Zonesleep Mattress Topper and Pillow Review


Zonesleep were kind enough to send me out a mattress topper and a pillow to try out and review for The Dozy Owl.

And I’m pleased to say it was awesome! Some really great products, a comfortable pillow and an excellent topper.

Who Are Zonesleep

Zonesleep are a UK based company who specialize in making bedding products made from their unique 3D spacer material. It was founded by Tim Stokes who has had over a decade of experience managing a textile company and brought the 3D spacer material to the world of bedding.

What’s Inside the Zonesleep Products

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what this 3D spacer material is. Well, I was hadn’t heard of it either but the best way to describe it is a sturdy 3D mesh. I’ve got a picture below but it was quite hard to photograph.


This mesh is firm to the touch but when you lie on it it’s got some good give making it firmer than memory foam but just as supportive.

How It’s Different To Memory Foam

The Zonesleep topper is really great because it has loads of the advantages of memory foam without the disadvantages.

More breathable – The 3d spacing makes it much more breathable than memory foam. Traditional memory foam traps a lot of heat inside of it which can really ruin your sleep if you’re already prone to overheating.

Lightweight – The 3d spacer is really lightweight which makes putting it on the bed a lot easier and you feel the lightness when you lie on top of it.

Washable – Not easily because it’s quite big so you’ll have to take it to a laundry with oversize washing machines but it is washable.

The Zonesleep Topper Reviewed

I’ve slept on top of the Zonesleep topper for about a week now and I absolutely love it! I’m a very warm sleeper and often get quite sweaty but I’ve been sleeping comfortably all week now and couldn’t be happier.

How does it feel

It feels nice and squishy but there’s a definite firmness to it.

Firmer than memory foam and it’s about 1.5 inches thick so the firmness works well keeping you supported alongside your mattress. If you were looking for a comfort upgrade on an old mattress this would be great.

Zonesleep topper thickness

It fits nicely on the bed and there’s no bumpy edge that you can feel through the sheet which is great. You sometimes get quite a firm edge with mattress toppers so that’s really nice.

Who is it good for

A Great Choice For Hot Sleepers, it’s really breathable making it the ideal choice for hot sleepers. I’m a hot sleeper and loved it.

People with back problems, if you have a sore back at all you’ll find this gives you great support.

People who don’t like memory foam, if you’re looking for a comfort upgrade but don’t like the feel of memory foam you’re in luck.

What I liked

I really, really, liked the breathability, that was a huge plus for me and definitely my favourite part. But I also just liked the general feel and comfort it gave the bed.

What I didn’t like

It’s not the thickest, but it’s still plenty thick enough to really upgrade the comfort levels of your bed.

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The Zonesleep Pillow Reviewed

Well when I manage to steal the pillow back from my wife who’s side of the bed it keeps mysteriously migrating too I love it!

Super comfortable, very supportive and you only need one, two pillows would push your neck too high up I think.

How Does It Feel

It feels downright heavenly, super soft and squishy but there’s enough push back to give your head the support it needs.


Again it’s as breathable as the topper is, so no waking up with a sweaty head. This means it stays quite cool to the touch as well which is nice, it keeps it fresh.

Who Is It Good For

Back & Side Sleepers will love it, front sleepers not so much because it’s a little tall for that.

I personally go between back and side sleeping and was comfortable all through the night. No need to wake up and squash it back into sleep.

What I liked

How plump it is! It’s just so plump and fluffy feeling that it’s hard to take my head off it in the morning.

Also that you only need one on your side of the bed, it’s just great.

What I Didn’t Like?

Nothing! I can’t think of a single thing I didn’t like, a really great pillow.

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Bamboo Pillow Reviews UK – Luxury Softness and Comfort

Best Cheap Mattress

Everyone is looking for the perfect nights’ sleep and bamboo pillows might just get you one step closer.

You’ve obviously heard bamboo pillows are good but there’s a lot of choices and finding the best one can be hard. So I’ve put together this list of bamboo pillow reviews to help you find exactly what you need.

I’ll talk about why bamboo is such a great option and then get to the good bit, the 4 bamboo pillow reviews.

So stick around!

And if you have any questions let me know in the comments at the bottom.

Why Choose A Bamboo Pillow

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Eve Mattress Topper Review – Budget Friendly Comfort

Eve Mattress Topper

The Eve mattress topper is the perfect upgrade if you can’t afford to replace your mattress. Replacing your mattress can be costly and some of us need a bank balance friendly alternative that still provides a great sleep upgrade.

That’s where the Eve memory foam mattress topper comes in. For a quick overview, It’s 5cm thickness give you a whole heap of comfort while providing extra support to a bad back and a 2cm cooling layer keeps you climate controlled all night long.

Click here to check it out on Eve’s Website

(P.S. Use the Voucher Code DOZY5OFF for 5% Off The Eve Mattress Topper)

Why Memory Foam

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Eve Pillow Review – Supreme Memory Foam Comfort

The Eve pillow comes to you straight from one of the best memory mattress makers in the world. For a quick overview, you just need to know it’s suitable for every type of sleeper and comes in at a medium firm rating. But let’s get into the details or:

Click Here to View The Eve Pillow

(P.S. Use the Voucher Code DOZY5OFF for 5% Off The Eve Pillow)

Why Memory Foam

Memory foam was brought to us by some very clever people over at NASA while they were trying to develop a seat material to withstand the pressures of take off. They eventually made the technology open to everyone and from there memory foam mattresses were developed and loved for their supreme comfort and support. But we’re here to talk about pillows!

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Lumie Bodyclock Review – Say Goodbye to Tired Mornings

For thousands of years our ancestors started the day with warm sunlight gently waking them up.

Now we have angry alarm clocks and blackout blinds. So we wake up in the dark, groggy and half asleep.

Luckily help is at hand, and the Lumie Bodyclock can solve this.

The Lumie Bodyclock is a dawn simulator, this means you can wake up the way you’re supposed to. Light slowly filling the room, rocking you awake with it’s warm hands, allowing you to gradually wake up and start the day invigorated!

There are several different models of the Lumie Bodyclocks so click one of the links below to jump to a specific review or read on to find out more about them and decide which one is right for you!

Bodyclock starter 30
Bodyclock go 75
Bodyclock active 250
Bodyclock IRIS 500

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Tempur Mattress Review – The Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Tempur mattress have long been the best and will continue to be the best for a long time to come. THey aren’t the cheapest but in this review I’m going to show you they’re definitely worth it.

When buying a mattress is important to remember that it is where you spend a third of your entire life so it is well worth investing to get the right one. In comparison we spend more than 10x the amount on our cars when we spend about an hour a day in them, most of which is stuck in traffic.

Tempur were the company who took over work on memory foam after NASA released it to the public in the early. They then spent over a decade refining and improving it resulting in the memory foam we have today. But not all memory foam is the same.

Tempur memory foam is made up of little pockets of material which react to heat from the body. More heat and they become soft and mould in any direction to fit snugly around your body giving you the best support possible.

Other memory foam can only move up and down like a spring so it still moves with the heat of your body providing support but it does not compare with Tempur which is why they are the best.

In an effort to give you as detailed a review as I possibly can I had a phone call with the Tempur customer service team and I have to say the gentleman I talked to was so pleasant and helpful I could hardly believe I was talking to someone in a call center! Normally people are way grumpier but then maybe that’s just the people I’ve spoken to at the power companies.


There are four different types of Tempur Mattress available to buy: the original, the cloud, the sensation and the hybrid. Each is suitable for a different person and I’ve split this review into talking about each of them. Each one also comes with a different depth of mattress but I’ll explain which depth is best for what person below. Check out the table of contents below to jump to the section you need.

Each type of Tempur mattress is also available as a single, double, king or super king size so you can get the size you need for your bed.

I also shopped around and John Lewis seem to be the cheapest place to buy them so I’ve provided a link below each review so you can buy yours today!


What Causes Back Pain While You Sleep

Basically back pain happens when your spine isn’t aligned properly which happens when your mattress doesn’t offer proper support. Memory foam lets your shoulders and hips sink in properly which keeps your spine straight and eases the pressure off of anyone point and spreads it out across your body which is what gives you that feeling of weightlessness.

And because Tempur mattresses are responsive to temperature and weight they will always adjust to the person no matter what size or shape they are. So even if there are two of you (or more I’m not judging!) sharing the bed the mattress will adjust to each of you individually so you both get a great night’s sleep no matter what. So if your partner suffers from back pain and you do not then you can still share a Tempur mattress no problem.

Choosing a depth of Mattress

As I said before each Tempur mattresses are available in three different depths but it’s important to get the right one to suit you.

As a rule, more depth means more support. You sink in deeper and your back and joints are more supported. But this also makes it harder to move around so if you tend to roll around in your sleep a lot then a thinner mattress could be better for you. You’ll still get lots of great support but still have the freedom to move.

It also depends on the type of bed you have, you might have a really deep frame and need to get a thicker mattress. Measure the depth of your current mattress to get a rough idea of what you need.

Finally it is thought that someone who is heavier will need a deeper mattress but that is not necessarily true. A person who is overweight will sink in deeper so might want a thicker mattress for extra support but that doesn’t mean that a thinner mattress won’t work for them. It will still provide all the great benefits of Tempur memory foam.

And it should be pointed out that a thicker mattress is more expensive. So although a proper mattress is one of the best investments you can make the cost is always something to consider.

Tempur Original Mattress Review


This was the first and the original Tempur mattress coming from the memory foam they first pioneered. It offers a firmer feel while providing phenomenal support for the back and joints. It’s not the comfiest because of it’s firmer feel and thick memory foam layers but it is the best orthopaedic mattress.

More recently they started making this with a quilted cover which definitely improved the overall comfort of the mattress. The 21 cm thickness original mattress has a washable cover while the 22 and 27cm thick ones come with removable covers that are only arable. This is because they come with the quilted comfort cover as opposed to a regular one.

The Original mattress is most suitable for those with serious back problems.


Check Price at John Lewis

Tempur Cloud Mattress Review


The Tempur Cloud is one of the most popular because it has a newly developed comfort layer providing a more luxurious feel when you lie on it and giving you a sense of instant relaxation. This is the best mattress for getting a good night’s sleep on. It’s the closest thing you will ever get to lying on a cloud because of the supreme comfort but complete support of your back and joints.

The 21 cm thickness Cloud mattress has a washable cover while the 25 and 27cm thick ones come with removable covers that are only arable.This is because they come with the quilted comfort cover as opposed a regular one.

The Cloud mattress is most suited for those who are looking for a softer comfier mattress that still has great support.


Check Price at John Lewis

Tempur Sensation Mattress Review


The Tempur Sensation is designed for those who need the superior support offered by Tempur but still prefer the feeling or a regular spring mattress. A lot of people don’t like memory foam and that’s ok, Tempur have developed a special type of base layer which provides a more traditional feel.

Again due to the quilted cover the 21 cm thickness Sensation mattress has a washable cover while the 25 and 27cm thick ones come with removable covers that are only airable.

The Sensation Mattress is most suited for those who are looking for a more traditional feeling mattress.


Check Price at John Lewis

Tempur Hybrid Mattress Review


The Tempur Hybrid is really cool. It is a combination of Tempur memory foam and tiny springs which are super responsive to your body while you move giving the most adaptive duvet yet to how you lie and move while in bed. The springs also dampen movement so if you have a partener who moves around a lot you won’t notice them nearly as much. How cool is that?

The Hybrid comes in 21cm, 25cm, and 30cm and each has a cover that is completely removable and washable.

The Hybrid mattress is best for those who share a bed and move around a lot.


Check Price at John Lewis

If you have any questions or think I’ve missed anything let me know in the comments below!


Tempur Pillow Review UK – The Best Cure For Neck Pain

Tempur Pillows are the best in the business and in this review I’m going to explain to you why.

Tempur were the original pioneers of memory foam after NASA, the original inventors, who made the material available to the public in the 1980s. A team of scientists then carried on the research for another 10 years before perfecting Tempur memory foam. Other companies have since tried to imitate the Tempur memory foam but they have yet to succeed.

Most known for their mattress Tempur also have a range of four different pillows each one suited to a different person. I’ve put them into a table below so you can see the differences and then I’ve gone on to include a review of each one individually. The four types are: Original Contour Memory Foam, Comfort, Cloud and Traditional.

 Tempur ContourTempur CloudTempur ComfortTempur Traditional
Suitable ForBack or Side SleepersFront SleepersBack SleepersSide Sleepers
Cover MaterialPolyesterCottonCottonCotton
FillingMemory FoamMemory FoamMemory FoamMemory Foam
PriceClick Here!Click Here!Click Here!Click Here!

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