Memory Foam Mattress vs. Latex: Which Is Better?

Last Updated on 21 Jun. 2020

Choosing between memory foam and latex mattresses is never easy as these two high-quality options come with numerous benefits. So, how do you determine the best option for your needs?

Memory foam mattresses are made primarily from polyurethane, a substance that allows for proper pressure absorption. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, tend to be firmer and can be made from either natural or synthetic latex. Both of these mattresses are high-quality options that tend to last long.

Curious to know which option between memory foam and latex mattresses takes the day? Read on as we discuss these two great options in depth.

Memory Foam Mattress to be compared to latex

Memory Foam Vs Latex : Comparison Table

Memory Foam Latex
Sensitive to temperature Does not respond to temperature changes
Low response time due to softness Quickly returns to its original shape
Low bounce rate High bounce rate
Sinks in and contours to the body Firm and rarely sinks in

Memory Foam Mattresses: A Quick Overview

A memory foam mattress works by adjusting its properties to respond to your body weight and the pressure it exerts.

Memory foam mattresses contour and hug pressure points, thus making it easy for users to sleep with utmost comfort. While known for their soft features, memory foam mattresses can also have high densities when firm foams are used.

Features of Memory Foam Mattresses

Temperature Sensitivity

Memory foam works by softening up in response to the heat emitted by your body. However, each type of memory foam responds differently to temperature changes.

Sensitive foams can quickly soften when exposed to the slightest increase in temperature and will contour to your body shape.

Response Time

Memory foam is therapeutic due to its ability to soften up and absorb pressure. Once you get off your mattress, you’ll notice that memory foam will take some time before returning to its original form. The response time is usually dependent on factors such as the rate of elasticity, composition, resilience, and variable viscosity.


The durability of memory foam usually depends on the density levels. The denser the foam, the longer the memory foam mattress will last. Point to note, though, going for extremely dense mattresses might end up compromising on comfort.

Pros of Memory Foam Mattresses

Pain and Pressure Relief

Due to their pressure absorption features, memory foam mattresses work well as pain and pressure relievers. Be it shoulder or back pain, these types of mattresses will accommodate your weight and body structure, thus allowing the affected body part to sink in comfortably.

Noise Reduction

Unlike innerspring mattresses that tend to get noisy once they become old, memory foam is known for its noise reduction features. These mattresses make little to no noise when you move around, which makes them ideal for silent-sleeping.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam is ideal for couples due to its motion isolation properties. That is, when your partner moves on his or her side, you won’t be affected since the mattresses will adjust to the specific area of pressure. This makes it possible to sleep through the night as the mattress will neutralize your partner’s tosses and turns.

Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

Leads to Temperature Increase

Compared to latex, memory foam absorbs more heat, thus leading to increased temperatures when sleeping. While this might come in handy during winter, it can become an issue during the hot summer nights. Newer mattresses have increasingly relied on open-cell foams to increase breathability.

Does Not Allow for Smooth Movement

You might find it hard to move across the surface of your memory foam mattress. The use of soft, pressure-absorbing foams means that you’re likely to sink in whenever you lie on medium to low-density memory foam.

Can Sag Faster

Due to their soft properties, memory foam mattresses tend to sag faster than other types, such as latex. As a result, you’ll need to select a memory foam that supports your weight (and your partner’s) to avoid sleeping on a sagged mattress. It is always advisable to buy high-quality memory foam mattresses as they’re usually designed to last long.

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Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses are known for their comfort and durability. These high-quality mattresses are usually made from either natural or synthetic latex. In the early 20th century, Dunlopillo discovered latex from a rubber tree and consequently pioneered its use in pillow and mattresses.

Ever since Dunlopillo’s discovery, latex has become a hugely important component in the mattress industry, especially in the manufacture of high-end mattresses.

Features of Latex Mattresses

Temperature Sensitivity

Latex mattresses don’t function like their memory foam counterparts. These mattresses cool nicely and do not rely on body temperature for comfort.

Response Time

Latex mattresses are known to be firm and resilient. They rarely sink in, and when they do, they return to their original time faster than memory foam. This makes the mattresses ideal for surface movement and people who prefer doing other activities such as reading and watching movies on their beds.


Compared to memory foam, latex mattresses are more durable, especially when made from 100% natural latex. However, the use of natural latex makes these mattresses more expensive, which explains why latex mattresses are blended with other eco-friendly materials.

Pros of Latex Mattresses

Relieves Pressure

Latex is naturally known for its elastic properties. Therefore, latex mattresses can efficiently respond to your shape, weight, and movements. Latex’s elastic properties make it ideal for supporting the heaviest body parts, consequently allowing you to sleep with utmost comfort.

Sleeps Cool

Latex doesn’t need body heat to function, which allows for peaceful sleep, especially during those hot summer nights. Even better, you can enjoy sleeping on your latex mattresses during the day without the worries of discomfort due to excessive heat retention.

Easy to Move Across and More Responsive

The high responsive rate of latex mattresses makes it possible to move across the surface with ease. The surface doesn’t sink in like memory foam, which enables you to enjoy your movements. These mattresses can accommodate large weights without becoming less responsive.

Fewer Allergens

Latex mattresses are made primarily from latex, a natural substance that makes them less likely to cause allergies. Some mattresses tend to emit harmful compounds when breaking in or responding to temperature changes. Luckily, latex mattresses do not expose users to any risk due to their eco-friendly properties.


While latex mattresses will cost you more to acquire, you can count on these high-quality mattresses to last long. These mattresses tend to last without losing their elastic properties, thus making them ideal for protecting sensitive body parts and joints.

Cons of Latex Mattresses

Heavy to Move Around

Latex Mattresses are usually heavy, which makes them heavy to move around or flip. Good thing you won’t need to move your mattress much once you’ve set it up nicely on your bed.

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Memory Foam vs. Latex: Which Option Should You Choose?

Memory foam mattresses are ideal if:

You want pressure points relief: Memory foam mattresses absorb pressure, thus leaving your joints and sensitive back feeling relieved.

You want compression support: Once your body starts heating up, memory foam will adjust and contour to your body, thus allowing you to sink in and enjoy your sleep.

You are a side sleeper: As a side sleeper, you’ll naturally exert additional pressure on your hands and feet, which can lead to shoulder or joint pains. A memory foam mattress will help absorb the pressure and keep your joints and shoulder safe from injury.

Latex Mattresses are ideal if:

You want increased bounce: A latex mattress is usually bouncy, which allows you to move easily across the surface. It is also suitable if you love using your bed as an alternative couch for chilling and watching movies

You want a natural, eco-friendly option: With latex, you’ll always sleep on natural components that won’t expose you to any allergens.

You are a stomach sleeper: Stomach sleepers might enjoy a latex mattress as it allows for above-the-surface sleeping, which is ideal for weight distribution across the surface.


Both latex and memory foam mattresses are high-quality options that will no doubt increase your comfort during sleep.

The better option, however, depends on your personal preferences. Be sure to consider the above-discussed factors such as pressure relief, bounce rate, and temperature control when choosing between these two great options.


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