Kally Body Pillow Review – Superb Comfort All Night Long

Last Updated on 16 Jun. 2019

There were three in the bed and the little one said: “roll over!”

Only there was no third person, just me, my wife and the Kally Body Pillow. Having started out a bit sceptical when I first read about this ultimate side sleeper pillow I had to try it for myself to see what all the hype was about.

I loved it, easily the best body pillow out there, it’s really plump but soft enough to be really comfortable to hold between your legs and it moulds perfectly to your body shape.

It’s orthopaedic to help support all your joints, whether it’s leg pain, back pain, neck pain or hip pain the Kally Sleep Body Pillow can help you sleep soundly throughout the whole night.

The medium firmness makes it really nice just to hold as well, there’s something comforting about having a big squishy sleep pillow you can hold through the night.

The first thing I was really drawn to with this pillow was the super-soft jersey cotton cover. It feels really nice to cuddle next to.

It is an elongated cylindrical shape to support side sleepers in the foetal position. This is the best position to not only support your head and neck but also your full body. The shape means it takes up less space in the bed as well and can be stored away easier if not in use.

The filling is cosy and soft to rest on but also holds its shape well. It’s lighter than a memory foam pillow so easier to move throughout the night if you’re prone to tossing and turning. Just make sure you fluff up the pillow regularly so that it keeps its shape for longer periods.


Brand: Kally

Filling: Hollowfibre

Firmness: Medium

  • 14-Night Trial Period
  • Cotton JerseyPillow Cover Included
  • Suitable for all side sleepers
  • Medium Support Pillow
  • Aligns Head, Neck and Spine
  • Two Size Options
  • Pillowcase has 6 Color Options


The Construction


The inside is a hollowfibre filling packed into the brim leaving you with a medium firmness that you can rest your head comfortably on alongside supporting your belly and it’s long enough to wrap your legs around.

The shape has been ergonomically designed by experts to make it supportive so you sleep soundly through the whole night.

The medium firmness hollowfibre filling fully adapts to your sleeping position and levels out your knees and hips to help alleviate pressure in the joints. What’s more is that this fibre interior is packed firm enough to really encompass the head and neck, taking pressure off your shoulders and reducing neck pain.

The inside is machine washable at 40C and it dries quickly and re-shapes easily.

The filling has also been treated to be hypoallergenic which is a plus for me as I’m asthmatic.

The medium firm packing of this bolster pillow makes it a bit awkward initially when you lie down to get cosy at night. I did find it took a bit of time to adjust myself to the height of the fibre interior.

However, after a couple of nights of getting used to it, I found that I gradually adopted a sleep position that led to me getting a full 8 hours uninterrupted sleep. I think this pillow performs better over longer periods of use, so if it feels funny on day one, don’t lose hope for that good night’s sleep!


The pillow cover is made of a soft cotton jersey material that is kind to the skin and soft to hold on to. The fabric not only feels nice to cuddle but is also breathable.

When mine arrived it had a bit of a strange smell that I couldn’t place, it was in plastic so I think it may have been that, but I washed the cover at 30C with a normal load and the smell went away fine.

The cover has a convenient button fastener so can be easily removed for washing or to replace.

The colours currently available are charcoal grey, pure white, heathered grey, stone blue, cream and navy blue.

I went for the charcoal grey which is a lovely deep, warm colour. If you have several sets of bedding don’t worry! You can buy extra pillowcases with the pillow and this gets you £5 off. I also ordered a cream cover to match my other duvet set.

Benefits of a Body Pillow

Body aches and pains can cause poor sleep quality. If you suffer from fibromyalgia or any other issue with key joints then you likely find it very difficult to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

The team at Kally have been working with Osteopaths from Harley street to try to understand what causes these issues and how we can best remedy them. It turns out that your pillow doesn’t provide full neck support then this can, in turn, cause a whole host of issues from neck pain to headaches and even nerve pain or pin and needles in your arms and hands.

The full body pillow not only provides crucial support to the head and neck, but it also offers full-body support. This orthopaedic body pillow helps support knees, hips, and shoulders alongside your head and neck and can even be used by pregnant woman to support your bump or as a nursing pillow.

Our bodies are all very different when it comes to sleep and although a one-size-fits-all isn’t necessarily useful when it comes to individual aches and pain. The Kally pillow has a couple of size options so you can choose the side sleeper pillow size that best fits you, rather than having to adjust yourself to fit the pillow.


How much support does the pillow offer?

The pillow is a medium firmness (5/10) so balances support with comfort. Its full length ensures it provides body support from your head to your feet.

How do I use the pillow?

This side sleeper pillow is designed for laying in the foetal position. This means you lie on your side and place the pillow between your knees, arms and under your neck and head.

Can I use this pillow during pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely! The pillow should comfortably support the baby bump whilst also providing you with great quality, well supported nights sleep.

Is this pillow suitable for people of all ages?

It sure is! From children to grandparents this body pillow is fine for any age. It comes in two different sizes so no-one, big or small will miss out!

Is the pillow hypoallergenic?

Good news for people with asthma and allergy sufferers, this pillow is certified by Intertek. This means it is a safe and stable product.

Does the pillow need any maintenance?

It is recommended that you fluff the pillow by hand regularly to help maintain it’s shape and thickness.

Can I wash this pillow?

The cover is jersey cotton which can be removed and machine washed at 30C and laid out to dry.

The interior can be machine washed at 40C and the hollowfibre filling air dries quickly. Plump pillow after washing to maintain its shape.

Does this pillow help back pain?

The Kally Body Pillow has been orthopedically designed to offer maximum comfort and support to head, neck, spine, hips and legs. This alleviates pressure in your joints and helps reduce sleep-related pain and discomfort.

Is this pillow suitable for use post-surgery?

This pillow does offer great recovery support and is used by many to help post-surgery but it is always worth consulting your doctor one what’s the best option for you following any surgical procedure.


The standard delivery is free for this pillow inside the UK and Ireland. It is also tracked as well so you’re not left in the dark wondering when your pillow will arrive. There is also the option to pay for delivery the next working day if you prefer (this is also tracked!).

More good news is that you get a 14 day trial period with the pillow before you have to fully commit. This gives you plenty of time to try the pillow and if you decide it’s not for you then that’s no issue. You can simply return it and receive a full refund.

All round a fantastic body pillow.


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