Lumie Bodyclock Review – Say Goodbye to Tired Mornings

Last Updated on 10 Jan. 2017

For thousands of years our ancestors started the day with warm sunlight gently waking them up.

Now we have angry alarm clocks and blackout blinds. So we wake up in the dark, groggy and half asleep.

Luckily help is at hand, and the Lumie Bodyclock can solve this.

The Lumie Bodyclock is a dawn simulator, this means you can wake up the way you’re supposed to. The light slowly filling the room, rocking you awake with its warm hands, allowing you to gradually wake up and start the day invigorated!

There are several different models of the Lumie Bodyclocks so click one of the links below to jump to a specific review or read on to find out more about them and decide which one is right for you!

Bodyclock starter 30
Bodyclock go 75
Bodyclock active 250
Bodyclock IRIS 500

What is the Lumie Bodyclock?

Lumie Bodyclock Review

The Lumie Bodyclock is an alarm clock designed to wake you feeling motivated and energised.

It does this by slowly lighting up and recreating a sunrise right in your bedroom.

Making getting up far more pleasant than getting shouted out of bed by your phone buzzing.

Developed in Cambridge, the Lumie Bodyclock is actually a certified medical device to help fight SAD and the winter blues.

I, however, love it for its ability to fight morning fatigue.

It is everything you could want in an alarm clock, allowing your body to gently wake up the natural way putting you in a much better mood and keeping you motivated all day long.

Why You Need The Lumie Bodyclock

The Lumie Body clock is absolutely perfect for those who have trouble waking up in the morning or those who struggle with winter blues.

It is the most natural way to wake up and lets you start the day off on your own terms.

Dawn alarm clocks work for several reasons but one of the main ones is that the light begins your body producing cortisol which is a hormone that makes you more alert.

The Lumie Bodyclock also has a sunset feature which causes your body to start producing melatonin which is a sleep-inducing hormone.

Think about long winter mornings, waking up in the dark and going to work, only to finish work and come home in the dark. What could be better than a personal sunrise in your bedroom to lift you out of sleep and stand you up for the day.

It is everything you need to get control of your sleep and start seizing the day.

How To Get The Most From The Lumie Bodyclock

Nearly every Lumie Bodyclock has the function where you can alter the length of the sunrise and sunset. So you want to set the alarm to the time that your alarm normally goes off at.

This way the clock will gradually get brighter up until your desired time when an alarm will sound. Meaning that you wake up when your body is ready not when your alarm clock tells you.

This is because it allows your body to follow it’s natural sleep cycle and the light will wake you up during your light sleep stage making you feel refreshed when you wake up not groggy.

Now for going to sleep.

To get the most out of the sunset feature you need to do a couple of things.

First, you want to make sure you’ve completely de-stressed before you get into bed, I recommend a cup of herbal tea.

Second you want to do something relaxing away from screens while the light dims. I recommend reading or meditating for 15 minutes before snuggling up in a warm bed, and listening to the sound of your breathing while you let the sandman carry you off.

Lumie Bodyclock Review

There are a bunch of different models of Lumie Bodyclocks so I’ve written a review of each telling you the differences.

As a warning, all the Bodyclocks use regular bulbs not LEDs so the lamps can get quite hot if they are left on a bright setting for an extended period of time.

So if you are purchasing one for a child make sure they know not to touch it.

Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 Review

Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 Review

The Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 is the most affordable of all Lumie’s products.

It offers all the basic features at an affordable price allowing you to get all the benefits from a dawn alarm clock without breaking the bank.

Wake up fresh and go to sleep tired. All you could ask for in your alarm clock.


  • 30-minute sunrise and sunset
  • Beeping alarm tone
  • Dimmable light for use as a lamp
  • Back up power to keep time displayed and audio alarm sounding

Price & Review

Lumie Bodyclock Go 75 Review

Lumie Bodyclock Go 75 Review 1

This is where things start to get interesting.

The Bodyclock Go 75 is a step up from the basic model, offering greater customisation while still being simple to set up.

For instance, you can now choose between 20, 30 or 45-minute sunrise and sunsets and you can also choose between 5 different wake-up sounds:

Dawn Chorus – Which sounds like birds chirping Big Ben – The sound of Big Ben chiming
Beep – Standard alarm beep
Windchimes – Windchimes gently sounding
Drum Beat – This is a sort of rhythmic bongo beat

You can also use the GO 75 as a nightlight, it dims down to a certain level and stays that way till the morning sunrise begins.

Perfect for a child’s bedroom.

And when the bulb is dimmed it does not get as hot as it does at full brightness.

Because of the greater customization for only a minor increase in price this is definitely the best Lumie Bodyclock and gets the Dozy Owl seal of approval.


  • 20, 30, 45 minute sunrise and sunset timings
  • 5 different wake up sounds to choose from
  • A practical nightlight
  • Dimmable lighting for use as a general light
  • Backup for clock display and audio alarm in the event of a power failure

Price & Reviews

Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Review

Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 review

Another step up, the Bodyclock Active 250 is a complete all-purpose bedroom light with even more customisation options.

What you get for the extra cost is an FM radio feature as well as a white noise machine. On top of that, you get further choices for the length of the sunrise and sunsets and a different selection of sounds.

What’s cool about the sounds is there is now a waves sound and white noise which can be set to gradually fade out while the sunset is happening. It can be set to fade out to silence or to play quietly throughout the night.

Now, with the alarm in the morning, as well as the sunrise you can set the radio to start playing, sound a rooster crowing or a beep, or you can set the light to flash. There are also volume controls for each of these settings.

You can also choose to be woken up by the wave sounds or the white noise machine as well. But unless you are a seriously light sleeper this probably won’t be loud enough to wake you up.

The final cool feature is the security control. This tells the Bodyclock Active to periodically turn on and off throughout the day creating the illusion someone is home.


  • 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90-minute light fade for sunrise and sunsets.
  • FM radio with digital tuning,
  • Dawn chorus or rooster call to wake you up more gently
  • Wave sounds and white noise to help you fall asleep
  • Nightlight feature
  • Dimmable lighting for use as a general light
  • Security options to tell the active 250 to turn on and off periodically through the day
  • Backups for the time and alarm beep

Price & Reviews

Lumie Bodyclock IRIS 500 Review

Lumie Bodyclock IRIS 500 Review

This is another top-end Lumie product — the IRIS 500 is a bit different to the others thanks to its aromatherapy chamber.

There are two different chambers for essential oils (not included). One for the morning and one for the night. These can be set to continuous release or periodically release while the sunrise or sunset is happening.

This can be a great wind down feature helping you to relax while you’re falling asleep. And, waking up to your favourite smell you can really start your day off right.

This original feature takes up quite a lot of the cost however so you lose some of the other customisation options. The sound alarm is now only a beep and there are no white noise settings.

That said, you still get the sunrise and sunset features which are the most important.

The IRIS is also the only model that comes with a remote control.

For those who love aromatherapy this is the model to go for if you don’t plan on using it then go for a cheaper model.


  • Two aromatherapy chamber
  • 15,20,30,45,60 or 90-minute timings for the sunrise and sunset light.
  • Dimmable
  • Nightlight
  • Remote control
  • Security options
  • Back ups for time display and alarm beeping.

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Best Lumie Bodyclock

The best Lumie Bodyclock is definitely the Go 75.

The other models do offer more features and greater customisation but the Go 75 does everything you need for a great night sleep while still being straightforward to set up.

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