What Is Egg Crate Foam?

Last Updated on 3 Jul. 2020

As its name suggests, egg crate foam is any type of foam where one side has an “egg crate” shape and the other side does not. This kind of foam can be used as a mattress topper or pad. In addition, it can be put on empty walls to help remove echoes from a room.

Egg crate foam can either be memory foam or reflex foam, both of which are blends of polyurethane; it tends to be more responsive and distributes weight much better than a regular thick layer of foam (without the egg crate shape). There are also cooling benefits.

Primarily egg crate foam is used on top of mattresses that are too firm, although it can also be used at the base. This article will go into a bit more detail about the properties and uses of egg crate foam as it relates to mattresses. To conclude, we’ve selected some of our top picks for foam toppers to help you avoid choosing low-grade foams that will degrade faster.

What Is Egg Crate Foam Made Of?

Egg crate foam is usually made of synthetic polyurethane foam. During the creation process, when this foam is hot, it is poured into egg crate shaped molds, and that is what gives it its unique one-sided grooves.

These grooves contour the human body and can provide a good amount of support as a mattress topper; it helps reduce pressure points, which can increase your sleep experience.

Egg crate toppers tend to be popular with healthcare institutions, or those who are bedridden for a lengthy period of time, due to their ergonomic design. Air is able to flow under a sleeper between the grooves, which can prevent bedsores and even fevers.

While these toppers are breathable, they can still get hot to sleep on in summer months. They are also thinner than just a standard made memory foam topper, and therefore more pliable.

After several months of use, it will break down and may leave a permanent indentation. The good news is they are typically pretty affordable, so replacing them is easy!

Another use of egg crate foam is that it can be an inexpensive option for soundproofing a room. Special sheets can be manufactured in various sizes and, when paired with an acoustic fabric, can be effective at keeping noise out.

How to Use an Egg Crate Foam Mattress Topper

If you want to make your firm mattress comfier, or need some extra support for your sore back, try egg crate foam!

Here’s how to use it on a mattress:

  1. Strip your bed of sheets.
  2. Place the egg crate pad on the top of your mattress, groovy-side up.
  3. Stretch a fitted sheet over the egg crate topper and mattress.

A quick side note: though you can use a regular mattress pad under an egg crate foam topper, you won’t get the same benefits if the mattress pad is on top of the egg crate foam.

Does Egg Crate Foam Go Up or Down?

The simple answer is both. However, it is most commonly used face-up (groovy side pointing to the ceiling). If you are unsure of which way will work better for you, test it out both ways.

What Thickness of Egg Crate Foam Is Best?

The best thickness for your mattress will depend on your own personal preference. That said, the most common sizes range between 1 ½ to 4 inches thick. The different thicknesses will affect the firmness of the foam, so it is advisable to visit a mattress store if you’re not sure. It can be helpful to lay on demo-beds and see what type works best for you.

How to Wash Egg Crate Foam

Even though it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to replace a sheet or pad of egg crate foam, there are times when cleaning them makes more sense.

Below are a few tips on how to clean your egg crate foam so it will last longer:

  • Remove any crumbs, dirt, and debris by giving it a good shake. If you have a small attachment on your vacuum cleaner, carefully pass it across the egg crate foam to pick up any remaining particles. Then vacuum the other side.
  • Wash, spot clean, or soak. You can put your topper in your washing machine on a gentle cycle, or you can spot clean with a fabric cleaner and soak it in warm water to get out dirt and stains. Remove excess water by wringing out the foam and pressing out the water.
  • Allow to properly dry. It is important to let your egg crate foam dry properly before it returns to your bed to avoid excess moisture that could cause odors or mold to form. It is best to let it air dry by laying it flat, but a tumble dryer can be used in a low, gentle setting while monitoring for heat damage.

Is It Safe to Put an Egg Crate Foam in the Washing Machine?

Yes, it is! However, based on the size and material of your egg crate foam, it might not be compatible with your washing machine. You also run the risk of the foam tearing due to the continual agitation. Alternatively, you may have better luck using a commercial-size machine. In both cases, set to the gentlest cycle and use only a mild detergent.

Our Tops Picks for Egg Crate Foam Toppers

Now that we’ve given you the lowdown on egg crate foam, how about we share some of our top picks, so you can get a better night’s sleep!

Milliard Egg Crate Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper (2”)

This topper will be your old mattress’ lifesaver! It features open-cell technology that improves overall airflow. Not to mention, it is built for extended use and has great padding around tender spots such as joints.

Milliard memory foam is ventilated and breathable, which means that the cooling is great for those who have a tendency to wake up with night sweats. It also doesn’t break down and remains intact, due to the foam being highly durable and resistant.

It comes in 4 sizes.

Lucid 5-Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper (2”)

This is the Cadillac of egg crate foam toppers! It offers five zones of comfort (for the head, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles), and has a lovely lavender-infused scent.

No matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep, this mattress topper’s unique texture will provide you with a smooth-as-silk feel throughout the night.

The Lucid 5-Zone comes in seven different sizes and has a 3-year warranty.

Flexapedic Gel Memory Foam Topper (3”)

This mattress topper has a cooling gel that is used in memory foam that adds extra coolness. It is also resistant to dust mites and has a natural antimicrobial property. This topper works really well if you have a firm mattress, and are looking for an extra layer of comfort.

The real value of the Flexapedic comes from its temperature-sensitive feature of memory foam that allows for more coolness than typical foam toppers. This quality will help alleviate pressure points and relax muscles. Plus, it’s reversible and can be flipped onto a flat surface if needed.

It comes in 5 sizes.


As you can see, egg crate foam, with its unique ‘egg crate’ shaped design on one side, can be a useful product — especially when it comes to extending the life of your mattress, or providing additional support or cooling as you sleep.

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