Why Are Tempur Mattresses More Expensive?

Last Updated on 7 Jul. 2020

There are many types of mattresses that you can choose. Walking into a furniture or mattress store and you will see hundreds of different brands, styles, and price points. One mattress that you are sure to see almost everywhere is the Tempur mattress, and for good reason. Many customers are curious to find out whether these mattresses are more expensive than their other options.

Tempur mattresses are more expensive than other brands because they include state of the art technology, high-quality materials, and many different comfort levels to suit your needs. When you choose a Tempur mattress, you are sure to get the best nights’ sleep every night.

What Is a Tempur Mattress?


Tempur material is simply a memory foam that is manufactured by the Tempur-pedic company. They own the original formula for memory foam that was developed through a contract with NASA. These mattresses offer a lot of variety from firm to plush, and they will each use a different amount of this Tempur material to provide the comfort and support that customers need.

There are some differences between Tempur and other memory foam materials.

The main difference is that Tempur has a unique blend of substances to form the memory foam inside. While they may seem similar, the Tempur-pedic mattress is designed with the sleep of the customer in mind, is high-quality, and can provide all the support necessary.

This Tempur material is basically the original memory foam. Over the years, it has been refined by scientists working for the company to work well with mattresses. Other versions of memory foam may not have this much research and development done.

Why Is a Tempur Mattress Special?

When you think of luxury mattresses, Tempur should be one of the first to come to your mind. These mattresses have gone through an extensive testing and development process to prove they will perform and maintain the high quality you have come to expect.

One thing that customers love about this mattress is that Tempur has many mattresses to suit every need. You do not walk in and just pick the first Tempur mattress you see. There are many types, qualities, and features to make sure every person gets the best sleep possible.

  • If you have aches and pains in any part of the body, especially the back, then there are Tempur mattresses designed to help alleviate these concerns.
  • If you like memory foam mattresses, but avoid them because they make you hot at night, Tempur has a CoolTouch version to help you out.
  • There are also three main types of Tempur mattresses. There is one for comfort and softness, one for quick reaction and increased movability while you sleep, and one that provides a combination of pocketed springs and memory foam for those who want firmness in the mattress.

Each type of mattress will have three grades. The highest grade provides the thickest mattress and costs the most. However, no matter which mattress you choose, they all come with a 10-year guarantee. This means that even customers who choose the cheapest option will still get the best quality.

The Science Behind the Tempur Mattress

The Tempur mattress has a great background that has made it the perfect mattress it is today. It was born from a marriage of decades of research, Scandinavian design, and NASA space technology. This is truly a technological breakthrough.

During the 1970s, NASA was busy working on a project to create a cushioning material that could absorb some of the pressure that astronauts felt during liftoff. This research helped them develop a material that provided adequate support while distributing the weight evenly while being sensitive to the temperature. After NASA used the material for themselves, they finally released it publicly in the 1980s.

Once the material was released, it came to the attention of a few Scandinavian scientists. Two companies, Fagerdala and Dan-Form, continued to develop this material for their own needs.

About ten years later, the Tempur material was perfected to work in mattresses. Bob Trussell, in 1992, then visited the Dan-Form company and saw the potential in this material. He formed the Tempur-Pedic brand based on this idea.

The reason that the Tempur mattress is so comfortable and works so well for many customers is that the technology is different from what any other company can produce. The underlying memory foam that is the foundation of the whole mattress, was designed and used by NASA originally. This is still the same memory foam used today in any Tempur mattress you may purchase.

What Makes the Tempur Mattress Cost So Much?

When you start your search for a new mattress, you will quickly notice there are many types of memory foam mattresses to choose from. All of the biggest competitors to Tempur are newer brands. The unique feature that sets these apart is that the memory foam comes rolled and compressed in a box directly to your home. Many big brands like Casper, Eve, and Simba do this.

The problem is if these are also memory foam like Tempur, why do they cost less? Many brands like Simba and Casper are not sold through any retail stores. This means that you can’t head to a local retailer and physically see and try out the bed before shopping. This is a big turnoff, even with their generous return policy.

Tempur operates differently. You can try out any model of their bed in stores across the country. The cost may be a bit more, but this allows you a chance to try out a few and see which feels the best for you. You never have to worry about returning the mattress because you know right then and there that this mattress.

There is also more science behind these mattresses. They are designed to be sturdy and last for ten years or more. When the customer picks out the right mattress, they are more likely to get a peaceful sleep. This is reflected in the price. The reputable brand and name are a big factor in the price as well.

With some of the other brands, you may not know whether the mattress is a good purchase; with Tempur, you know right from the start that you are getting high-quality.

Do I Need a Tempur Mattress Protector?

While your mattress is designed to last for many years to come, it may be a good idea to add on a nice mattress protector to keep it safe from spills and stains. This helps maintain the look and feel of your mattress for as long as you have it.

For families with pets and kids, this Tempur-Pedic Protect Waterproof Mattress Protector is a good choice for keeping the mattress clean and safe.

You have already done your research and picked out one of the best beds on the market. Now it is time to bring in the accessories and make the bed fit into your home.

This LuxClub 6 PC Sheet Set comes in many colors and will help you to get that mattress covered and fitting in with any décor you would like. Make sure to pick out a nice comforter to cozy up to as well, including this D&G Extra Thick Mattress Topper.


Picking out the right mattress takes time and a lot of research. This is a big investment and you will spend a good deal of your time using the mattress. You want something that is not only comfortable but will last for a long time too. When searching for your next mattress, the Tempur mattress is the best choice to make.

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