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Tea Before Bed – The BEST Way To Get To Sleep Fast

Tea to help sleepEveryone hates being unable to sleep.

Luckily, a cup of herbal tea before bed could be the answer!

There are so many benefits of having tea before bed:

  • Herbal tea helps you relax.
  • A drink before bed has been shown to improve sleep.
  • It puts you in a great routine for getting a good sleep.

On top of all that, the ingredients valerian root and chamomile have been shown to cause drowsiness and help you sleep.

Be sure to let me know what helps you sleep in the comments at the end! Continue reading “Tea Before Bed – The BEST Way To Get To Sleep Fast”

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Stop Waking Up Tired – 9 Tips to Try Today

Waking up tired is the worst.

You get a full 8 hours of sleep only to wake up so groggy you feel like you haven’t slept at all.

Well help is at hand!

Here are 9 natural tips to stop you waking up tired!

1. Eat Something Before Going to Bed

8 Tips to stop You Waking up TiredOne common reason for waking up feeling groggy is low blood sugar.

You want to eat something before bed to keep your blood sugar up through the night.

Peanut butter is great because it’s natural fats have slow release energy to help you wake up feeling fresh!

For a more extreme option, Tim Ferriss suggested in his book, the 4 hour body, that you can try a spoonful of flaxseed oil. He also warns that the taste resembles cat pee so sticking with peanut butter is totally fine.

Dairy is another home remedy to help you sleep better and the natural fats and sugars will help you wake up easier as well.

If you don’t eat between dinner and breakfast the chances are you’re leaving your body empty of food for 12-14 hours, so no wonder you wake up exhausted! Continue reading “Stop Waking Up Tired – 9 Tips to Try Today”