditions and situations.

If you pick one from the list of reviews, then you are well on your way to adding more creature comfort to your expeditions!

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