Can You Wash A Mattress Topper – A Complete Cleaning Guide

Last Updated on 17 Aug. 2018

Cleaning Supplies For Washing a Mattress Topper

There are so many different types of material you can get inside a mattress topper that as usual, it depends.

You can easily wash some mattress topper in the washing machine but other not so much.

Your first port of call is checking the label to see what it says, aside from that I’ve broken this article down into the different materials so you can find out the best way to wash your topper.

How To Wash A Memory Foam Mattress Topper


That will completely ruin the memory foam, you might just get away with it if it’s just foam and not memory foam but still not a good idea.

You need to spot clean it or take the whole thing outside and hose that thing down if it’s soaked through with something.

For spot cleaning you want to mix some detergent and water and just hit it with a sponge, not too much liquid but enough to get it damp then just scrub it out.

How To Wash Feather And Down Mattress Toppers

Most feather and down toppers are machine washable (check the label) and if they are you want to wash them in a large size washing machine which you might need to go to a laundry for.

Add about half the amount of detergent you normally would and put it on a delicate cycle. Rinse it twice through to get all the detergent out and then hang it out to dry, You can likely tumble dry it on a low setting before hanging it out to dry it faster but check first.

You don’t want to do this too often as down is a delicate material that gets ruined with excessive washing so only do this if you really need to.

How To Wash Polyester Mattress Toppers

Polyester and microfibre toppers are much more robust, you can wash them just the same as the above feather toppers.

Consider A Deodorizer

If it’s just starting to smell a bit off and you can’t get to an oversized washing machine then you can use a spray deodorizer to get the worst of the smell out. And it can remove stains.

I recommend the Envii Bed fresh for anyone who wants to try it. Not too expensive and it’s already in a spray bottle for easy application.

Other Ways To Clean Your Mattress Topper

Vacuum It

Plain and simple, get your vacuum cleaner up on top of the mattress topper (or put your topper on the floor first that’s probably easier) and give it a good hoover!

It’s easy enough to do and will get a lot of any possible dust out of it and other bits of hair and dead skin that find their way into your bed. And, as long as your gentle, it won’t cause any damage to the topper itself. Result!

Important note: Make sure your topper is dry before you vacuum it, this is to be done before you wash it.

Protect it first

Getting a mattress protector is always a good idea, you can get waterproof ones that don’t have that horrible plasticy feeling and will protect your topper from anything and everything.

And even a non-waterproof protector is a good idea, just something to protect, which if you’re looking to wash your topper I’m sure you now know the importance of.

I’ve got some recommendations of the best mattress protectors if you need some advice.

What If It Can’t Be saved?

If your topper is too far gone and you need to replace it have a look at my top picks for mattress toppers here.

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