Brighter Mattress Review – Wake up To A Brighter Tomorrow

Last Updated on 10 Feb. 2017

Brighter Mattress Review

The Brighter Mattress company want to make a brighter Britain. And I like that! They don’t just want to sell you a mattress, they want to make sure you get a great sleep so you can wake up brighter the next day.

With 7 zone support ensuring you get support exactly where you need it and active Coolmax technology throughout it’s a mattress well worth your time. Which is exactly why I’m reviewing it! Now onto the details.

The Company

During the early 2000s the founders of brighter were all hard at work, not with mattresses but in the flooring industry, innovating and developing new types of foam. From there they channeled all of their knowledge towards developing a new and unique memory foam.

They developed Purefoam and combined that with PuroTex to bring you the freshest most comfortable night sleep. Then they got a huge piece of machinery that can roll up their mattresses into a handy box that gets delivered to your house next day free of charge.

One of the newcomers to the online mattress industry I’m excited to see where Brighter Mattress go from here.

What’s Inside

Brighter Mattress

Layer 1. 7 Zone Support

The most exciting part of the Brighter Mattress is the 7 Zone Support Top, they’ve divided the top of the mattress into 7 different sections which offer complete support where you need it most. Light support under the head and feet, medium support under shoulders and thighs then right in the middle is firm support, under your hips and bum. This allows you to sleep perfectly through the night and wake up completely refreshed, no aches and pains.

Layer 2.

This is a softer memory foam layer designed to provide you with more comfort. The top layer sinks into this one providing you with a warm hug of comfort as you lie in bed.

Layer 3.

The bottom layer is then a much firmer foam base that stops you sinking into deep and gives you enough resistance to support your joints and keep you comfortable.

Active Airflow

Under the top layer is a specially designed active airflow space designed to let hot air out while letting hot air in. This combats the traditional heat retention of memory foam and will keep you cool through the night. Great if you’re an especially hot sleeper.


The memory foam is combined with PuroTex which is a probiotic that keeps dust mites at bay meaning your mattress is self-cleaning on the inside. Pretty cool!


The final touch is the cover made with Coolmax Yarn, this is the final step in temperature control. The Coolmax Yarn literally wicks away moisture so if you’re a sweaty sleeper then this will be perfect for you. Perspiration gets pulled away along with any heat it’s trapped keeping you cool and comfortable.

Who’s it For

Hot Sleepers – The Lengths Brighter have gone to with their mattress to keep it cool are lengthy and well worth while. The airflow technology and CoolMax cover make it a great choice for those who tend to sleep on the hot side.

All Positions – The 7 support zones make it perfect for any type of sleeper, side, back or front.

Couples – Memory foam has always been the most versatile and the ability to support any type of sleeper makes it perfect for couples who tend not to have the exact same sleeping habits.


The Brighter Mattress Company offer a 100 night trial on their mattress. So you have over 3 months to fully try it out before committing! The only downside is that they have a £50 fee for pickup and removal, but this is to ensure the mattress gets properly recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

On Top of this they have a whopping 10 Year Guarantee on their mattress so you can enjoy a brighter morning every day for a whole decade before you need anything else. A worthy investment if ever there was one.


Now although the pickup fee is a pain if you wanted to return it the good news is that next day delivery is completely free. You could order yours today and have it with you tomorrow morning! Brighter ship all their mattresses with Parcelforce.


Brighter Mattress offer a 0% Financing over 10 months with just a 10% deposit. That means you could get yourself a new kingsize brighter mattress for only £57 per month, Some of my friends pay more than that for their mobile phone contracts!


Brighter mattresses 7 zone support make it a great choice in mattress so why not give it a try and see for yourself if you wake up brighter.

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