Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper Review UK 2023

Last Updated on 20 May. 2020

Silentnight airmax vents close up

The Airmax mattress topper is a real layer of luxury to your slumber chariot. Especially considering the price.

The key aspect of the design is Silentnight’s Airmax technology. It ensures that you stay cool and do not overhead through your sleep.

It’s made with mesh sides, which act as air-vents, that run along the edge of the whole thing. These increase airflow through the entire topper so when you lie on it, your body heat goes into the topper and flows out the sides.

It’s also an excellent combination with a brand new mattress to prolong its lifetime and give an extra boost of luxurious comfort.

This soft quilted topper is sure to provide much-needed softness and spruce up a lumpy mattress just fine, and far cheaper than replacing the whole thing!


When you lie on it the whole thing squishes down a lot so isn’t the epitome of support but it definitely makes the bed significantly more comfy.

The filling is hollow fibre so it’ll likely feel similar to your pillow and the cover is microfibre which is always nice and soft.

If you love a great big fluffy topper that swallows you up whole and snuggly, then this is for you. Its supportiveness is mostly determined by your mattress underneath. If you like a firmer topper, with less squishy cuddliness, then it might not be for you.

It’s this squishiness which allows the Silentnight Airmax to provide such excellent air circulation and breathability.


1. Extra Comfort

An extra layer of upholstery on top of your mattress could be all it takes to transform a comfortable mattress into a luxurious mattress.

2. Affordable

A mattress topper is a fraction of the cost of a brand new mattress. Why not breathe new life into a mattress, which is starting to age, with a cost-effective topper?

3. Durability

When you sleep on your mattress, it does experience wear and tear from you simply using it. Of course that’s why they eventually need to be replaced.

A mattress topper will instead take a good proportion of that wear and tear on itself. That way, when your topper needs to be replaced, your mattress will still have loads of life left in it.

4. Extra Support

Mattress toppers can be particularly firm and some, like the Silentnight Airmax, are particularly soft. Different toppers can provide different levels of support for different needs.

5. Minimised Motion

Isn’t it a pain when your partner gets up in the middle of the night, and to no fault of their own, wake you up from moving the bed?

The extra layer of upholstery can dampen movement and help to keep you still in your sleep.

6. Insulation

This is a particular aspect that the Silentnight Airmax excels at. A breathable, yet well insulated, topper will prevent you from getting both too hot and too cold. Insulation will keep your body heat in when it’s a cold night, and keep the heat out on overly warm nights.

The right insulation helps to keep you at just the right temperature


Product Details

Brand: Silentnight

Filling: Hollow Fibre

Firmness: Soft

  • Keeps you cool
  • 2-Year Guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extend your mattress lifetime
  • Add Extra Support



As the name Airmax hints, the entire design of this mattress topper is to allow air circulation while you sleep. This allows unwanted moisture and heat to escape which amounts to optimum breathability and a good nights sleep.

The clever dual layer construction uses a hollow fibre filling to allow air to flow freely through the middle of the topper and through the air mesh built into the sidewalls of the topper. It’s like having a ventilation system built into your bed.

The standard thickness, 5cm, version has a 3cm layer of memory foam, and a 2cm layer of hollow fibre.

A massive plus in the design is really long elasticated corner straps! A pet peeve of mine is mattress topper straps that won’t fit around your mattress to hold it in place. Getting this small aspect right is a sign of attention to detail.


The Silentnight Airmax is made from polyester. Polyester is a famous anti-allergy fabric.

Polyester does not absorb moisture readily at all. Combined with the hollow fibre design, moisture is able to be carried out through the airmesh sidewalls ensuring that allergens cannot stick around.

To truly seal the deal for the allergy-prone among us, the entire topper is machine washable. Yes, it will actually fit inside your washing machine.


Yes you can! Go for an order of mattress protector, electric blanket, then sheet. Then you, then duvet cover.

Otherwise you don’t really get the benefits of the electric blanket. And if you need some help with an electric blanket then check out my guide here.


Yes you can! In fact, you can use it with any kind of mattress.

I’m a particular fan of memory foam mattresses simply because they have no springs at all. In my experience, sprung mattresses inevitably end up poking my rips with a spring.


A memory foam toppers offer particular advantages over other types of toppers such as feather and gel.

Memory foam is famous for providing unique support because it moulds to your body. This makes it particularly effective at relieving pressure on sore and arthritic joints.

It is also fantastic at absorbing motion and bounce from other areas of the bed. You can get up and out of bed in the middle of the night without moving and disturbing your partner. Handy when it’s a smaller double bed and not a massive super king.


The Silentnight Airmax topper is available in all of the most common bed sizes: single, double size, king size, and super king

  • The single is: 90 x 190 cm
  • The double is 135 x 190 cm
  • The king is 150 x 200 cm
  • The super king is 183 x 203 cm

For some bonus thickness, there is an extra deep option available. It is a 6cm thick version whereas the standard is 5cm thick.

To make it even easier to guarantee your bedsheets fit; it is available in bundled packages with fitted bed sheets in a variety of colours to suit your bed. Not to mention a bundle with pillowcases too.


As standard, every Silentnight Airmax comes with a two-year guarantee. That’s Silentnight’s formal way of saying that they have confidence in their product and that the topper you receive is good quality.

So if anything goes wrong with it you can phone up their customer service and get a refund or a replacement. Simple as that.



It’s machine washable if you have a reasonably big machine to put it in. You’ll need a similar size to the size you’d need for a double winter duvet.


If you need a nice cooling, comfort boost on your bed but are on a tight budget then the Silentnight Airmax is the topper for you. It is excellent value for money and is available with multiple options for free delivery.

For best results, I recommend using it with a newer mattress or one which still has plenty of life left in it. Simply because any mattress topper is not going to resuscitate an old mattress which simply needs to be replaced.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the raving customer reviews this mattress topper gets on Amazon. It’s at very least worth an entry into your wish list.


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