What Is a Miracoil Spring Mattress?

Last Updated on 4 Jul. 2020

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may be wondering how to decide which type of mattress is right for you. There are four basic kinds of coil mattresses, and we will address them all in this article, with the most attention being given to the Miracoil mattress.

A Miracoil mattress is a continuous coil mattress, usually of a firm or medium support, that is filled with one long wire tied in many vertical loops, creating springs. It is optimal for steady sleepers looking for a cost-effective yet supportive mattress.

The Miracoil mattress is a type of inner coil mattress, but with a few significant differences that make it unique. Read on to discover what they are.

The Four Types of Coil Mattresses

There are four basic types of inner coil mattresses. They all use a combination of metal wire for support, heavy cloth case for durability, and a soft fabric topper for comfort.

Upholstered coil springs were first used in fabric-covered furniture like chairs, loveseats, chaises, and lounges. They were eventually used in beds. When first developed, this was a sort of box spring with coils in it for added support, which was then topped with a separate padded mattress for comfort. Inner coil mattresses weren’t manufactured until the 1900s.

As these mattresses became more and more popular, different types of them started to emerge.

The Bonnell Coil Mattress

The first of these is the Bonnell coil mattress. This is the oldest of the inner coil mattresses. It is commonly a firm mattress, made of stiff inner wires bent into hourglass-shaped springs. The springs are tied together in rows with cross-wire and then framed at the outer edges on the upper and lower sides by two more wires to help with durability and to keep springs from cutting through the mattress fabric.

These mattresses are best suited for a single person, as they are known to transfer motion across the surface easily.

The Offset Mattress

The second type of mattress is the offset mattress. This is similar to the Bonnell coil mattress. It also consists of hourglass-shaped coils, but, in the case of the offset mattress, the top and bottom halves of the coils are already slightly compressed. This allows these mattresses to be quieter and transfer less motion than their Bonnell cousins.

This spring compression also means that these mattresses are firmer by default. They conform more to the user’s body because of the cross-hinging of the compressed section of the hourglass coils.

The Marshall Coil Mattress

The third type of mattress is the Marshall Coil mattress, also known as the pocket spring mattress. This mattress is defined by vertical coils that are housed in their own fabric pocket. These coils compress independently of their neighbors, meaning that these mattresses cause less weight transference than both the Bonnell and the offset.

Marshall coil mattresses are still very popular today. Some manufacturers pre-compress these coils, which makes them firmer, and diminishes the motion transference effects.

Continuous Coil Mattress

The last type of inner coil mattress is the continuous coil spring mattress. These mattresses consist of one single piece of wire, bent into many springs that run throughout the mattress. These coils are then secured together by horizontal-running wires in each row.

The small amount of coil in these mattresses keeps these mattresses light, making them easy to maneuver and flip, an attractive quality for a single person. The continuous coil mattresses are also affordable sleep solutions, without totally sacrificing comfort.

The Miracoil mattress is a type of continuous coil mattress, with some significant differences.

What Makes the Miracoil Different?

While the Miracoil mattress is indeed made from one piece of wire, these coils are tied vertically instead of horizontally. That means that motion on the mattress is transferred up and down instead of side to side. This greatly reduces the motion-transfer between bed partners that is typically a problem with continuous coil mattresses.

Another improvement of the Miracoil mattress is the increased amount of springs in the wire. The Miracoil mattresses contain 49% higher coil count than the average continuous coil mattress, making it more supportive and durable.

Miracoil mattresses also contain a higher, stiffer coil count in the “center zone” of the mattress. This is to enhance the support of your most important areas.

On other mattresses, there is no difference in support between your head and your hips. This means that your hips may dip below your neck, causing spinal misalignment, especially if you sleep on your side. Having a firmer “center zone” of your mattress means that the mattress below your hips will compress less, and keep your spine straight.

These mattresses also take into account the depression of mattresses when you sit on the edge, not just when you lay on them. They place coils completely to the edges of the mattress, ensuring you won’t sag or slip off when perched on the side.

Though Miracoil mattresses are catered to giving you support throughout your body and spine, they also include a high-density foam cushioning for comfort.

The springs in a Miracoil mattress have also been heat-tempered, meaning they have been treated with heat to increase their durability and lifetime.

When inner coil mattresses were first invented, the sharp edges of springs were a huge issue. They would often tear through fabric edges, or poke through well-worn areas. Miracoil has addressed this issue by removing knots in the wire and softening sharp edges.

The inner wires of the continuous coil are also thinner, making the mattress lighter and easier to flip.

What Is the Right Mattress for You?

Now that we’ve reviewed the four main types of inner coil mattresses, how do you choose which one is right for you?

Do You Toss and Turn, and Do You Have a Partner?

If you are prone to restless sleep, but you also have a nightly companion, then the best mattress for you is the Marshall coil mattress, also known as the pocket spring mattress. The individual pockets for springs in this mattress mean that it is the best at restricting the effects of nightly movement to the individual causing them.

Are You on a Budget?

The most cost-friendly mattresses are those that involve the least complicated manufacturing process. The most basic type of mattress is the Bonnell coil mattress. It’s been produced so simply, for so long, that it is usually the most affordable type of mattress.

Do You Like It Firm?

If you like your beds on the firm side, most of the inner coil mattresses can fit your needs. The thickness of the coil determines the firmness of the mattress. The thicker the coil, the less give the coil will have, making it firmer. Most mattresses wire gauges generally range from 12 to 15. Look for a coil of 13mm or lower.

Are You Looking for Longevity?

The heat-treated coils of the Miracoil mattress mean these beds last longer than their non-treated cousins.


The Miracoil mattress is a popular mattress that combines basic mattress design with elevated features. The vertical ties of the heat-treated coils, the ergonomic layout of these coils, and the edge to edge coil-laying give this mattress a leading edge on other inner coil mattresses.

The Miracoil mattress is perfect for those looking to purchase a happy medium of a mattress for their spare room, or looking to buy a cost-friendly mattress of their own.

If you and your partner toss and turn a lot, the better choice of mattress may be the Marshall coil mattress.

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