Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot? Here Are 5 Ways To Cool It

Last Updated on 5 Sep. 2018

It’s a big problem with memory foam mattresses.

They just trap so much damn heat!

And while getting too hot at night can be attributed to night sweats what your sleeping on can have a lot to do with it.

So I’ve written this article to help you cool your memory foam mattress so you can sleep soundly.

Thermometer Showing a memoery foam mattress that's too hot

Why Memory Foam Gets So Hot

It basically comes down to the material not being breathable.

Memory foam is a very dense material that works by getting softer when your body heat gets applied to it.

But that means it gets squished down and gets even denser si no air can circulate through it and if no air can get in the heat tends to stay there and you end up lying on big hot water bottle.

Ok it won’t get quite as hot as a hot water bottle but it gets hot enough that it disturbs your sleep.

Do All Memory Foam Mattresses Get Hot?

Not all of them, a lot of work has gone into more modern memory foam mattresses so that they include cooling layers in them.

Some have layers of cooling foam or gel that are designed to dissipate heat keeping you cool through the night.

You get the same thing with memory foam mattress toppers, some have cooling properties in them that help to keep them cool.

Often times it’s cheaper memory foam mattresses that are the problem they don’t have the same system of layers (normally) that you find in more expensive mattresses.

The same goes for older mattresses, a lot of the cooling properties of memory foam are a newer invention.

5 Ways You Can Cool Down Your Memory Foam Mattress

The part you’ve all been waiting for, what the hell can you do to cool down your memory foam mattress.

Here are my top 5 tips.

1. Get A Cooling Topper

You can get yourself a nice cooling mattress topper to help you cool down your mattress.

I would avoid memory foam because you might end up doubling up the problem, even if it’s a memory topper that has a cooling element to it.

I’d opt for a nice wool mattress topper.

Wool is super breathable and has the ability to regulate your temperature so you keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

2. Get Natural Bed Sheets

If your bedsheets are made from polyester they’ll hold in a lot of heat, you want something more natural like cotton or bamboo because generally speaking, they’re a lot more breathable.

3. Get A Thinner Duvet

Sometimes the problem lies above!

If your duvet is too thick then, of course, you’re going to be too hot when you go to bed at night.

As nice as it is to have a really thick duvet and roll yourself up so you’re in full hibernation it definitely isn’t the best way to stay cool.

Try a lighter weight summer duvet then throw a blanket on top if you start getting too cold.

More layers mean it’s easier to throw one off and cool down again.

And, like the bed sheets, avoid polyester and go for a more natural filling, wool or feather.

4. Prevent it

Having alcohol before bed can affect your sleep and cause you to overheat in a big way so definitely something to avoid.

The same goes for caffeine and even just eating big meals before bed, they can both cause you to overheat whether you’re on memory foam or anything else.

Making sure you’re at a comfortable temperature before bed will definitely help, so avoid having overly hot baths or showers.

5. Use Outside Help

Get yourself a fan!

A nice quiet bedside fan will help you stay cool through the night with the added bonus of acting as a white noise machine to keep you sleeping deeper. Or open the window and let some cool air circulate the room.

Happy Sleeping!

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