Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper Review

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Dormeo Octaspring Topper Schematic

So you’re looking at buying a Dormeo Octaspring mattress topper?

A fine choice!

Far cheaper than buying a new mattress and will give your current mattress a serious comfort upgrade.

Plus you get great support across your whole body and it’s breathable so keeps you cool all night long.

In this review I’ve looked at everything you need to know before you buy yours.


What You Need To Know About The Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Topper

What Are Octasprings?

They’re basically 8 sided foam springs that give you all the support of memory foam with the breathability of regular springs.

This really puts it a step above a lot of other memory foam mattress toppers because memory foam can be so stifling and really ruin your sleep. So with the breathability fixed you get all the advantages with none of the disadvantages of memory foam.

You Get 5 Zone Support

Dormeo designed their octaspring mattress topper with 5 support zones across the length of it.

You get firmer support where you need it, your shoulders and hips, and then softer support where you don’t, your head feet and mid riff.

A Comfortable Medium Firmness

Not to firm and not too soft the Octasrping topper is juuust right.

Because of the octasprings you get all the support of a firm mattress topper from a medium firmness.

So you get enough support to deal with aches and pains but still get a really comfortable sleep.

It’s Hypoallergenic

Foam and memory foam are both naturally hypoallergenic materials.

Plus the cover is removeable so you can wash it seperately to keep the whole thing even cleaner.

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What I Like About The Octaspring Topper

  • Cool compared to most memory foam toppers
  • 5 zone support for extra comfort
  • Comes in a handy bag
  • 7 cm deep

Great support, comforable feel and very breathable.

What more do you need?

What I Don’t Like

  • Quite Expensive For A Topper
  • Doesn’t Secure To The Mattress

It’s more expensive than some other toppers but is really great value. It will transform any bed so it feels like new and is much cheaper than buying a new mattress.

There aren’t any corner straps on it to keep it in place on the mattress but if you have a fitted sheet that should hold it in place fine.

And you can just reposition it when you change the bedding anyway.

Who Is The Octaspring Topper Best For

Couples will like it because the foam absorbs movement meaning you can move around without disturbing your partner.

Hot Sleepers will of course be happy because of how breathable it is.

People With Back Pain or even arthritis will love the memory foam support this topper gives.

Back, Front, Or Side Sleepers are catered for so no matter what position you sleep in you’ll be comfortable.

Final Verdict

An absolutely fantastic mattress topper, if you decide to buy it you won’t be disappointed.

It’s available in single, double, king and super king size and all of them are available from Amazon just click the right link below for the size you need.

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Happy Sleeping!

Comments (1)

  • Matthew Fradley
    January 18, 2021 at 3:50 am

    Totally disagree, clearly not tested one for longer than a week, foam sags and loses firmness

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