The 10 Best Electric Blankets UK 2023 – Expert Buyers Guide

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What better way to go to bed than to climb into a preheated haven of rest and sleep. Fresh toasty sheets should send everyone dozing like a baby.

Far better than getting in and shivering waiting for the bed to heat upright? Absolutely, that’s why electric blankets are the way forwards.

But finding the best electric blanket can be difficult, which is why I put together this buying guide, I’ve looked cost, safety and of course reviewed all my favourites so you can order yours today from either Amazon or John Lewis.

Here’s a quick run down so you know what to look for.

Top 5 Best Electric Blankets UK

1. Top Choice – Homefront Heated Underblanket

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: Homefront

Type: Under Blanket

  • Dual Control
  • Machine Washable
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Premium Fleece


This has the added bonus of each side having two independently controlled sections so you can each control the temperature at your feet and your body separately. Pretty cool right? Or more, toasty. There are also 10 different levels of heat control so you can tweak it until you’re just right.

And it has a couple of great safety features built-in, it has overheat prevention so that it automatically shuts down if it gets too hot. It also has a choice of timer settings so it will shut off after either 1, 4, 8, or 12 hours depending on your preferences. Having it on for 8 or 12 hours is a little excessive and will make you quite likely to overheat in the night but 1 or 4 hours is great.

This under blanket has a deep elasticated skirt to ensure it will stay in place on your mattress.

You can then unplug the controls and put it straight in the washing machine which is awesome, just be sure to follow the on-pack instructions!

This fleecy electric blanket is perfect for couples who tend to squabble over room temperature and blankets, you can both sleep comfortably without disturbing the other.

From single through to super king size it is guaranteed to fit your bed.

2. Best Double Electric Blanket – CosiHome Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: CosiHome

Type: Under Blanket

  • Detachable Cord for Easy Washing
  • Corner Ties for Secure Fitting
  • Overheat Protection


No need for a hot water bottle; this blanket will guarantee a cozy nights sleep. With three heat settings you’ll always have a toasty bed. It doesn’t have a timer though so make sure to switch it off when you don’t want it on.

Comes in sizes suitable for single, double, and king size beds. However by design it does not extend from edge to edge across your mattress which is a strange aspect to the design.

The corner ties will ensure the blanket won’t move when you do. Although they may not be best suited to particularly thick mattresses.

There is no need to worry about washing. The cables detach so you can keep your fabrics fresh.

At this competitive price point you are definitely getting bang for your buck.

3. Best Dual Control – Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket Luxury Polyester

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: Dreamcatcher

Type: Underblanket

  • Control For Each Side
  • Fast Heat Up
  • LED Display


Do you want to be extra cosy while your partner likes it cooler? The Dreamcatcher electric blanket not only warms both sides separately but it has dual control for each independent side. No need to stretch over to the other side of the bed to adjust the heat.

Three heat levels allows you to get the temperature just right. With extra thin wires you definitely won’t compromise comfort for that extra foot warmth.

While it doesn’t have a timer, you don’t want to leave it on all night but it is ideal as a pre-heat sheet.

Designed with an elasticated skirt to hug tight to your double bed; it won’t toss and turn when you do.

Comes with a two year guarantee so you have peace of mind that this electric blanket is a safe investment into your bedtime cosiness.

4. Best Heated Throw – Dreamland Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: Dreamland

Type: Over Blanket (Throw)

  • Luxury Faux Fur
  • Machine Washable
  • Automatic Shut Off


Dreamland do an excellent heated throw made of luxury faux fur that is super soft and snuggly. It’s like having a big fluffy bear giving you a warm hug while you’re watching TV. It has a nice long controller lead so you don’t need a plug right near your sofa. The controller is also removable you can stick this electric over blanket in the washing machine.

It’s also got an automatic turn off after three hours for peace of mind of no overheating. At less than a penny per use it is friendly on energy consumption too.

Do you find heavy sheets comforting? It can double up as a weighted blanket too. The heating filaments inside give an extremely comforting weight to this throw.

A wonderfully soft and comfortable throw great for relaxing on the sofa on clod nights. Or how great would it be to wrap up in this while you’re off work sick? It’ll certainly beat wrapping up in a duvet cover.

5. Best Budget Pick – Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: Silentnight

Type: Under Blanket

  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Memory Foam Compatible
  • No Timer


Silentnight have a fantastic budget electric blanket which is a great all-rounder. To make it even better value it includes a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

It’s got three heat settings and is available for single, double or king-size beds. I’m not a fan of the fact it doesn’t come with any sort of automatic shut-off timer but it does have overheat protection which is good.

The other disadvantage of not having an automatic shut off timer is that if you don’t turn it off when you fall asleep you’re almost guaranteed to wake up in the night too hot and needing to turn it off. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world it disturbs your sleep and will make you more tired in the morning.

An alternative solution to this is to get an auto timer for the wall socket so you can control when it gets turned on and off again. You could even use a smart-plug and control your blanket via Wi-Fi.

You will always be able to keep it clean and fresh. It is machine washable at 40 degrees and safe to be used in your tumble dryer too.

Rest assured you will get a good night’s sleep through cold winter nights with this cost effective solution. You will be excited to get ready for bed every night you use it.


There are two types of electric blanket. A heated throw which you can use on top of the bed and a heated undersheet which you put underneath your bed sheet.

Heated throws are great because they are easy to remove and you can use them while you’re sitting in the living room if it’s especially cold.

But undersheets give you a warmer bed to climb into as all the heat gets trapped under your duvet and in the mattress keeping your bed warmer for longer. And if your bedroom tends to be cold then nothing beats climbing into a nice warm bed.


Are electric blankets safe to use or is there a fire risk?

With a new electric blanket, yes they are completely safe. Dangers come from old blankets that have been overused and become worn so you always want to make sure your electric blanket is completely faultless.

Well I went onto the Fire Service website to get some tips for making sure your electric blanket is up to scratch:

Electric Blanket danger signs

  • Fraying fabric.
  • Scorch marks.
  • Exposed elements.
  • Creasing or folding.
  • Soiling.
  • Damp patches.
  • Tie tapes damaged or missing.
  • Worn flex.
  • Loose connections.

If your blanket or any part of the wiring shows any of these danger signs, you should have it checked or replaced:

An old BEAB safety mark – a round symbol (the new sign is white capital letters on a black background). This means it is more than 10 years old.

If in doubt buy a new one! It’s not worth the risk to not get it replaced.

Luckily hundreds of thousands of people use electric blankets every year without incident so you don’t have to worry when you buy any of the electric blankets recommended here they are completely safe.


Electric blankets are actually surprisingly cheap to run.

For one thing, you use them when during off-peak times so your electricity costs less and the power consumption itself isn’t much more than that of a couple of lightbulbs. So you could potentially only be spending 3 pence per night or less on your electric blanket.

A small price for a cosy night’s sleep!

Which! did a test to compare the cost of running various electric blankets and the least efficient one after being run every night for two hours over half a year cost a whopping £8.06. Nothing compared to what I’m sure your electricity bill is normally if yours is anything like mine!


Can You Use It With A Mattress Topper Or Memory Foam?

You can use an electric blanket with a regular mattress topper but not with a memory foam one. Or a memory foam mattress for that matter.

Memory foam is designed to react with the heat of your body so it moulds to you. If you add in an extra heat source it will become too soft and won’t properly mould to you. There isn’t a safety risk of any kind but it will definitely ruin any memory foam involved. More on that here.

But what you can use with memory foam is a heated throw, they lie on top of the bed and if it’s got the duvet and you between the bed and the memory foam you’ll be absolutely fine.

Why electric blankets are bad for you?

A new electric blanket will post the most minimal of fire risks. The same can’t be said for an old electric blanket.

With wear, tear, and improper use an old electric blanket can become a fire risk. Especially if they are outdated and lack safety features. Unfortunately it is mostly old, improperly functioning, electric blankets which set this reputation.

To minimise your risk from an electric blanket make sure you take the following steps:

  • Ensure the blanket you choose has been tested by an authorised testing agency to an appropriate safety standard.
  • Don’t use a blanket which doesn’t fit properly.
  • Do not use a blanket with obvious signs of wear and tear such as tears, burns, discolouration and frayed wires.
  • Don’t buy a second hand blanket. You can’t be sure how much use it has had.
  • Hold the blanket up to a bright light. You should be able to see the wires through it. Look for any breaks, out of place wires, or any other damage.
  • Do not leave your blanket running unattended.
  • When you store your blanket away; make sure to roll it up. Do not fold it. Folding your blanket can put stress on the internal heating filaments and risks them breaking.

Do heated blankets give you cancer?

There is an unfortunate rumour that electric blankets can cause cancer. Allow me to clear the air on this one.

Electric wires have an electro-magnetic field (EMF) when there is a current flowing along them. The rumour goes that this EMF supposedly increases your risk of cancer.

One study carried out at Yale University and published in The American Journal of Epidemiology investigated any relationship between breast cancer and electric blankets. 1,200 women participated and 40% of them used electric blankets. Despite considering factors like age, sex, location, habits absolutely no relationship between electric blankets and breast cancer was found.

The National Cancer Institute explain on their web site that scientists have found no mechanism by which non-ionising electric fields can cause cancer.

How long should an electric blanket last?

Your electric blanket should be replaced at least every 10 years.

However if it is showing any obvious signs of wear and tear it really does need replaced as soon as possible. A damaged electric blanket is a risk to your health and safety. Don’t risk your life just to avoid cold feet.

How long can you leave a heated blanket on?

The length of time a blanket can be left turned on depends on the particular blanket. Some are designed to be left on for over ten hours. Others are designed to only run for a short period of time to inject some heat into the sheets when you’re ready for bed.

Always check your manufacturer instructions. If you are in any doubt you should try to contact the manufacturer.

Other Electric Blankets Reviewed

Dreamland Fleece Easy Fit Heated Electric Underblanket

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: Dreamland

Type: Under Blanket

  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Machine Washable
  • No Timer


Dreamland do a single electric blanket that has a great 3-hour timer you can set to automatically turn it off. It’s also fitted for easy removal from the bed and you can wash it which is handy.

Depending on the age of your child I’d recommend you turn it on 15 minutes before they get into bed and then turn it off for them when they get into bed so that it doesn’t get left on and they overheat and have a disturbed sleep. If it doesn’t get turned off when they get into bed then it will turn off three hours later so there is no danger whatsoever.

If you’re buying an electric blanket for you child then safety is the number one concern. Never skimp on safety it’s just not worth it. So for the best electric blanket you need one with an automatic shut off timer.

Sleepwell Dreamland Intelliheat Fast Heat Luxurious Cotton Electric Mattress Cover

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: Dreamland

Type: Mattress Protector

  • Dual Control
  • Machine Washable
  • Costs as little as 1p per night
  • Automatically responds to surrounding temerpature


This electric blanket is next level when it comes to a cosy nights sleep.

Its got 6 different temperature settings and dual controls so you can control each side of the bed independent of the other. Plus it’s a fitted mattress protector so you there’s no way it can slide around under your sheet and end up bunched up anywhere.

Plus if you don’t keep it turned up all night it can cost as little as a penny a night! That means you could use it every night for a year and it would only cost you as much as a festive latte.

There is also an easily selected automatic shut off which can be set to one hour or nine hours. This means you won’t be coming home from work to realise you forgot to turn it off or waking up a few hours later feeling rather sweaty!

All that makes this the best electric blanket you can buy.

Bielay Warmness Electric Blanket with 3 Heat Settings

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: Bielay

Type: Under Blanket

  • Memory Foam Compatible
  • Designed to run all night


This is one luxury electric blanket which is designed to run all night long. With memory foam compatibility and overheat protection it is safe for any type of mattress.

Made from 100% polyester, it is waterproof, and extremely durable.

Cold nights are a problem of the past. It has a fast warm up time so your body temperature will never need to drop again.

The double size and single size both come with a single controller but the king size has an extra controller for each size.

At this price point it is a fantastic balance of luxury at a budget cost.

Daewoo HEA1179 85W Double Heated Blanket with 3 Heat Settings

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: Daewoo

Type: Under Blanket

  • Overheat Protection
  • High Quality 450GSM Polyester


Are you one of those people who are always cold no matter what? This powerful blanket is sure to blast you with heat. Running at 85W you will forget what cold is.

Made from thick 450GSM polyester it will hold onto it’s own heat for that snuggly cosy bed feel. Being made from a thick material you are not going to feel the wires under you.

One odd aspect is a hum of a factory chemical smell when you first open the packaging. Possibly ammonia. One quick gentle wash gets rid of that whiff though.

Electric Blanket Heated Under Bed Comfort Control Super Cosy Washable Fleece Heated

The 5 Best Electric Blankets UK 2020 - An Expert Buyer's Guide

Brand: SAIF

Type: Under Blanket

  • Overheat Protection
  • Cosy and Fleecy


This blanket will heat up in no time and have your blankets toasty and ready for bed time. It has a gentler heat output compared to other blankets so it’s ideal for just that extra bit of warmth. It is extremely comfortable and designed for both being used all night and providing that extra foot warmth.

While it is marketed as having corner ties it is actually designed with three straps which secure under the mattress to hold it in place. Which is possibly a better design than corner ties.

One down side is it does not extend from edge to edge of your mattress. The double size could fit on to a single bed and the material could be thicker. However if you already use extra under layers or a mattress topper that shouldn’t be an issue.


Choosing the right electric blanket is an investment and a choice which has to be right for exactly you. It is more than just the latest technical features like timer settings or dual control. It can be down to even the particular fabric which fits your preference; the choices can range from a premium fleece to faux fur.

Which ever blanket you choose absolutely do not compromise on safety. Remember it is a piece of electrical equipment. Ensure your blanket is brand new, in perfect condition, and tested by an authorised testing body to an appropriate safety standard.

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Comments (10)

  • bob ulldemolins
    December 14, 2016 at 8:33 am

    my old electric blanket was perfect set the tempriture plug in to my timer comes on and off automaticly not todays blankets it appears all are manual turn on who wants to wait in a cold bedroom for 5 or 10 minutes can you recomend one that does what i want

    • thedozyowl
      December 14, 2016 at 9:23 pm

      I believe that’s a safety feature on newer electric blankets because there aren’t any blankets I’m aware of that work that way. So I’m afraid your only option is to go into your bedroom and switch your electric blanket on before you go and brush your teeth and get your jammies on, that way it’ll be warm for you getting into bed. Sorry I couldn’t be more useful!

  • Dennis B
    October 6, 2017 at 8:37 am

    My partner and I have two single beds pushed together so that we don’t disturb each other when we turn over in the night. So we are looking for two single electric blankets. The problem is that they all appear to have the controls attached to the right-hand side of the blanket. That means that on one of the beds, the controls will be between the two beds. Do you happen to know of any single underblanket that has the controls on the left?

    • thedozyowl
      October 6, 2017 at 10:48 am

      Hi Dennis,

      If you turn the blanket around the control will be on the other side. It means the control will be at the bottom of the bed instead of the top which is a bit of a pain but better than no blanket at all.

      Also if you ever decide you want a double bed again but don’t want the movement you can get a memory foam mattress that’ll absorb any movement from your partner.

      Hope that helps!

  • Karen Forrest
    January 15, 2018 at 6:45 pm

    Do you know of a manufacturer who makes a single heated underblanket with the control connector on the left hand side? We have 2 single linked beds. Currently we use a heated duvet but my husband finds it too heavy. Thanks

    • thedozyowl
      January 16, 2018 at 9:02 am

      Hi Karen,

      If you want the connector on the left side all you have to do is turn the blanket around 180 degrees. It means the switch will be at your feet rather than your head but at least it’ll be on the correct side!

  • Paul Murphy
    December 11, 2018 at 6:57 am

    Do you know of any electric blanket maker who makes a double size electric blanket with the controller on the left side and extra warmth for the feet? I do not want to flip or re-orient the blanket but would like one specifically to suit my bed which is against the wall on the right hand side. Seems like such a simple request but I’m surprised just how difficult this is proving to be.

    • Pat Williams
      June 23, 2019 at 11:46 pm

      Hi, where do you place the electric underblanket Paul – under the mattress protector and therefore directly on top of the mattress or on top of the mattress protector and therefore under the sheet?
      Thanks. Pat

      • Kieran
        June 24, 2019 at 9:39 am

        Hi Pat,

        You can do either really, under the protector won’t be as warm but will protect the electric blanket as well as the mattress. Whereas under the sheet will be warmer but it won’t be protected per se.

        I have a memory foam mattress so can’t use an electric blanket but if I slept on a different mattress I’d personally put the electric blanket under the sheet but not under the protector.

        Hope that helps,

    • Kieran
      December 12, 2018 at 12:29 pm

      Hi Paul,

      Hmm that is a tough one, I’ve not come across one like that before but if I ever do I’ll be sure to come back and leave you a comment here. Likewise, if you end up finding one yourself please share it with us!

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