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Eve Mattress Review – Supreme Memory Foam Comfort

Eve Mattress are amongst the best in the business.

With over 2000 5-star reviews it’s no secret the Eve mattress is loved by people across the country.

And I’m not surprised! The fact they are only sold online keeps the price low. Combine that with the 100 day trial period and 10-year guarantee means they’ve put their money where their mouth is.

That’s all before we’ve even gotten to how great the Eve mattress actually is! So let’s dive into this review and see what makes the eve mattress so great.

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Best Pocket Sprung Mattress UK – An Expert Buyers Guide

Best Pocket Sprung MattressSo you’re thinking about a pocket sprung mattress? Good choice!

They offer superior comfort and support over their open spring counterparts. But it’s a bit of a minefield trying to find one to choose, so I put together this guide to help you find the best pocket sprung Mattress. CHeck out the table below to see what we’ve looked at.

NameSpring CountGuaranteeFirmnessPrice
Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Plus200010 YearsMedium-Firm££
Simba Sleep Pocket Sprung250010 YearsMedium Firm££
Silentnight Classic 120012001 YearMedium-Firm££
Easy Sleep Diamond 500050001 YearMedium££

What Is A Pocket Sprung Mattress

Let’s start at the beginning and find out exactly what a pocket sprung mattress is. Basically, it is a mattress where every spring is in its own individual pocket of fabric. This means each spring can move independently of its neighbour allowing for a much more responsive feel that sinks in where you need it to giving you maximum support.

This is of course in comparison to an open spring mattress, that’s what old mattresses are made out of. Open spring is when all the springs are attached together on a big grid, this means they all sort of move as one, so you might jump into bed on one side and bounce your partner off the other side!

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Best Mattress For A Bad Back – A UK Expert Buyer’s Guide

Back PainThere’s nothing worse than your sleep being ruined because of your bad back. And it’s a horrible catch 22, your sore back stops you getting a good sleep, and then not getting enough sleep can make your back sorer!

Well let’s end the vicious cycle by having a look at some of the best mattresses for a bad back you can get in the UK. But first, let’s have a look at some of the different things we have to consider so you can decide what’s going to be best for you.Take a look at the table below to see the run down of the mattresses we’ve looked at.

NameMattress TypeGuaranteeFirmnessPrice
Sealy Posturepedic PearlHybrid - Latex1 YearMedium££
Relyon Memory Superior Ortho SupportHybrid - 1500 Pocket SpringsNoneMedium-Firm££
John Lewis OrthoPocket Sprung7 YearFirm£££
Happy Beds Ortho Royale OrthopaedicSpringNoneMedium-Firm£
Silentnight Stratus Miracoil OrthoOpen Coil5 YearFirm£

How does A Mattress affect Back Pain

Mattresses can do a lot to make your back feel much better but an old mattress can be the worst possible thing for your back.

Basically what happens is that if your mattress is the wrong tension your spine distorts while you’re lying down. Check out the diagram below to see what I mean:

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Best Cheap Mattress UK – An Expert Buyer’s Guide

Best Cheap Mattress

It’s no secret that mattresses are expensive, but sometimes we need a new mattress and can’t afford to opt for the best. There is an element of you get what you pay for with a mattress So I put together this guide to help you find the best cheap mattress. I’ve included to what you need to look out for and then provided my 5 favourites with a review of each. Check out the table below for the run down.

NameMattress TypeGuaranteeFirmnessPrice
Silentnight 3-Zone SupportMemory FoamNoneVaries across the mattress£
Silentnight Stratus MiracoilOpen Coil5 YearMedium-Firm£
Happy Beds OrthopaedicOpen CoilNoneFirm£
Silentnight 1000 pocket SpringPocket SprungNoneMedium-Firm££
Happy Beds Hybrid 2000HybridNoneMedium-Firm££

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

The mattress filling is the heart and soul, it is the most important factor and defines what kind of feel and comfort it has. Luckily there are only a couple of different fillings that come up here so let’s have a look at what they are.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is known for its support and comfort allowing you to sleep like your lying on a cloud. Memory foam itself is what’s known as a viscoelastic material, this just means it gets softer when it’s touched by something hot. So when you lie on a memory foam mattress it gets softer and moulds around your body. This keeps your spine aligned as it should be stopping morning aches and pains and letting you sleep comfortably.

The problems are they tend to be very hot unless they are split up into different layers that allow for airflow and proper cooling. Another problem is when you roll over you can tend to leave behind a big groove that takes some time to bounce back. So for people who move around a lot you can get woken up by lying on the bumps you made, it doesn’t take long for them to go away but it can be long enough to wake you up.

Even on a budget you can pick up a semi decent memory foam mattress, but the problems that memory foam has to tend to be quite prominent. So if you’re a hot sleeper who’s prone to night sweats then I’d recommend a spring or hybrid. But if you tend to wake up with a sore back then memory foam will be perfect for you.

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Brighter Mattress Review – Wake up To A Brighter Tomorrow

Brighter Mattress Review

The Brighter Mattress company want to make a brighter Britain. And I like that! They don’t just want to sell you a mattress, they want to make sure you get a great sleep so you can wake up brighter the next day.

With 7 zone support ensuring you get support exactly where you need it and active Coolmax technology throughout it’s a mattress well worth your time. Which is exactly why I’m reviewing it! Now onto the details.

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Hyde & Sleep Mattress Review – Luxury Comfort at Affordable Prices

Hyde and Sleep Mattress

“>Hyde & Sleep had the vision to help Britain improve the way it sleeps.

Their solution was to design the ultimate luxury mattress at an affordable price.

But as they delved into their research they found that people tend to fall into one of two camps, some like foam while others like traditional springs.

So they created both!

They have a hybrid mattress, featuring a combination of 2000 tiny springs and memory foam, and a pure memory foam mattress containing, you guessed it, memory foam!

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Simba Mattress Review – From Thread Makers to Mattress Experts

Simba Mattress Review

The Simba Mattress combines the familiarity of a spring mattress with the comfort and support of modern foam.

It’s hybrid system of spring and foam make it great for every type of sleeper with a bounce familiar to those used to a traditional spring mattress. With a great night’s sleep at the core of their philosophy, you can’t go wrong.

And the mattress get’s delivered in a nifty little box all rolled up and vacuum-packed! All in all, it’s a pretty nifty mattress and I was very impressed so decided to write this review.

Let’s start off with a bit about Simba as a company (as opposed to a character from the Lion King)

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Vispring Mattress Review – The Best in The Business

Vispring mattress Review

Vispring mattresses are regarded as the absolute best in the business. For good reason!

This is a general review of why the Vispring Mattresses are the best in the Business even if they aren’t the most affordable!

You can Shop John Lewis for a Vispring Mattress for those who are interested.

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