Fogarty Wool Pillow Review – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on 26 May. 2020

Fogarty Wool Pillow

I really like wool as a material for bedding, so I was always going to love the Fogarty wool pillow.

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, keeping dust mites at bay. It’s also naturally climate controlled, so stops you getting too hot or too cold.

The Goldilocks porridge of pillows. Just right.

Filled with 100% New Zealand wool, It’s quite on the firm side coming in at a medium-firm.

The cover is a nice soft quilted cotton but there is a polypropylene cover underneath, this makes it washable though I’d stick to spot cleaning it as a washing machine can cause the filling to bunch.

Overall a very comfy pillow that is well worth the price, excellent as an under-pillow or on its own.

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Manufacturers Description

The Fogarty Pure Wool Pillow is filled with Woolmark endorsed 100% pure wool, which creates an exceptional quality pillow that could improve your sleep with a lot of benefits to the sleeper. Fogarty Wool “breathes” with our bodies, removing moisture swiftly and ensures a better night’s sleep.

Fogarty have been manufacturing pillows and duvets in the heart of Lincolnshire for over 100 years and have maintained a reputation for producing a full range of only the highest quality filled bedding products to suit everyone’s needs.


Brand: Fogarty

Filling: Wool

Firmness: Medium-Firm

  • Temperature Regulating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable
  • Fire Retardant
  • Alway Cool



Wool is an environmentally friendly material which is taking huge strides in popularity. You even get shoes made from wool.

It is a completely natural product because, well, it grows on sheep. They need a haircut eventually or they would get too hot in the summer. Might as well put all that wool to good use.

This wool was grown in New Zealand which is a country with an abundance of sheep. So they end up with an abundance of wool too.


Wool is a natural anti-allergy material. It is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. Perfect for people with conditions like asthma, hay fever, and eczema.

That is, unless you’re allergic to wool itself. Although wool allergies are uncommon. Besides, the wool is all inside a cotton cover, so you skin will never come into contact with the wool itself anyway.


Wool can be a brilliant choice for people prone to getting hot and sweaty in the sheets. I don’t mean in the fun way. Wool insulates a sheep’s body; helping to maintain it’s body temperature in extreme weather conditions.

The natural fibers absorb moisture, so it won’t be prone to sweaty patches like you might get with synthetic pillows.

This also makes a wool filling an excellent choice for little ones who might need help regulating their body temperature.

As odd as it might sound, because wool is insulative, it also helps to keep you cool when the weather is warm.


Unlike synthetic pillows, wool is fossil-fuel free. In fact, wool is completely natural.

What’s more, wool is simply something that sheep grow and they do need a trim to stop them overheating and getting matted.


Because wool is quite dense and supportive, it can help to relieve pressure in your joints similar to memory foam pillows. IT makes an excellent support pillow.

Being heavy, firm, and weighty; your head definitely won’t sink into it like a synthetic or a down pillow. They provide ample neck support.


Wool is naturally flame retardant. It can singe, but it does not go up in flames. You can sleep safely at night knowing that your bedding is absolutely the safest it can be.



Wool pillows are marketed as machine washable. They absolutely do wash up, but it can cause the wool filling to bunch up, so I can’t wholly recommend it.

Instead, I suggest a simple surface clean. For bonus points it’s well worth putting an extra pillowcase over it so you only need to wash that outer layer.


Wool pillows are supportive but flatter than other types. They’re perfect for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Although side sleepers might want to either bunch the pillow up or double them up. Unless it’s a bit on the thicker side.


Yes. The temperature regulating properties of wool make it an ideal choice for your little one. Babies and young children are not fully able to manage their body heat as effectively as an adult. Wool is an excellent way to help prevent them from overheating in their sleep.

I do recommend opting for a wool duvet for your child.


Now that’s an interesting point. The measurement of insulation, tog, is a quantity that synthetic bedding manufacturers developed in the 1960s to measure how insulating their bedding was. Of course, it’s still used today.

Because wool fibers “breathe”, unlike synthetic fibers, by absorbing and releasing moisture; tog is not a great measurement for natural fibers like wool. That’s why, if you ever see tog measurements on wool, it will likely be a range e.g. 3-6.

While your choice of wool duvet depends on you and where you live, it’s usually best to opt for a lighter tog duvet for summer and a medium or warmer tog duvet for warmer months.

I would certainly recommend a wool duvet over a down duvet mainly because wool duvets have a tendency to last longer.


The Fogarty Wool Pillow is a Marmite of the pillow world. If you like a firm pillow then, like me, then you’re in for a good night’s sleep. If you like a big soft marshmallow pillow which swallows you up, then maybe a goose feather pillow is more your cup of tea.

The support which wool provides is only comparable to memory foam. It feels nothing like a feather pillow, that’s for certain. The quilted cotton outer really does put a luxurious cherry on the cake to make this a fantastic pillow.

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