7 Best Hot Water Bottle UK – The 2023 Expert Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on 12 Mar. 2020

After extensive research, I found that the Flashy is the best hot water bottle. It’s got a fleece case, well made so it won’t leak and has a nice wide top so it’s easy to pour into. Check it out further down the article.

Not for you? Not a problem, I’ve put together this guide to help explain some of the things you need to know when you’re buying a hot water bottle.

Whether it’s a cold night or you’re looking for some pain relief, hot water bottles are just so pleasant. Cosying up at night into a warmed bed is just the dream. I even know someone who has a hot water bottle in their cat’s bed for when it’s cold out! To each their own…

Let’s start with the top choices, each one is linked through to Amazon so you can order yours today.

Top 5 Best Hot Water Bottles UK

1. Top Choice – Flashy Rubber Hot Water Bottle

  • 2L Capacity
  • Fleece Cover
  • Large Aperture for Pouring in Water
  • Cover is Removable and Washable
  • Great Price


The flashy hot water bottle is everything you need. It’s got a generous 2L capacity, a cover that’s removable so you can wash it if necessary, and a large space for easy pouring. The plastic is well made and it’s all made to the British manufacturing standards so you know it’ll last and not burst.

The red cover is nice and fleecy and quite thin so it keeps you extra warm. Nice and soft and a pleasure to cuddle up with all night. There are a few other colours available if you click through to Amazon and search for flashy hot water bottles.

Snuggle in and warm up with this rubber hot water bottle, an easy top choice.

2. Best Neck Hot Water Bottle – Warmies Extra Long Hot Water Bottle

  • Knitted Cover
  • Extra Long at 80cm x 12cm
  • Perfect For Wrapping Around Neck
  • 3 Designs Available
  • 2-litre Capacity


I love the extra-long hot water bottle! It’s such a great idea, you can warm your whole body while you’re laying in bed, you can lie it along your spine, you can wrap it around your shoulders for neck pain. It’s genius! So Kudos to whoever first came up with the idea.

The Intelex Hot water bottle is made with PVC instead of rubber so it’s more flexible and cuddles up beside you. A bit of a novelty and it would even make a great gift. There are three different styles, the polka dot which is pictured, grey snowflake and purple chevron stripe. I like the polka dot the best but click the button above and check them yourself.

Ideal for wrapping around your neck to deal with neck pain using heat therapy. Check out my article on pillows for neck pain here if you’re interested.

3. Best Hot Water Bottle For Kids – Aroma Home Hot Hugs Microwave Warmer

  • Microwaveable
  • No chance of bursting
  • No boiling water involved
  • Fun animal Design
  • 10 Different Animal Designs
  • Microwaveable pouch is removable


This microwave warmer is perfect for kids, you just have to remove a little-scented pouch and pop it in the microwave with a cup of water then it’s good to go, no chance of bursting and pouring everywhere!

A great alternative to traditional hot water bottles the only problem is that it doesn’t hold the heat as well. So it’s more for soothing than warming. That said it should still help your little one drift off to sleep and they get a nice cuddly toy to go with it. There are 10 different animals in the range but coming from the countryside I went with the sheep for the picture.

4. Softest Hot Water Bottle – Keplin 2 Litre Faux Fur Hot Bottle

  • Plush faux fur cover
  • 3 colours available
  • ideal for period pain
  • Tested to top British standards

Price & Reviews

This soft hot water bottle cover and large capacity will keep you warm and toasty all night long. Or all day long depending on how cold it is!

3 colours to choose from, the purple I’ve got in the picture, a cream and a navy blue. It’s made with thermoplastic to keep it warmer for longer and is strictly made to be leak proof and burst proof.

High quality, soft cover, great for your lower back and anywhere else. What’s not to love?

5. Luxury Choice – The Body Bottle long Hot Water Bottle With Straps

  • 75 cm x 15 cm
  • 1-litre capacity
  • 6 – 8 hours of warmth
  • Soft fleece cover

Price & Reviews

This is the YuYu bottle and it’s pretty damn cool (or hot), it wraps around the waist and can be fastened to provide heat treatment across the lower back and stomach.

It’s 75 cm long so most people won’t wear it like the picture I’ve got but it’s got long straps that tie to keep it in place across the back or stomach. Or neck for that matter but tying something around your neck is never advised…

I also like that it’s got a 1-litre capacity which means you don’t need to boil as much water.


Safety is a very important part of hot water bottles because as the name suggests, the water’s very hot!

So you don’t want something made of a cheap material that’s going to burst over you but there’s also a right way to fill a hot water bottle.

First, never fill it all the way up, you only ever want to fill it up half to three-quarters full. And you want to try and push the excess air out. This way you can’t burst it. They’re designed so that they don’t burst of course but it’s good to be safe.

Second, you don’t want to boil the kettle completely, turn it off a little before boiling so that the water is very hot but not scalding, so even if you spill you won’t seriously burn yourself.


Another hugely important feature is the cover material. You, of course, want something soft that you’re happy to cuddle up with, but you don’t want anything too thick that’s going to hold the heat in so well you don’t notice.

I prefer something fleecy but you get some nice hot water bottles that have knitted covers, whatever your preference you just want it to be soft if you’re going to share a bed with it!


Size is always a delicate subject to broach. Too big, too small? Well, you get small 1L hot water bottles which are just the thing for small children, then you get long hot water bottles which are great to snuggle with or if you have neck and shoulder pain. Most average hot water bottles come in around 1.5-2L which is more than enough for most people.


Well, it’s going to be water right? For most yes, but you also get microwaveable bags that are filled with materials such as wheat and beads and these are equally as good as their water counterparts.

They’re great for children because there is no chance of them bursting

And that about sums it up! There’s not much you need to know so let’s dive in and have a look at some of the best hot water bottles you can buy today. I’ve linked each one through to Amazon so you can check the price and read some other reviews.

I’ve broken it down into different categories so you can find exactly what you need.

Other UK Hot Water Bottles Reviewed


  • Small Size
  • Less than 1L capacity
  • Fluffy Case
  • Cute Design


The Boofle hot water bottle’s small size makes it great for small kids. You can fill it up and it won’t be too heavy for them to lift so they can carry it to bed themselves. The fluffy case makes it snuggly and the Boofle the bear design will make it a winner for sure.

Just make sure you don’t fill it all the way up and you’re sure to squeeze the air out before screwing the stopper on!


  • Super Soft Lambswool Cover
  • Easy Microwave Instructions
  • Can Be used again and again
  • Filled with a medical pad soaked in water


The Hotties Microwave hot water bottle is a dream come true, you just pop it in the microwave, then, a minute later you’ve got a lovely soft hot cuddle buddy. An important note is that it’s not suitable for small microwaves, if the pillow can’t rotate then it might end up burning so you want to make sure the capacity is at least 17 litres preferably more.

If you do have a big enough microwave then you can be sure to enjoy plenty of pain relief and cosy nights as easy as using a microwave.

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